A Happy Home - The Living Room

Posted by ~Summer~ on 16.2.17

So, the tour continues from the foyer and today, I'm sharing about one of the most important rooms of our home - the living room. This is where we spend the majority of our time and where we relax, play, watch shows, chat and bond as a family. It is also the place where we hang out with our family and friends when they come to visit. Thus, while we designed it to a Scandinavian theme, we also wanted it to be a space that feels homely, welcoming and cosy.

The living area in our new nest is combined with the dining area (I'll share more about this in the next tour) and together, they make up a squarish, sizeable room. Since there is no storeroom or maid's yard in this house, we had to come up with ways to store our stuff and so we did storage cupboards and also included cabinets in our TV feature wall, which I'll talk more about later on.

Now, I wanted to show you the lights for the living area because this was what I had been dreaming about for a long time and it finally came true - track lights! Yes, you'll be seeing a few of these in the new house and I'm just very glad that we managed to solve some hiccups during the installation process and everything turned out well. Take for instance this living room, there were only two electrical points on the ceiling initially and I almost thought that I had to give up my track lights because the ceiling fan and dining pendant lights seemed to have more reason to stay. Due to the rush to move in, which was done in less than a month after we got the keys, we didn't want to do a false ceiling either.
We considered doing a external trunking so as to add an electrical point that joined to the switch but the switch was located too far away and it would turn out hideous. Eventually, the electrician helped us to drill through the ceiling so as to create one more electrical point for the fan and that day, we fought a war in the house as the loud drilling took place while the kids were camping in the master bedroom and the whole living area, balcony and even kitchen were covered in white powder. Nonetheless, I was just very relieved that we managed to install and fix everything in place at that point in time. Our track lights are kindly sponsored by Lights & Co while our ceiling fans by KDK, and I'll be sharing our reviews of them very soon too.

Our sofa set is from My Nest, an online furniture retailer that is rooted in the Scandinavian design which has an emphasis on simplicity, functionality and elegance. Just perfect for our "nest" right? I'm so, so thankful that we got to know and collaborate with so many brands which have all helped to make our dream house come true. Anyway, our sofa set is the Ceni 3-seater sofa coupled with the Ceni Ottoman, which were all chosen by me, and I'll be sharing more about our thoughts on it soon!

Now, if you take a closer look, you will realise that our cushions are Scandinavian themed too! Yup, those reindeer designs just give you the feel, don't they? Three of the cushions have dual functions and can either be used as cushions or they can also open up to become comforters too, how awesome right? The kids and I now have what we call Friday Movie Night and this is the place where we will just lay down, snuggle against each other, cover ourselves with the comforter and just bond over a show and some snacks. Love it, love it, love it. Oh, in case you wanna know, all these pillows were bought from Taobao and they are really not expensive (Exc. shipping fees, S$4 each for the normal cushions, S$14 each for the cushion-cum-comforter). I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality and very pleased with our buys!

Moving onto the highlight of the living room, it will be the customised TV feature wall that we designed ourselves. I still receive queries from some of you asking about which interior designer we engaged but no, we don't have one and we didn't use a contractor too. Here's the first draft that I drew out when I first briefed the carpenter about the feature wall.

We eventually made changes to the choice of laminates because those we picked were not in production already. We also changed the shape of the display door to resemble a house instead of an inverted U. This was a suggestion by my father-in-law who said that the latter was a tad old-fashioned and asked if I wanted to modify it to something more modern, and so I did. Other than that, everything turned out the way we wanted and even better. Take a look below.

Just look at how cute the 'glass house' looks! We added an electrical point so that we could place an LED spotlight at the top of the house and light it up when we want to. It adds a homely feel and warm ambience to the living room, don't you think so?

Now, let's take a peek inside the cabinets. For the bottom right cabinet below, I put in some baby toys so that it is easier to grab a couple for the baby to play whenever we are in the living room or when I task the sisters to look after him. 

As for the bottom left, this is where I keep our stationery and also some drawing supplies for the girls. They really like to write, doodle or colour when they are free so this makes it easy for them to reach for the materials without my help.

In the middle, we have two sliding glass doors which house our cable TV box, DVD player, game consoles and more. The reason for using glass is to ensure that the remote controls can work without the need to have to open up any door.

Talking about remote controls, I got this wooden remote control holder from Taobao which I thought was a perfect fit for our Scandinavian theme. I can't even describe to you how the baby loves to press all the buttons on any remote control he sees so I prefer to keep them all together and out of his reach for now.

As for the overhead cabinets, instead of the normal swing doors, I wanted them to have flip doors instead. These flip up and make use of hydraulic hinges to assist with the movement and stay in place. I thought they make a good contrast with the swing doors at the bottom and using flip ones also meant we had less doors to deal with on top. This is the storage cabinet for all our photo albums, mementos, keepsakes and anything that has a sentimental value.

In line with the Scandinavian theme which focus on simplicity, I've kept our ornaments and decorations to a minimum this time round. We used to have a messy TV wall cabinet in our old house, I do mean really messy. There were books, paper, toys, coins, stationery and craft materials scattered all over and so, I've become resolute about being neater and more presentable this time round.

One of the key displays in the living room is our family of Dalecarlian horses which were brought over all the way from Sweden! I initially only wanted one but the hubby surprised me by getting five in total, one to represent each of us. I really find them meaningful and looking at them makes me reminisce the good old days we had living in Sweden, how it brought me into the motherhood journey and changed my life forever.

On the other side of the wall cabinet, you can see an Eiffel Tower metal statue, an Eiffel Tower vintage alarm clock (you all know that it holds a special meaning for us because it was where we got engaged, right?) and a Christmas tree tealight holder. There, very simple, very minimal. Let's just hope I can keep it this way. To read more about our day and night curtains done by Meridian Curtains & Furnishings, go here.

The highlight of the wall is, of course, the television itself. Since we don't intend to have any TV in the bedrooms, we wanted a nice, big one for the living area. Yes, so here's our new 55" LG Oled TV (yes, it's considered big to me already because our previous TV which lasted us many years was a 40" one) and a sleek curved sound bar.

I always believe that things happen for a reason. We initially wanted to hang our TV onto the feature wall using a bracket, which was given to us in the package, but alas we were told by the Courts people that the bracket was out of stock - and it still hasn't arrived up to this day. So after some discussion, the hubby and I decided that we will leave it on a TV stand instead and see, I think it looks really clean and neat and we will likely keep it the way it is.

Our woofer is placed on the floor at where the curtain is and I must say we are very lucky because the woofer fits perfectly into the small space. See? We bought the TV and sound system only after we had sent in our order to the carpenter, so it was totally a coincidence that the woofer fitted so well. Any bigger and we would have been unable to find a nice spot for it. Phew.

One thing about our new nest that I wanted to do was to get rid of.... messy wires! I'll show you how the wires looked like in our old house in another post next time and you'll be shocked at the difference then and now. Thanks to Eubiq, we now have power tracks in the house and one of the main ones is this 80cm track on the feature wall. I'll do a review on it soon but you bet I'm very glad to finally be able to conceal all, or at least most, of the wires in the living room. Woohoo!

Without a contractor or ID, it was quite a challenge for me to coordinate this with the carpenter (who needed to help us cut a hole in the wall to embed the power track), the electrician (who had to help us do the trunking and pull the wires to the track) and Eubiq installation guys (who came to fix the track when the wall and power point were done). Yup, in my drawing above, you can see that I even had to include the dimensions of the hole to be cut in the wall. BUT, it was all totally worth it!

I guess you have already read about this but if you have not, here is how Angel and her art teacher helped to paint a silhouette of the Singapore skyline for our wall mural in the living room. Yes, I can look at this all day long and not get tired of it. Plus, it makes for a great photo backdrop which you can already see from my social media posts nowadays, right?

Lastly, just to make the living area more baby and kid-friendly now that our kids are still young, we decided to add a bumper playmat and two kid-sized bean bags. The Parklon playmat was bought at a baby fair in Expo while the kawaii bean bags with the rabbit ears are from Taobao. This makes it much easier for us to play with the baby and also save him from a few knocks if he falls over too. Yup, this is definitely the most colourful part of the living room!

So, that's all for our living room for now. Do you like it as much as I do? I still have so much more of the house to share with you, so stay tuned next week!


This post is part of the "A Happy Home" series where I share all about our new Scandinavian-themed house, the renovation process and some tips and thoughts. Moving is never easy but it comes with an indescribable sense of joy in building up the house of your dreams. Remember, home is where the heart is and nothing is more important than being able to build memories with the people you love.

For privacy and protection {Review of Meridian Curtains & Furnishings}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 14.2.17
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When we were planning for the renovation, while I felt that curtains/blinds were a must for the living room and bedrooms, the hubby and I were hesitant if we needed outdoor roller blinds for the balcony. We were told by the previous owner that the rain didn't really splatter onto the balcony and that they hadn't had any issue so far.

The thing is, since we have a spacious balcony and we do not have a dryer, this will be where I will be hanging up the laundry to dry. Just so you know, we have to do the laundry almost every day and it's a huge part of my stay-at-home mum life now (I still don't get it why the kids wear so many outfits in a day). In addition, since we don't have a storeroom, we will be placing a storage cupboard and all the kids' bicycles and scooters in the balcony. Thus, these reasons were enough to make me decide that yes, I think we need those outdoor roller blinds.

It turned out to be the right choice because guess what? The first time that we experienced a heavy downpour and strong winds after we shifted in was also the day that my balcony became half wet. Yup, the rain does splatter (and not just a little) and I conclude that the previous owner probably didn't keep anything much or hang any laundry on the balcony.

So, we eventually did our curtains for the master bedroom and living room, roller blinds for the kids rooms and outdoor roller blinds for the balcony with Meridian Curtains & Furnishings (Read our experience on invisible grille with Meridian here.) Here's a look at the installation process and you can see what blinds and curtains we chose for each of the rooms too!

We were told that the installation of all the curtains and blinds would only take half a day - or in fact, around 4 hours. It ended up that we ran into problems and the outdoor roller blinds couldn't even be completed after the first day. Why? It was because after the workers had made markings, drilled all the way and tried to fix the blinds that they came to realise that the ceiling was sloping quite badly and one side was 2.5" taller than the other. This made it impossible for them to put up the blinds and even if they managed to, we wouldn't be able to draw them smoothly too.

To be fair, our balcony is quite huge maybe it could easily have been an oversight. The workers told us they would now have to add brackets and hang the blinds onto the brackets instead so they can be parallel to the ground (which also means that one end will hang at a greater distance from the ceiling than the other). This meant that all the holes they had drilled were useless and had to be patched up and repainted, which was what dismayed me because we could have saved the hassle if they had used a professional levelling instrument to first detect any sloping ceiling before commencing work.

I was also not entirely satisfied with the touching up because there were areas with markings or hair from the paintbrush left on the ceiling. Thankfully, a quick feedback to Meridian was promptly followed up with a second round of touch up and everything was resolved eventually. Phew!

The outdoor roller blinds come in a standard colour as per dictated by the condo management, so we didn't really have a say in it. We also installed these for the in-laws' studio and let's just say that both my mum-in-law and I are way relieved that we have these because it's been raining nearly every day and we can't imagine not having these functional blinds which help to protect and keep our laundry and belongings as dry as possible.

We only have two roller blinds for the front part of the balcony so each one is considered quite long at over 2 metres each. What I like is that despite the length and weight, the strings are not hard to pull so even the kids can help me to draw the blinds whenever we are heading out.

Moving onto the kids rooms, it's time for more blinds but now they come in colour!

Yup, I decided that we will use blinds for the kids rooms because they seem easier to maintain and make the room look cleaner and neater too. For the boy's room (which functions as a playroom for now), we chose blue since the room has a blue feature wall (Read about our feature wall done using Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint here). I thought that this pastel blue colour suited the room pretty well.

As for the girls room, or what they now call the princess room, they wanted a pink blind to match their pink wall and thankfully there was a pink colour available - yes, just one shade of pink so it was a take it or leave it situation. Right, of course we took it.

Installing the roller blinds in the bedrooms was a breeze and took just a short while to do the markings, drill and fix the blinds. Do note that in case where you have to use more than one blind, they will be a small gap in between the blinds when drawn and the workers can only try their best to minimise it.

Now, we move onto the curtains!

Yes yes, I personally prefer curtains to blinds and so we did curtains for our master bedroom and the living room too. I'll be sharing more about our master bedroom in the tour post but here's a sneak peek - it has a grey/silver theme and so we chose a grey coloured night curtain coupled with a white day curtain.

Day curtains are lightweight, semi-translucent and sheer in fabric while night curtains are made of heavier, thicker fabric which help to block the light and ensure privacy. The use of both actually allows us to optimise and control the light according to our preference and I love how I can also determine the amount of privacy I have (very important for a breastfeeding mum!).

The curtains are hung up using plastic hooks, except for the first hook which is a metal one and the first eye is fixed so that the curtains stay in place. Are they easy to draw? Yes, so far we have no issue with them and are happy with the workmanship too. While it was hard to pick our favourite from the catalogues, we were really glad we chose what we chose!

Lastly, for our living/dining room, I wanted a colour to match our Scandinavian theme which is made up of wooden laminated furniture. We decided on this light brown, rustic colour from this catalogue which we were told was rising in popularity recently. Not a bad choice, I suppose.

It turned out just the way we wanted and I loved how plain yet elegant it is, perfect for a minimalist but functional Scandinavian themed home. The light colour matches our marble flooring and wooden furniture (which you will see in the tour soon) and we are also satisfied with the quality of the fabrics too.

As for the curtain tie backs, Meridian provided us with these classy, beautiful gold tassels which I'm in love with. I personally think they look better and sleeker than using the same fabric as a tie back.

So, here's a sneak peek at our living/dining room which I will be sharing more about very, very soon! For now, we are happy with all our curtains and blinds which help to provide protection, dim the house, beautify the rooms and give us the much needed privacy too!

To end off, here's a video to show you more about the installation process and end outcome.

Meridian Curtains & Furnishings
349 Changi Road,Singapore 419817
For sales enquiry and consultation, contact Desmond at 96410010.


This post is part of the "A Happy Home" series where I share all about our new Scandinavian-themed house, the renovation process and some tips and thoughts. Moving is never easy but it comes with an indescribable sense of joy in building up the house of your dreams. Remember, home is where the heart is and nothing is more important than being able to build memories with the people you love.

Disclosure: This is a partially sponsored collaboration between Meridian Curtains and Furnishings and A Happy Mum. We received a special discounted price for the blinds and curtains in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

Can't stop the feeling - Asher is 1!

Posted by ~Summer~ on 10.2.17

It's time to take a break from all the home renovation posts and shine the spotlight back on the kids. Yes yes, I'm still trying to keep up with their growing up videos though I am way behind time. I really wanna keep this up because you have no idea how many smiles and how much laughter all these precious videos have brought us.

Anyway, we finally own a smart TV at home now and while this newbie mama is still learning to use the functions, at least I know how to go to YouTube and that is where I can play all these videos whenever we have a moment to spare. The girls love seeing those memories of them when they were younger (they always make sure I play at least one clip of each of them and they usually crack up when watching) and the baby is fascinated to see himself on the big screen too! That really motivates me to keep going so I guess it's better late than never.

Here's the latest video for baby Asher who has turned ONE. Yesh, the big one. Can't believe a year, that's 365 days, have passed us simply in the blink of an eye. Right, officially I can't call him my baby anymore but I think I'll hang onto that for just a little while longer.

Happy 1st birthday, my baby boy.


Dearest Baby Asher,

Happy turning the big one! I hope you had fun at your 1st birthday party and that you have enjoyed this first year with me as much as I have savoured each moment with you. Yup, we are inseparable for now because I am still breastfeeding you and you love me so much that you start to cry every time I walk away from you. Separation anxiety is what they call it and I take it as a sign that you love, and need, Mama very much now which makes me cherish all these moments so much. It won't be that long before you start walking out of this door and into your own social circle, so I'm really thankful for each day that we get to spend together in your first few years.

Talking about walk, you seem a little reluctant in learning to stand and moving on your own two feet. While you can walk on support very well and crawl around faster than I can catch you, I'm still looking forward to the day where you will take your first steps and walk towards me, falling into my chest and we will give each high fives and I will tell you just how proud of you I am. No, I'm not worried or anxious (because I know you will do fine when the time comes), just excited and eager.

I'm so glad to see that your sisters love and adore you so much and you are very blessed to have them, you know? They take care of you, play with you, care for you, protect you, read to you, teach you, feed you and shower you with so much love every single day. I know you love them too because your face lights up whenever they come back from school and my wish is that three of you will stay close and loving always. Promise me that, will you?

This has been a very busy period for all of us because guess what, we are moving to a new house! Yes, since our family is getting bigger and you are all getting older, Papa and I figured out we need to move to a more spacious home, a place where we can call our own and you are going to have a small but cosy blue bedroom when you grow up! You have been a gem because you have followed me to and fro the next house for the renovation and that is almost every day in the month of your birthday. You survived everything, including all the loud drilling and hammering, meeting with sponsors, shopping for furniture and home decor with me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your cooperativeness. Everything will be good once we settle the house and that is where we will build more precious memories together as you grow up, okay?

Papa and I were dismayed when you contracted pneumonia once more and I couldn't help but feel like maybe it was partly my fault for not taking good care of you. We were admitted to KKH again and this time, we stayed for 4D3N. I never left your side, not even for a split second, and my heart was broken time and again when I heard you wailing behind closed doors as they tried to insert the IV cataract with difficulty. It was so traumatic for you and you would shrink in fear every time the doctor or nurse came into our ward. We'll get through this hurdle together, okay? Mummy hopes to build up your immunity and that you won't fall sick easily as you get stronger and bigger.

Just like your name, which means happiness, you spread joy to everyone you see, including the grandparents and even strangers on the street. You wave hello and goodbye to people in the escalator and on the MRT, you flash that infectious smile, you give high fives generously and sometimes you even try to make small talk with all your goo-s and ga-s. No one can resist that charm of yours and I'm just so glad and thankful that you're mine to love and to hold. 

It's been a great first year with you, my dear boy, and I am looking forward to more awe1some motherhood years with you, my bundle of joy. Thank you for always being willing to share your last bit of biscuit with me and letting me know that I am loved. Stay happy and kind always!

Love you more than I can ever say,

More than just colour {Review of Nippon Paint Professional Service and Introducing Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 8.2.17
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The very first thing we did after we got the keys to our new home was to give it a fresh coat of paint. Well, I don't mean we did it on our own even though my father-in-law DIY everything for our previous house. We decided that he deserved a break and it would be better for us to watch from the sideline this time and leave this tedious but absolutely crucial job to the painting professionals.

Think paint, Japan, sumo wrestler - and you will know which brand we decided to entrust our home to. Yes, Nippon Paint! It has such a high brand recall that even the girls are familiar with the name after seeing all the ads. Being the largest paint manufacturer in Asia, I was thrilled to be able to work with Nippon Paint and things got really exciting as we started to think about what colours to choose for each of the rooms.


Nippon Visualiser App

There must be hundreds of colours in the catalogue so I must say that it got a little overwhelming and despite flipping through dozens of times, it was hard to come to a decision especially when we couldn't really picture how the final look would be.

So, after a meeting with the folks at Nippon Paint, I was introduced to this app called Nippon Visualiser which helped to put things in perspective and served as a guide in choosing the desired colours.

The app is straightforward to use and you can either make use of existing photos or photos in the gallery to help you visualise your choice of paint colour. All you have to do is select the colour from the palette, tap on the walls and viola - you can see how it turns out! Easy peasy!

I did realise that it was hard to change the colours in some pictures and it can get a little tricky if you were to take your own photo too as the lines might not be distinct enough. So, my advice is to pick a few pictures from the gallery and use these instead to aid in your visualisation. The images can also be saved to your phone so that you are able to show them to your family members or make comparisons easily.

It's so important to pick the right colour and right shade, so do take your time to consider the options. Discuss with the spouse and kids, let everyone have a say and be involved, and make sure the whole family feels comfortable with the final decision.


The Painting Process

Once you have decided on the colours, it's time to let the professionals do their job. Our paint job was completed in two days, which I must say was quite efficient and since we were short on time, that was something that I appreciated.

The first thing that the painters did was to spread plastic sheets on the floor, cover up doors, windows and furniture, as well as stick masking tape around sockets and across ledges.

This painstaking process took a couple of hours and the two workers did a fine job out of it all. Indeed, with an empty house and such a huge area to work on, they did the best they could and were as thorough as they could be. If I had to be critical, I will have to say that some parts of the windows, flooring and furniture were left unprotected which resulted in getting speckles of paint. So, we actually spent quite some time cleaning, mopping and scrubbing off these speckles. My in-laws also commented that corrugated cardboard should be used to cover the floor instead of plastic for better protection and to ensure that no paint can seep through.

Moving on, since our unit is a resale one and not entirely new, we realised that there were a few hairline cracks on the walls. After pointing them out to the painters, they kindly helped to repair the cracks as best as they could using cornice powder before applying the paint. Although they did say this was not a permanent solution and the cracks might appear again after some time, I was already very thankful because at least they were not quite visible for now.

I would like to give credit to firstly the uncle who was in his 70s and stayed back late to help us do some touching up. As we had no lights installed at that time, it was already getting dark but he kindly and patiently did what he needed to do without complaints. Secondly, thanks to Jen who was the project manager, we spotted a serious water seepage issue in our yard. She made the effort to retrieve the moisture meter and helped us to measure the moisture level. In areas where it exceeded and went off the chart, she allowed us to take pictures so that we could show them to the customer service office for quick follow up. Yes, this also meant that Nippon Paint had to go through the hassle of sending someone to do the painting in the yard after the water seepage issue was resolved and that was exactly what they did.

As for the paint, we used a Nippon Expresskote Sealer for the base coat, the Anti-Mould paint for the ceiling and the Odour-less All-in-1 for the walls. So, was it totally and completely odour-less? Considering that I had a baby with me and was sensitive to this sort of issue, it would be dishonest to say that there wasn't any smell at all but it definitely was very mild and you can say there was almost no odour.

One problem we ran into was that the team who came the first time decided to mix some Matex (a form of emulsion) and Anti-Mould for the ceiling but did not leave behind any leftover mixture. So the worker who came to do the touching up after our lights and furniture were installed was not aware of it and we ended up with two different shades on the ceiling.

It took yet a third round of touching up and repainting before things were finally fixed and since we had already moved in at that time and all of our furniture and boxes had already arrived, I was so relieved when it was all done.

If you had noticed, we only used one colour of the All-in-1 paint for our house - which was the Apple White colour for the walls. Does that mean we had no colour in any of the rooms? How can, right? Well, that's when we move onto the highlight of it all as we show you in detail how the kids rooms had a makeover using the stunningly impressive Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint.


Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint

If you know me, you know that I like things which are creative and personalised. For the kids rooms, I did consider sticking on some wallpaper to make it more special but decided that it probably won't last long with three active kids in the house. When I first read about the Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint and how it allows you to create beautiful, unique finishes, I knew immediately that this was what I wanted.

First, I had to select my choice of colour and to get inspiration, you can browse through the lookbook, view the collection or go through the catalogue. While you can easily access the online catalogue, do note that the screen colours differ on computers and what you see might not be the actual colour too. My advice is to choose the colour, type the colour code and name and search for real life past projects that had been carried out and are featured on the web. This will give you the best way to visualise how it will turn out in your home eventually.

For the boy's room, which now functions as a playroom since he sleeps with me, I decided to use Nautical Breeze ME026 from the Elegant series. I love that it is a beautiful shade of blue and that the name suits a sailor's son perfectly. And you know what? It turned out to be even more awesome than I had imagined.

Touted as the Momento expert, Jen was the one who worked tirelessly on all the feature walls in our house. I was amazed by how she skillfully handled the dainty, specially designed Momento paintbrush and how she managed to make the brush strokes all come together so naturally. She had to fight against time because she couldn't let the paint dry up in order to add in the stroke effects, so you could see that she was totally focused once the painting began and it took her only slightly over 30 minutes for a feature wall.

Not only were there different shades of blue, there were also white 'beads' in the paint and once Jen scraped it with the spatula, which comes with the DIY kit, you can see that it forms some sort of a snow effect and that was really beautiful. Here's a closer look at how our blue feature wall was done!

Good things come in pairs. We are thankful to have two kids room and to be fair, I had to make sure that the other room had a feature wall too. Since this would be the girls' room, we decided on the colour pink but I let them pick what they would like from the Momento series. They decided on Rose Gems MS117 from the Sparkle series, which sounded perfect for my two princesses.

This wall, according to Jen, was the more difficult one as she had to exert strength for every stroke in order to achieve that dabbing effect. Once again, you also had to work through the wall fast and not let the paint dry up as you go along.

The sparkles are more obvious when light shines on the wall, otherwise you might not really notice that glimmering effect. Nonetheless, we love the effect and the girly, wavy brush strokes are just so fitting for my princesses. Here's a closer look at how our pink wall was done!

So, I ended up loving Nippon Momento so much that I decided that we needed one in our master bedroom too. Yes, it's the wall that many of you saw on social media and said that it's very beautiful! I wanted a grey theme for our room and chose Granite Glint MS149. Here's a sneak peek at how it looks, I'll be sharing more pictures in the tour of the master bedroom which will come soon!

Lastly, I've always wanted a brick wall effect in my house because I think it makes a great backdrop for photoshoots. After some hiccups while trying to do up a craftstone wall in the new house, I was so, so relieved when Nippon Paint came to my rescue and helped me to create this beautiful Travertino wall that many of you have already seen. I'll be sharing more of this special effect wall in a separate post because it truly deserves a write-up of its own.

A home wouldn't be a home without walls, right? I'm so grateful and relieved that we chose to outsource the painting and Nippon Paint Professional Service has been of invaluable help in helping us to create our dream home with not only multi-coloured, but unique and beautiful textured walls that make you feel happy just to be within.


This post is part of the "A Happy Home" series where I share all about our new Scandinavian-themed house, the renovation process and some tips and thoughts. Moving is never easy but it comes with an indescribable sense of joy in building up the house of your dreams. Remember, home is where the heart is and nothing is more important than being able to build memories with the people you love.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between Nippon Paint and A Happy Mum. Both of the kids rooms received a complimentary makeover, including the feature walls with the Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint, in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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