A healthy start to the day with Captain Oats

Posted by ~Summer~ on 25.7.16

While it remains a debate as to whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I do find it vital to start off every day with a good, healthy meal. This is especially so after becoming a mum and I can earnestly say that for the past six years, I've been trying my best to inculcate the habit of eating breakfast within the family.

However, with three kids who wake up at different times of the day, I have to admit that I usually turn to the fastest, easiest and fuss-free ways to prepare breakfast. Some time ago, I've tried to start the kids, and myself, on eating wholesome, nutritious oats but let's just say that it didn't take off too well as our breakfasts turned out to be plain, bland and just unappealing. Yes, I got it ALL wrong at that time, which was before I discovered the wonders of oats and how it actually allows you to make use of your creativity in satisfying both your needs and wants.

Overnight oats, cookies, cheesecake bars, smoothies, soup, parfait, instant oats served with fresh fruits - there are just countless ways to add oats to your everyday life. Plus, it can be not just nutritious but tasty as well, which is perfect for the little ones. Today, I share with you our favourite recipes and how we have been starting our day on a healthy note with Captain Oats.

Did you know?
  1. Oats have a higher concentration of protein than other cereals and are the best source of plant based protein.
  2. Oats are the only cereal to contain a legume like protein or globulin known as avenalin and can help increase stamina and energy.  
  3. Oats contain beta glucans - a rich source of dietary soluble fibre, that absorbs cholesterol in the small intestines - and helps to lower blood cholesterol.
  4. Oats contain high amounts of Vitamin B1, B2 and E, and essential minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, manganese and folic acid.
  5. Eating oats regularly can help to lower the risk of diabetes, guard against cancer, boost the body’s immune system and prevent heart disease. 
(Source: Captain Oats. The above is provided for information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Results may vary. Please consult with your physician.)
Raw oats are not good to eat, therefore they have to go through certain processes to make them more appetizing. The various stages include cleaning, dehulling, heating, sizing, cutting, flaking and lastly, packing. Using quality oats from Australia, Captain Oats makes use of its proprietary OatiFresh process - which helps to preserve natural nutrients, resulting in quality and refined oats filled with wholesome benefits. With a high emphasis on consumers' food safety, stringent tests are done and all oats are packed onsite to ensure maximum freshness.

If you are like me and wonder what the differences are between rolled, quick cook and instant oats, here is a quick summary.

Rolled oats - Oat groats that have been de-husked, steamed and then rolled into flat flakes under heavy rollers. Has a nice, chewy texture. Takes about 8 minutes to cook.

Quick cook oatmeal - Rolled oats that have been coarsely chopped. Has a slightly finer texture. Takes about 3-5 minutes to cook.

Instant oatmeal - Rolled oats that are cut fine and rolled extremely thinly. Has a mushy texture. No cooking required, just add boiling water.

So it all depends on what you are cooking, and how much time you have to spare, when deciding on which type to use. One thing to note is that unlike some grains which go through intensive processing, oats are always whole - meaning it keeps bran, germ and endosperm intact, regardless of whether they are steel cut, rolled, quick cook or instant.


The first recipe I am going to share is one of my favourites simply because it is so easy to make - overnight oats! I never knew that oats can taste so nice when soaked overnight, after absorbing the liquid that you put in. Best of all, you don't need to to cook and once the base is done, you just need to serve the next morning and add in any topping of your choice.

Strawberry Banana Chocolate Overnight Oats

Ingredients (serves 2):
  • 1/2 cup Captain Oats ® Rolled Oats
  • 1/2 cup plain Greek yoghurt
  • 2/3 cup chocolate milk (can substitute with plain fresh milk)
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp honey (optional)
  • 1/2 banana, cut into chunks
  • 2 medium-sized strawberries, cut into chunks
  • 2 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1. Whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl. Spoon into a jar with a tight fitting lid.
2. Refrigerate overnight, or at least for 4 hours.
3. Serve and top with granola, fruits, wafer rolls or anything you desire.

I know, chocolate flavoured food is not the best stuff for kids, but considering that mine are such chocolate lovers, this is my strategy in getting them to first fall in love with eating oats. Once they realise that oats are not as boring as they think, we will slowly work out the flavours from there. Even if you were to add in some sweetener into your oats, which you probably need to unless you really like it plain, I think the fact that oats are so wholesome and nutritious helps to justify it.

What I love about this: You can get many different textures in every bite and add in any of your favourite toppings. It's also easy to heat up if you prefer it warm.


Now, when it comes to oats, you don't always have to eat it, sometime you can just drink it. I find this perfect when the weather gets too hot and we are all trying to quench our thirst. Instead of sweet drinks or just plain water, why not try out a nutritious smoothie?

Mango Orange Oatmeal Smoothie

 Ingredients (Serves 2):
  • 1/4 cup Captain Oats ® Quick Cook Oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup fresh mango chunks
  • 1/2 banana, cut into chunks
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1/3 cup plain Greek yoghurt
  • 1/2 lemon, juice and zest
Blend all the ingredients, add in some ice if you desire, together in a blender until smooth.

I have to say that the texture is a little thick for the kids and it ended up that the hubby and I enjoyed it more. Still, the girls did drink up a significant portion and I think it was a very convenient and easy way to get some oats into their system. I personally like mine fresh from the blender, but if you are rushed for time in the morning, you can prepare it the night before and keep it refrigerated. All you need to do when you wake up is to drink up a nutritious breakfast in just a minute or two.

What I love about this: You get that nice, tangy taste that comes with the citrus zest and I find it very refreshing.


Then there are those nights when you get too tired to prepare anything and unknowingly fall asleep with the kids. Yes, please tell me I'm not the only one. So, it helps to have on standby some instant oatmeal because all you have to do is to add some boiling water to it, stir it well, add in some toppings and drizzle any sauce you like. Couple it with a glass of fresh milk and you have just prepared a healthy breakfast in under three minutes.

Blueberry Banana Instant Oats

  • 1 packet of Captain Oats ® Instant Oatmeal
  • Blueberries and sliced banana (or any fresh fruits of your choice)
  • Maple syrup (Optional, can substitute with honey or caramel)

Instructions: Add one cup of boiling water to one packet of Captain® Instant Oatmeal. Top with any fruits of your choice and drizzle some maple syrup.

With a baby who is turning seven months old, I've also tried letting him have a taste of oats after reading that he is ready to do so by this age. To make the texture more fine and consistent so that it is easier for the baby to swallow, you just need to blend the oatmeal for a few seconds. Best of all, you don't need to sweeten it at all and can just add in some fruit purée.

What I love about this: It is a quick and almost effortless way to cook up an instant oatmeal that is at the same time nutritious for the little ones.


Coming to the last recipe, this was certainly a big hit with everyone in the house! When I first came across the possibility of eating oats in this way, I knew I had to try it out by hook or by crook. Am I a good baker? No, not by a long shot. But can I bake? I guess so. So, considering how I have a love for cheesecakes, I totally couldn't resist trying to make my very own cheesecake bars - that come with oats!

Oatmeal Cheesecake Bar

(adapted from Captain Oats online recipe)

Ingredients (A): For Crust
  • 40g Captain Oats ® Quick Cook Oatmeal
  • 25g Brown sugar
  • 30g All-purpose flour
  • 30 butter, melted
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

Ingredients (B): For batter
  • 230g Cream cheese
  • 15g Brown sugar
  • 10g All-purpose flour
  • 20g Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 20g Dried cranberries, chopped
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg

Chocolate Coating
  • Melted chocolate

1. Preheat oven to 180°
2. Mix (A) in a bowl until well-combined.
3. Line a baking pan with baking paper.
4. Press the oat mixture onto the bottom of the pan firmly and set aside.
5. Mix cream cheese and sugar until smooth and creamy at low speed.
6. Add egg and vanilla into the mixture.
7. Mix in flour.
8. Next, add in dried cranberries and chocolate chips.
9. Pour the cheesecake batter over the oat crust. Bake for 40 minutes.
10. Allow the cheesecake to cool at room temperature. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before removing and cut into cubes.

 For chocolate coating (Optional):
1. Melt cooking chocolate with a hot water bath.
2. Dip the top of the cheesecake cubes into the melted chocolate.

Believe it, we couldn't stop taking one bite after another. Yes I know, the chocolate was a huge draw but at least the kids ate all the oats that were in there too, and even asked for more. I was certainly doing a victory dance when that happened and to top it off, the hubby who is a non-cake lover came back, tried it and surprisingly said "This is quite yummy!" Yippee!

What I love about this: The crunchiness of the oats and soft cheesecake form a great combination for the palate. This can be served as a snack at any time of the day and makes a great dessert for parties too.


So, I said at the beginning that eating oats allows you to make use of your creativity and I hope you can see what I mean now. I got it wrong previously but now I see the benefits, ease and room for originality whenever I experiment something new with this wholesome cereal. I'm definitely going to explore more interesting recipes and try to instill eating oats as one of the things my kids will look forward to.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between Captain Oats and A Happy Mum. All pictures and opinions are my own.

Creativity 521 #96 - Egg carton animals craft

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Just the other day, the girls were saying "Mummy, we haven't done painting in a long time". Well, I think two weeks is considered a lonnngggg time to them, but in any case, I agreed that it was time for me to get out of procrastination and do something fun with them.

As you know, I don't really like to spend money to buy materials for crafts but would rather search through the house and see what we can come up with. In this week's Creativity 521, we made use of a recycled material to do something simple but fun - Egg Carton Animals.


1) Egg carton
2) Painting supplies
3) Glue
4) Scissors
5) Marker
6) Felt, foam paper, or coloured paper
7) Pipe cleaners
8) Googly eyes

Firstly, the kids chose three animals each to work on. Once they were happy with their choices, I helped them to cut out the egg carton individually so they could start to paint it with a base colour.

Remember, when it comes to art and craft, skies can be purple and trees can be blue. There's really no right or wrong in it and even up till today, I'm still learning to stop myself from influencing their choice of colours.

Continue painting until all the animals have their base colours. Leave to dry.

Next, it's time to work on the details. I let them decide if they want googly eyes or draw eyes using a black marker. After that, they chose the felt colour for the features of the animal, for instance beak, ears, mouth, nose and so on.

Use glue to stick the materials in place. This can be a little tricky for the toddler, so Mummy or Daddy might need to step in to help. It's also about parent-and-child bonding, right?

Lastly, cut out felt to form parts of the animals' bodies, including tail, wings, fins and feet. You can also make use of pipe cleaners to add a different feel. It's all about your creativity and imagination.

Ta-dah! And we are done with all six animals within an hour or so. I was pleasantly surprised that Angel drew eyelashes on some of the animals, cute right? Which is your favourite of all?

Once again, I am thankful to have this series ongoing on the blog, it really gives me the motivation and push that I need to find time to craft with the kids. I could see how happy they were that Mummy 'finally' crafted with them this month. Cheers to more kid-friendly craft projects!

P.S. They are thrilled with their new animal friends and have decided that we will be telling a story tonight with them. This should be fun!

For more craft ideas and DIY tutorials, visit my gallery here.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden - World's first 24-hour Hello Kitty Café opens in Changi Airport

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Changi Airport has always been one of our favourite hangouts - you get a variety of dining options, take the skytrain, play at the playgrounds, watch planes, be amazed by the Kinetic Rain, go on slides, doodle and draw, have fun in the arcade, chill out at cafes and more.

Since it was the Youth day holiday two weeks ago, I was feeling ambitious and decided to ditch the pram so that the kids and I could take the bus to Changi Airport to have a mother-and-kids outing. On our way there, a friend suggested "Why don't you go check out if the Hello Kitty cafe is crowded?" That was why it dawned on me that there is now a Hello Kitty theme cafe in Terminal 3 which just opened in May this year. Yes, I'm not very up to date on such theme cafes and I'm totally not cut out to be a food blogger. But, it turned out that we had a very pleasant experience so here's sharing all about this new theme cafe which opens 24 hours! Yes, you read right, that means you can visit at any time of the day or night.

In line with a garden city theme, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden sits in an elegant glasshouse setting surrounded by lush greenery and opulent orchids. I initially thought that the café, being a theme one, would be plastered with pictures and figurines of the feline. So, it was a nice surprise when I stepped in and realised that the place was more sophisticated than expected and instead of entering a cartoonish, kawaii or princessy fairyland, we walked into an enchanting floral paradise.

Once you step into the café, you can shop for some exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise - including coffee and tea gift sets, postcards and even a germination kit which you can try to grow tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers. How interesting, right?

The Hello Kitty mascot that greets you at the entrance is dressed in a sweet lilac dress, holds a bouquet of orchids and dons not one, but two bows. While it may seem redundant. it is said that this is the only Hello Kitty in the world that has two bows. So, what are we waiting for? Must take picture for sure!

The interior design, while keeping to the Hello Kitty theme, is chic, subtle but not over the top. You can find a porch seating, a pair of wrought iron swing seats, wooden chairs with bow backing and logos on the table. The kids were hoping to sit on the swing seats but alas these were occupied - you have to be very lucky and be there at the right timing. Anyway, I was more than thankful to see that there were ample empty seats when we arrived just before 6pm. I simply can't imagine, and won't, queue up for hours just for this.

For the Hello Kitty fans, there is also a picturesque photo spot for you to take a shot with the sweet-looking feline seated on the bench with a pot of cheery sunflowers alongside. If you are wondering, there are only two mascots in the café - one at the front, the other at the back - and you won't miss them.

Moving onto the menu, since the café is open round the clock, it covers the different meals of the day - including all-day breakfast dish, soups, salads, sandwiches, sides, rice, pasta and desserts. To make it uniquely Singapore, a handful of local flavours have been incorporated into the menu, for example the Cowabunga Wagyu ($24.00) - a rendition of beef rendang stew served with Japanese rice.

The girls are fans of nachos so it was natural that our first choice of dish was the Hola Nachos ($15.90) - tortilla chips topped with parmesan, jalapenos, olives, onions and cherry tomato salsa and comes with a cheese sauce dip. Alas, both of them found it to be a little spicy (because of the onion taste) and while Ariel decided to skip it entirely, Angel was contented to scrap off the toppings and just dip the naked chip into the sauce. Yes, we might have well just go to the movies and ordered some nachos instead. The consolation was I actually enjoyed it and even though the sauce was cold, the whole combination had a refreshing, tangy taste that made it palatable and to my liking.

Next, we tried out the Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50) - a platter of creamy scrambled eggs, shiitake mushrooms, smoked duck slices, waffles and homemade honey lime maple syrup. We were pleasantly surprised to see a Hello Kitty shaped waffle and even more delighted to discover that it was actually.... crispy! Yes, the little girl literally gobbled it up within minutes and if one waffle is not enough, you actually have another soft, fluffy waffle underneath the duck and mushrooms. The big girl loved the smoked duck slices and thought they were ham, whereas I liked the bursting flavours of the shiitake and the innovative but not too overpowering honey lime syrup.

I'm not really a coffee person so I thought I would try out the tea. The Strawberry Marshmallow Tea ($7.80) - a fruit tisane of strawberries, marshmallows and apple tea - was a tad too exotic for my taste buds and I wished I had tried one of the Kitty Coolers (Cumbernade ($7.90) - cucumber, lemonade and soda or Peach Sunrise ($7.90) - lemon ginger honey, peach and soda) instead.

At this point, the kids were asking for ice cream and had started surrounding themselves with their bags and the menus, pretending to be camping. It was then I decided that we were fated to try out this signature sundae called Camping Under the Stars ($19.50). Can you see the creativity in there? Graham crackers stacked on chocolate and hazelnut gelato for the 'tent', matcha powder for the 'grass' and toasted muesli for the 'campfire'. How cool, right?

It was a slight bummer for me to see that the ice cream was already starting to melt when the plate was served, though it didn't seem to bother the girls in the least. They were thrilled to find, and gobble up, the Hello Kitty white chocolate while I was happy to finish up the berries. Overall, I love how the different flavours and textures come together and would definitely recommend this as a dessert.

We've heard how the food can be quite terrible in some theme cafes, but it ended up that we were totally satisfied with our experience at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden. Okay, to be frank, we are not food connoisseurs and usually don't have high expectations when it comes to eating.

Will we come back here again? I would say yes, especially if we are in the airport and need a snack break, provided that the queue is not too long. That said, it will probably have to take quite a while since we need to save up as the food here isn't exactly cheap. Well, I'm just glad that the kids and I had a fun-filled outing and left the place with fond memories on our first visit.

P.S. Did you realise that the girls are wearing Hello Kitty shirts? It was totally unplanned as we only decided to come here after we left the house. Talk about fate!


Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 

Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 3, Arrival Meeting Hall Central, #01-22
Contact:+65 6241 6127
Email: hello@hellokittyorchidgarden.com
Website: http://www.hellokittyorchidgarden.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelloKittyCafeSingapore/
Opens 24 HOURS (no reservation or booking accepted)
Note: A limited menu is offered between 12 midnight to 6am daily. Click here for menu highlights.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We visited Hello Kitty Orchid Garden out of our own accord and paid for everything from our pockets. 

10 things I've learnt from my kids

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I used to think that I was a teacher to my kids. But I thought wrong. It's hard to admit but the fact is I've learnt much more than I've taught in this motherhood journey. In fact, I'm still learning every single day, not just to be a better mum, but a better person too. At ages six, three and six months, my kids might be young, inexperienced and naive. Ironically, it is also their innocence and unworldly traits that have taught me so much about life itself. Here are 10 things I've learnt from my kids over the years.

1) It's not hard to forget and forgive

While the sisters may quarrel over who gets to play with Barbie first or who gets a bigger scoop of ice cream, they never fail to kiss and make up in a matter of minutes. Even if one was treated unfairly and even if it involved getting hurt, they remind me that everyone has the ability to move on and that it's better to forgive and forget than to revenge and regret. 

2) Don't bear grudges

Sometimes, I feel guilty for being too harsh on them, for reprimanding them so sternly and for beating them on the arm. When my heart breaks, I resort to breaking theirs and it just makes me like the worst mum ever. Surprisingly, they don't show their resentment and the next thing I know, they are rushing to sit beside me at dinnertime because they "love Mummy most". Gosh. If only we could all learn from them and let go of grudges and bitterness in our hearts, the world will surely be a better place to live in.

3) Life is simple

It's easy for me to say that I enjoy the simple pleasures in life and that I wish to make the most of it. Yet many a time, we grown ups just get bogged down by the stress of everyday life and we emphasize too much on tangibles. We start to dream more, want more and even feel like we need more - when we actually already have more than enough to make for a happy life. I see how my kids find happiness by hunting for saga seeds, picking seashells and watching caterpillars crawl. There are just too many simple joys in life that we overlook and we need to learn to appreciate them.

4) It's okay to feel fear

The girls might be daredevils at times but they have their own sets of fears as well, just like all kids do. Sometimes they are scared to speak up, scared to try new food, scared to go near fierce-looking animals, scared to own up to mistakes, scared to be alone and so on. I might have over three decades of life experience but I have my own fears too. In fact, these fears have grown after becoming a mum. I'm scared to fall sick, I'm scared of horror movies, I'm scared of creepy crawlies, I'm scared that my kids will get into accidents, I'm scared that I'm not being the mum I want to be. And you know what? I now know it's actually okay to feel fear. It's just who we are as humans.

 5) But you have to learn to overcome your fears

The thing is, more often than not, fears can be overcome. All you need is to be bold enough to take the first step and if your loved ones are there to cheer you on and give you moral support, you'll find the strength and courage that you never knew you had. As ironic as it sounds, having these kids make me more afraid yet stronger at the same time. I'm scared of them getting hurt, which is why I will be strong so I can protect them. I'm scared of one day losing them, which is why I will be determined to make each day count. I see how they learn to conquer their fear of falling, their fear of insects, their fear of performing on stage, their fear of the dark, and I know I won't let my own fears dominate me too.

6) You don't need a reason to smile

Has it occurred to you that we probably smiled the most when we were babies? All we needed was food, sleep and having our loved ones beside us. As we grew up, it seemed like it took more and more before we could let out a smile. The consolation is that motherhood somehow brought back all these joy onto my face and it is all because of these tiny beings who smile, giggle and laugh at the slightest thing in the world. From a silly dance, a self-invented song, a funny face, a peek-a-boo game, do it a dozen times and they smile a dozen times. Or more. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown, and I've learnt to smile more often, be it when life throws me a curveball, when an awkward situation occurs or when Murphy's law comes true. 

7) Life doesn't need luxury

We need a roof over our heads, we need food, we need water, we need air, we need love. But other than that, we actually don't need too many things in order to lead a happy life. I'm always thankful for the fact that the hubby and I are two people who are not into luxury goods, who don't buy branded stuff, who don't like to go shopping in factory outlets, who don't care much about designer labels. These kids, who have not a clue about what luxury really means, are also the ones who remind me that contentment is bliss and as long as the family stays together, and that we get to live each day, not starve and have beds to sleep in, we need to count our blessings.

8) Every day is a new day full of hope

It doesn't matter that the kids have had a super tough day or that they were so devastated today. When they wake up tomorrow, their hearts will be filled with hope and their faces will spell the word joy. It's pretty amazing because I know I tend to brood over unhappy things for quite a while and it will take time before I realise how trivial they were. Life is too short for us to sweat over the small stuff. These kids remind me to always start my day on a positive note and no matter what happened yesterday, let us learn from it, make the most of today and look forward to tomorrow.

9) Happiness is when you have someone to share it with

With a hubby who works late into the night and is often out at sea, I used to know what the word lonely means. That is, before the kids came along and turned my life upside down. Sure, I don't get my alone time nowadays but it also means I don't have to experience loneliness anymore. I'm just glad that I have these little ones to share my ups and downs, even if they were the very ones who caused my ups and downs in the motherhood journey. I also see how having siblings have changed their lives - I see them tickling and laughing with one another, I see them doing role-play and imagining with one another, I see them sharing their toys and giving away their candy to one another, I see them carrying, holding and supporting one another. And I just know, it's one of the greatest things to have someone to share your happiness with.

10) Show, not just say, "I love you"

It's easy to say "I love you" to someone who matters in our life, but how often do you show it? I know how my kids love me truly and madly, and they aren't afraid to show it by giving me tight hugs, planting wet kisses and making handmade cards for me - even when it is not my birthday or Mother's Day. They teach me that it's not just enough to know that I love that someone in my heart, I need to let that someone know that I really care about him/her, I need to say out my love and most importantly, show it. Action speaks so much louder than words.

So yes, I'm learning all this and more from my kids and I can never be thankful enough for having them in my life. Dear kids, thank you for making me aspire to be a better mum and teaching me to be a person who knows how to embrace life and appreciate the little things around me.

P.S. All the pictures in the post were taken during our family holiday in Taiwan and I love each and every one of them! Will share more of our holiday experience with you soon, stay tuned!

Family fun in Punggol SAFRA Part I {Review & Giveaway of Splash @ Kidz Amaze}

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Our kids looooovvvveee water playgrounds. I bet yours too, right? What's there not to love about being able to get all wet, zip down slippery slides, splash around and just have a jolly good time? Well, there is one factor that may just ruin all the fun - bad weather.

There were several times when we had to change our plans for water play due to the rain, even if it was just a drizzle, and the kids were disappointed. I don't think it's a bad thing having to learn to be flexible, but sometimes I do wish we could have gone ahead with plans after seeing their excited faces. So, can you imagine their euphoria when we told them that finally, there's going to be an INDOOR water playground in Singapore? Plus, it's located in the northeast of Singapore, near where we live, so it takes merely a 10-minute drive to get there.

Oh yes, you must know which place I am referring to by now. It's Splash @ Kidz Amaze in Punggol SAFRA!

As Singapore’s first indoor water playground, Splash @ Kidz Amaze is conveniently located in Punggol SAFRA clubhouse, which sits directly opposite the main entrance of Sam Kee LRT Station (PW1). The huge playground spans 24,000 square feet and features multiple play decks, five slides and a splash pad which are designed according to the theme of the "Enchanted Deep Sea". We'll show you around and share with you what we love best about this place.

First and foremost, I love the.... bathroom!! Here, you can find lockers, baby changing area and even two-door cubicles which let you keep an eye on the kids if they can wash up on their own. I usually bathe together with my kids for now, so I still kept both doors closed and locked. You'll be sorry if you forget to lock one and you are bathing inside. Nonetheless, it was good to see such an option and that the place has been made as kid-friendly as possible. The most important thing is that there is hot water available! Woohoo! No more shivering after bathing in cold water, or worse, not being able to even find a shower area after water play.

Now, moving on to the play areas. There is a splash pad, or rather, a wading area which is meant for the toddlers and small kids. We were told that the depth of water in Splash is only approximately 30cm, which makes it quite safe for the kids to run around and play. Still, I have to advise parents to always keep an eye on the kids because accidents can happen anywhere (that is why they are called accidents, right?). With the place being enclosed and there being only one point of entry, I have to say that it makes it easier for us to supervise the kids, especially if you have more than one running around at any point in time.

One of our favourites was this spinning top where one kid can sit on it while the other helps to push and rotate it while jets of water spray outwards. In times like this, I am just glad for siblings and that the kids can play on their own without needing my help.

There are also water guns that you can use to spin and 'shoot' one another, as well as a mini bridge that you can crawl through and attempt to slide down. We did have a friend who unfortunately fell and hurt himself while crossing the bridge, so just remember to ask the kids to be careful no matter what.

You know, I didn't really think that Angel, at six years of age, would like the wading pool much but it ended up that she did, much to my relief because that meant that she could help me look after the little sister. However, it was evident that they were so much more in love with the main play area, which was where they spent the majority of our 3-4 hours of play.

The main play area consists of a three-storey structure which features two small slides and two long, winding tunnel slides. Just so you can feel more assured, there will be a handful of crew members, dressed in yellow shirts, stationed at different points to ensure the safely of the kids. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were friendly and fun-loving, for instance they would playfully splash water on us and my kids were only too happy to splash back at them.

The baby slide, which had two small slides side by side, were a little too baby-ish for my kids, even for Ariel, so they only played on it a couple of times.

The second slide, which is the green, wider slide suited more for toddlers, was their favourite of all and they probably went down on it dozens of times. If you are unlucky, you can even get dunked by the giant bucket of water on top when you are sliding down. How fun, right?

So this is what I mean when I said that the water is relatively shallow, so the toddler can walk, sit and even crawl about safely in the water. It's quite a great place for us to play crocodile and I can let them sit on my back without worrying that I will sink into the water!

Next up, we move on to the thrilling tunnel slides! Which one did the big girl like most? The highest, longest and most winding one! Although there are some dim lights inside, I have to say that the tunnel slide is quite pitch-black so if your child is scared of the dark, do assure and prepare him/her first. The good thing is they do allow parents to slide down too but you will have to take turns, either before or after your child.

Angel thoroughly loved it and went down countless number of times! However, what happened to her at the second tallest slide was that it was even more slippery, causing her to go down real quickly and hit her head at a turn. It was okay for me and most of the other kids, so I thought it could be a fluke and encouraged her to try again. After some protests, she did and once again, she knocked her head (I could hear the bump from where I was standing, right on top). So we figured out it would be better for her to stick to the tallest slide instead, which she really enjoyed.

Lastly, I was thinking in the day how awesome it was that natural light could shine in and the sun rays made the place feel warm yet not overly hot. When the sun began to set, I was in for a bigger surprise. The special effect lightings at the rooftop began changing colours! How cool is that? I remember lying down in the water, just admiring the fishes swimming underneath the relaxing, ambient lights. Before reality set in with a jolt and a familiar voice said "Mummy, I want to pee!"

So, we ended up staying till the playground was closing and had more fun and laughter than we expected. Thanks to Splash @ Kidz Amaze for the wonderful experience and I've a feeling we will be back pretty soon for more splashing good times!


Splash @ Kidz Amaze
Punggol SAFRA

9 Sentul Crescent, Punggol
Singapore 828654
Tel: 6585 8710
Email: splash@safra.sg

Admission Fees:

Operating Hours:

Mon - Thu: 10am - 8pm
Fri - Sun, Gazetted Public & School Holidays: 10am - 9pm

Please take note that play hours during Peak hours (Fri - Sun, School and Public Holidays), are separated into 4-hour blocks, with a maximum of 400 pax each session.

10.00am - 2.00pm : 400 pax
2.00pm - 6.00pm : 400 pax
5.00pm - 9.00pm : 400 pax

Registration starts at 9am, on a first-come-first-serve basis. We strongly advice patrons to register early on the day itself in order to be selected for an earlier time slot.

Birthday Parties:

For parents who wish to consider holding birthday parties here, there are three party rooms for you to choose from

- Under the Sea (20 kids and 40 adults) 
- Pirate's Cave (20 kids and 40 adults) 
- Penguin's Paradise (15 kids and 30 adults).

For 3 hours of usage, not inclusive of food, prices range from $580 - $640 (You can get a discounted price if you are a SAFRA or Kidz Amaze member). More details on birthday packages can be found on the booking form here.

Things to note:
- Electronic lockers are located in the changing rooms and are chargeable at: $4 (medium) and $6 (large) respectively. Only new coins and notes are accepted, but do prepare the exact amount as no change will be given.
- Towels are not provided. No food and drinks are sold in the premises.
- Children have to be strictly dressed in swimming attire. No diapers are allowed in the pool, so bring along swimming diapers if necessary.
- Splash @ Kidz Amaze is targeted for children aged between 18 months and 13 years of age.


Great news, I am giving away FIVE Family Passes (for 2A2C each) to visit Splash @ Kidz Amaze in Punggol SAFRA! To participate, leave a blog comment in this post with your name, email address and what you like most about Splash @ Kidz Amaze. Indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have done so and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options. Best of luck!

Terms and Conditions

- Each Family Pass admits two adults and two children only
- Only redeemable at Splash @ Kidz Amaze
- Allowed access during both peak and non-peak periods, based on slot availabilty
- Valid till 31 December 2016
- This giveaway is for all readers residing in Singapore. It will end on 14 July at 2359hrs. Results will be announced here and on my Facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: We received a media invite to experience Splash @ Kidz Amaze in Punggol SAFRA. All opinions and photographs are our own.

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