I like to make videos of my life. After I became a mum, I mainly love to make videos of my girls. Well, they're the cutest and best models to film for the below reasons (other than their alluring smiles and attractive figures)

1) They're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
2) It's absolutely free of charge to film them
3) They display more poses and emotions than all the Next Top Model's winners 
4) They don't mind you taking their nude shots, or even when they're taking a poop

Anyway, I find that although photographs are a good way to retain memories, videos are definitely much more engaging and fun to watch. Over, and over, and over again. So, here is a gallery of the videos I've created so far. 

Enjoy viewing!


Our fairytale, our song
This is a Mandarin love song that the hubby and I composed for our wedding. Yeah, the aspiring songwriters. It may not be the most melodious, yet always the one song I love best.

My Lovely Angel
It never warms my heart to see how my girl has grown since Day 1. I love reminiscing those fond memories like seeing her take her first steps and singing her first song. They never fail to remind me just how absolutely lucky, and happy, I am to be her mum.

My Princess Ariel
I now have not only one, but two adorable girls to love and to hold. It's double the joy, double the fun, double the laughter and smiles. Yes, I simply love being a mum all over again and witnessing all of Ariel's milestones!

Family vacation/getaways
One of the best things about coming to Sweden is that we get to travel around and go on road trips. We also have family getaways and get to experience things that we never thought we would. Besides writing a travelogue to remember those precious memories, here are some video compilations.


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