Creativity 521 #85 - DIY Cherry Blossom Hairpin

Posted by ~Summer~ on 6.2.16
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Chinese New Year is just two days away! Woohoo! Here's wishing all of you a happy, prosperous year of the Monkey in advance! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

For this week's Creativity 521, since we are into cherry blossoms recently, I did something simple for the girls - DIY Cherry Blossom Hairpins! Some of you were asking how I manage to find time to craft now that there's an newborn in the house plus two more kids to look after. Well, the thing is I always try to do simple crafts which are relatively straightforward and do not take up too much time. This one, for instance, took me just an hour to make and would have been much faster if I did not have to go and soothe a crying baby three times in between.

Crafting keeps me somewhat sane and I like the sense of achievement that comes with it! So, by hook or crook, I'm really hoping to keep it up for as long as I can. 


1) Felt in pink and red
2) Needle and thread
3) Scissors
4) Black hairpins
5) Cutout of a cherry blossom
6) Beads

Firstly, I searched for a outline picture of a cherry blossom and printed it out. Using it as a template, I cut out cherry blossom shapes from the pink and red felt. I made the red ones slightly bigger. Do use a pair of sharp scissors as it can be tricky around the small edges.

Next, I positioned the pink felt on top of the red one as show. You will need to use one bead for each of the flowers which will be placed in the middle. Thread your needle and you are ready to sew!

Make some loose, straight stitches towards the centre of the flower and pull to give the flower some depth and shape. Make sure you sew through both pieces of felt to keep them together. Next, sew the bead onto the middle. Once you are done with this, sew the whole cherry blossom felt piece to the top part of the hairpin and ensure it stays in place.

Ta-dah! I told you, simple and easy, right? The big girl spotted these once she got home and was excited to put it on! Awww, I love it when they appreciate my simple gestures and know that these were handmade with love from Mama.

So, now my girl can each wear a cherry blossom to celebrate CNY! We hope you will have a great celebration with your loved ones too!

P.S. Starting from today, Creativity 521 will cease to be a linky party. This is because I don't see many linking up and while I wish to keep this series going, I also need to find ways to spend less time on the computer and more time with my family. I still hope to keep the simple crafts coming, so wish me luck!

Meet Elsa and Anna on Ice! {Giveaway: Family Package of 4 tickets to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 3.2.16

The March holidays are going to be here very soon and since it's the first ever school holiday for the big girl, I hope to make it a special and fun-filled term break for the kids! Besides planning a staycation for that week, we have something real cool, yes I do mean cool, to look forward to!

It's Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival!

Oh gosh, just saying that mouthful makes me all thrilled already! I mean, who doesn't like Disney and to be able to see all your favourite fairytale characters come to life and perform awe-inspiring stunts on ice, that's like a dream come true not just for the kids, but for me too!

I still remember how much all of us enjoyed Treasure Trove two years ago and now that the kids are a little more grown up, I bet they are going to love the show even more! Plus, guess what? The girls have been yearning for this and that long-awaited moment has finally arrived - we are going to see Elsa and Anna on ice! Yes, you read it right! All the Frozen fans will be thrilled that their favourite characters are going to be part of this year's Disney on Ice show! I bet my kids can't wait to meet the cool-looking Ice Queen and their favourite snowman!

From 11 March 2016 to 20 March 2016, get ready to enter a world of enchantment featuring the most magical moments from across the kingdom in Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival.

This year’s theme, Magical Ice Festival, takes you on a sensational journey with your most loved Disney characters on ice. Experience a medley of Disney movies from The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast, with special appearances from characters of the Academy Award winning and Number One Animated Feature Film of all time – Disney’s Frozen! Audiences will journey up the North Mountain with the hilarious snowman Olaf, rugged mountain-man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven as they help the sisters along the way in a story full of action, adventure, magic and unforgettable characters. In a new twist on fairytale fun, comical segments from everyone’s favorite Disney characters set the scene for the show stopping on-ice stories of princesses Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle.
“In our more than 30 years of producing Disney On Ice shows, Feld Entertainment has been waiting for a film like Frozen,” says Producer, Nicole Feld. “The most exciting part of bringing characters like Anna and Elsa to the ice for the first time is knowing that they have a powerful and inspiring message that resonates with audiences as the sisters discover the true meaning of love.”

We have been waiting for a film like Frozen too and having two girls in the family makes the show resonate with us even more deeply and I hope these two will always remember to love, to care and to sacrifice for each other. Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart. Pssst, the last we heard, Frozen 2 is already in the making too!

Produced by Feld Entertainment, Magical Ice Festival is an enchanting mix of royalty, highlighting the stories of Disney’s most beloved heroines with energetic choreography that will have audiences singing, dancing and cheering their favourite Disney characters as they each embark on their own epic journeys. It will be a magical mix of royalty when Disney On Ice brings this winsome wonderland to you.
With an extraordinary line-up of hit songs, memorable scenes and never-before-seen characters to look forward to, here are 10 fun facts behind Disney On Ice!

1. Disney On Ice was founded in 1981 and has since travelled to over 75 countries and 6 continents
2. The average size of the ice skating surface is 140ft [42m] x 70ft [21m]
3. There are approximately 180 costumes presented at one Disney On Ice show
4. And more than 100 people work on these costumes
 5. It takes 18 trucks to transport all production equipment for set-up
6. And it takes between 12-15 hours to set up one Disney On Ice show
7. But just about 4 hours to tear down the entire production
8. Over 80 different colours of paint are used on the 183 props for this production
9. The youngest performer on this year’s show is 19-years-old and the oldest is 44-years-old
10. Each performer may change up to 8 costumes in one show


Just to test yourself to see if you are a true Disney fan, see if you can answer these trivia!

1) In which kingdom do Anna and Elsa live?
2) Who helped Young Anna recover from being hit by Elsa’s powers?
3) Who likes "warm hugs"?

The Little Mermaid
4) How many sisters does Ariel have? What are their names?
5) Ursula gives Ariel the ability to walk on land. How long is this ability supposed to last?

6) What is the name of the tavern where Flynn and Rapunzel meet a bunch of Viking thugs?
7) What is Flynn Rider’s real name?

Beauty and the Beast
8) What does the Beast give Belle to always remember him by?
9) What part of the castle does the Beast forbid Belle to go to?
10) Name at least three of the enchanted characters that live in the Beast’s castle.

1) The Kingdom of Arendelle
2) Grand Pabbie.
3) Olaf
4) Six. Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina
5) 3 days
6) The Snuggly Duckling 2.
7) Eugene Fitzherbert
8) A magic mirror
9) The West Wing
10) The Beast, Mrs. Potts, Chip, The Featherduster, Cogsworth, Lumiere, The Wardrobe, Stove (Chef Bouche)

Now, are you as excited about this event as all of us are?

Event Details

Show schedule:

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket pricing: $25-$200

Duration: 2 hrs (including 15-min interval)

Child admission policy: Infants in arms and children under 2 years of age may be admitted free of charge provided they do not occupy a seat (they must be seated on the lap of a parent or guardian). Children aged 2 and above must purchase a ticket for admission. All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online via

To learn more about Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, visit 


For those of you who are interested, here's a giveaway where one reader will get to win a family package of 4 tickets to Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival!

Terms and Conditions
1) Event venue will be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
2) The family package of 4 tickets is worth approximately $300.
3) Tickets will be valid for one of the opening weekend shows on either 12 Mar (Sat) or 13 March (Sun). Showtimes are at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. Exact date and time to be advised by organiser at a later date.
4) Changes to date/time will not be allowed.
5) This giveaway will end on 17 Feb 2359hrs. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 72 hours to respond. Otherwise, a new winner will be picked.

To participate, leave a comment in this blog post with your name, email address and tell me which character your child is most looking forward to seeing at Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival. Indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have done so and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options. Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: We received a media invite to attend Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival. All opinion are our own.

Happiness is... getting used to chaos

Posted by ~Summer~ on 1.2.16
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A friend told me that the jump from two kids to three will be a big one and you will suddenly be overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, only to realise that you do not have enough hands, time and energy.

A second friend contradicted the view and said that the change from two to three is not as bad as from one to two because you have already gotten used to the sibling rivalry, the demand for attention, the endless whining and the display of classic tantrums.

A third friend said that while a stay-at-home mum is able to juggle both the home and the kids when she is a mum of two, she will need to engage a helper or get some sort of help when she becomes a mum of three.

I kind of understand it all now and think there's some truth in all of these statements. January has been quite an exhausting month for me as I get used to the early morning routine of having to prepare breakfast and bring Angel to her primary school, having to juggle the needs of all three kids, having to deal with additional chores, having to handle a newborn, having to be sensitive to my elder two, having to try my best to carry on life as per normal and assure everyone that things are going to be okay, if not better.

Some people still think that I have it all together and some might naively think that it's all rainbows and unicorns for us. Those who have been through it will know better. No matter how many happy, blissful, perfect moments I post on Facebook and Instagram, the truth is there are days that are frustrating, moments that are painful and times when I need to remind myself to breathe and find strength to brace myself for whatever lies ahead.

No, it's never about just unicorns or rainbows or puppies or butterflies. Motherhood has never been and will never be smooth but that's where the beauty of it lies. For us to fall and to pick ourselves up, for us to survive tough times and emerge stronger, for us to see the hope, love, joy that lies within and realise how we need to treasure every moment, be it good or bad.

So, life has been a whirlwind and we are constantly in a state of chaos. In January's "Happiness is...", I share with you on how I remind myself that it's all about getting used to it.


So you probably already know that I didn't really have a strict 'confinement' because since the day I was discharged from the hospital, I was up and out. I have to be very thankful for being able to have a smooth, natural delivery and a body which bounced back into shape pretty fast, enabling me to be able to bring my girls out, fetch them from school and carry on with our family weekends. I'm also very lucky to have my in-laws cook our meals for us this month and the hubby was also around to help for a couple of weeks while we adjusted to the new lifestyle.

To help Angel celebrate having survived the first week of primary school, we went to a funfair and let them have fun on the rides and games. I keep reminding myself that someday, which might be soon, they will outgrow these kiddy stuff and no longer find the joy in carousels, inflatable castles or fishing for rubber ducks. So while it lasts, I'm really gonna cherish these moments.

We also brought them out to parks for fresh air, for some fun in the sand, to play on the swings, to feed the fish or just have an ice cream or two. It's like we did nothing but yet everything, you know what I mean?

Right, since we are such avid moviegoers and there were a few shows that we wanted to catch, we decided to bring the baby too. At one month old, he has watched Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip, Ip Man 3 and The 5th Wave. Some people might really think this is unhealthy but to us, there wasn't much harm because we always chose the backseats and I made sure his ears were covered. At this age, he usually drinks milk and sleeps so as long as he is warm and snug in my arms, I think we will be okay. Plus, it's not really fair to deprive the elder two just because we have a newborn, right?

Last month, I brought the girls to River Safari on my own when I still had a baby bump. This month, we went there again on the second day of 2016 when the baby was 12 days old. Yup, we are now officially a family of five! It all felt so surreal to me and my mind would always flash back to the day that I gave birth and my little prince arrived in this world. How does time pass by so quickly?

It's going to be quite challenging to keep up with Creativity 521 but I'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, I still like to let the girls get creative when we have some time at home. On another note, lessons at heART Studio have resumed for Angel this month, plus Ariel went for her first class too! And to my relief, she seems to enjoy it too! Woohoo! I'll share more of what she did in another post soon!

For the big girl, I'm glad to see that she is settling down well in school and made some good friends too. It's still quite tricky having to wake her up so early in the mornings and make her go to bed early at night but we're trying our best and taking it one step at a time. For now, I'm so thankful that her school is within a 15-min walking distance from our house because that means more precious sleep time for everyone!

As much as I can, I also try to resume our routine like going grocery shopping at the supermarket, visiting the library or going for swimming which they love so much. Honestly, I am quite eager to get back into the water and have a dip with my girls! Patience, patience. Meanwhile, thanks to the hubby for accompanying them for the time being while I wait for the bleeding to stop and look after the baby.

We also visited the newest shopping mall in Singapore not once, but twice in a month! Yes, despite the crowd and the full carpark. The first time, we had lunch with my parents and also checked out Wonderland. The second time, we did CNY shopping! I'm so happy that there's a H&M outlet here because it's our favourite place to shop ever since our days in Sweden.

Playgrounds and more playgrounds! Sometimes when we feel too cooped up at home, I'd rather bring the whole brood out. Like I said before, at home, I am the one who has to entertain them. When we are out, they have the world. They explore their surroundings, they get up close with nature, they observe passers-by, they play with other kids and as ironic as it sounds, going out gives me a chance to have some peace and quiet. Even if it doesn't last long. That said, it is a little challenging bringing all three out on my own and for now, I'm feeling thankful for our sturdy Emmaljunga pram from Sweden (we have a kiddy board too) and my trusty Baba Sling in which the baby is happy to sleep in.

In the blink of an eye, the baby has also turned full month and we held a simple but joyous celebration for our little one. Once again, I was reminded of how fast these kids grow and I can only try my utmost to cherish these years and make every day count.

The girls are also loving the new addition to our family and can't help hugging, cuddling or kissing him. The moment he cries, they will also run up to him, try to soothe him or sing a lullaby for him. At times, they forget to be gentle with him and will pull his hand a little too forcefully, jump on the sofa when he is sleeping, sing too loudly when he is beside and so on. Many a time, it frustrates me and the hubby because we took a long while and put in a lot of effort to make him sleep (he wakes up very easily, this baby); but a simple movement or a shout from the girls will just ruin everything. Yet, they do not mean any harm and all they have is pure love for their little brother. So, I just have to be more patient in teaching them.

As for the baby, he's just a total joy to be with. Obviously, he keeps me awake most of the night and either he poos, asks for milk or just demands to be carried. Nonetheless, the sleep-deprived me is still thankful with every beat of my heart to have him. Oh, babies, I just can't seem to get enough of them!

Here are the girls, all worn out after cycling and scooting on a Saturday afternoon. I thought this picture pretty well sums up how I feel at the end of the first month of 2016 - tired but happy. Our house will probably continue to be messy, our lives will be quite chaotic and the mayhem looks like it's here to stay. All I can say is, it just needs some getting used to and we are slowly but surely getting there.

How did January go for you?

P.S. Starting 2016, while "Happiness is..." series will continue on the blog, it will cease to be a linky party. I still hope to share my monthly thoughts and happenings because writing and thinking back helps me to put things in perspective and see the bigger picture in life. So, let's keep it up!

Pure, Precious, Priceless {Review of Maternity and Newborn Photography by Orange Studios}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 28.1.16
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By now, you probably know that I am very much into family photoshoots because the way I see it, my kids are growing up much too fast (which means the hubby and I are aging quickly too) and photography is one of the best ways in which I can capture some blissful, precious moments to remember for a lifetime.

We've done collaborations with quite a handful of photography studios and while there are a couple of them whose end products that we really love, there is only one studio who towers above the rest if we have to pick our ultimate favourite. That will have to be Orange Studios. In fact, as a parenting blogger, I can say that Wini and Ryan, the husband and wife team behind Orange Studios, are one of my favourite people to work with over the past years.

Unlike the pure blogger-client relationship that I've had with most of my sponsors, Orange Studios goes the extra mile to develop something special and I would call that friendship. I mean, they call us up for preparatory calls, they are easy-going, friendly and accommodating every time we show up at their studio, I have them on my WhatsApp and Facebook, they take the trouble to deliver products to us and at times throw in a surprise bonus gift, they even include a sincere, handwritten Thank You card every time which we've kept over the years. Yes, I do appreciate little things like this a lot. Pleasant, personable and professional - in my view, these are the qualities that make Orange Studios special.

So, we've recently done our Maternity and Newborn photography sessions with them and I must say that we really love many of the photos which have been very well-received on my social media. In case you have not seen them yet, here's sharing some of the end results and also our experience during the photoshoot. For the preggie mums who are keen to go for photoshoots with your baby bump and newborn, the good news is there will be an Exclusive Special for all A Happy Mum readers. Read on to find out more!


Maternity Session

Even though this is my third pregnancy, I've never done a maternity photoshoot before so this was the first time I had to show my baby bump in front of the camera! Well, since there is a strong likelihood that it would be the last chance, I thought I should make the most of it and capture some precious shots of the preggie me.

For the shoot, the backdrops were kept simple - white, black, grey and a brick wall which I personally really like. One thing I like about Orange Studios is that they encourage clients to be as natural as possible, thus they would recommend straightforward, simple outfits and light make-up. 

If you are worried about not having the right clothes to wear, you are not alone! At first, I was also apprehensive about outfits and was unsure of what to wear so as to look best. Before the shoot, Orange Studios sent me an email with some preparatory tips which helped to put me at ease. According to them, it is best to pick out some simple, solid coloured clothes so that the focus is on you. Try to avoid clothing with distractions or patterns like stripes, polka dots, checks, big logos etc. Also, since preggies have some nice curves to show off at this time, which is around 33-36 weeks of pregnancy, we should choose fabrics which adhere to body shape so that the baby bump is more visible. Some examples of suitable outfits include long, flowy dresses or skirts, tube tops or dresses or button-up shirt with leggings or jeans.

Whatever you choose, comfort is of utmost priority so make sure you feel good and relaxed in it for the whole shoot, which lasts approximately one hour. For me, I chose to go with a dress and just tube tops matched with leggings or jeans (actually, I wore the hubby's jeans!). Thanks to Impression Lingerie for the black and white tube tops which felt absolutely comfortable and showed off the bump perfectly (you can read my review as well as tips for maternity shopping here)!

As for make-up, keep it simple and not over the top. The same applies for hairdo. While I don't think I look too presentable with my bare face, I also believe that natural shots are the best looking and most lasting. After all, a pregnant woman radiates beauty and shines from within, don't you think so?

For the maternity shoot, I was lucky to have my hair and make-up provided by Jennifer (those looking for a freelance hair and makeup artist can contact her at 9792 0058), who is also a fellow mum. I like that we had common topics to talk about and she was really sweet, gentle and careful the whole time. Without being too elaborate, she helped to doll me up and why, she even did the girls' hair, much to their delight!  

One thing I really like about Ryan and Wini is that they know the importance of 'warming up' the little ones and helping them to ease into the environment. And they really put time, effort and sincerity into getting to know them, talking to them and making them feel more comfortable. It doesn't matter that my girls have been to several photoshoots and even done commercial filming, every time we go for a shoot or arrive in an unfamiliar environment, they still tend to be shy and quiet at first. So it really helps a great deal when the photographer is affable, approachable and best of all, has a love for kids.

He was also very enthusiastic when capturing the shots and this enthusiasm in turn spilled onto the kids, who very quickly settled down and tried to cooperate as best as they could. Ryan would try out various poses just to see which ones made the kids feel most comfortable in and he was very flexible in that, never forcing them to comply and thinking of alternatives when one way didn't work. When our smiles started to look too posed and unnatural, he would also come up with ways to make everyone relax and have a good laugh so that he could capture a more spontaneous side of us. This was something I really appreciated because it can be so hard to get a family picture where everyone is smiling from within and beaming with joy, don't you think so?

As for Wini, she is meticulous and has an eye for details, for instance she would spot any hair that is out of place, feet that are in awkward position or skirts which have pulled too high up. She would then help to adjust gently with care so that everything would be spot on. When I did my solo shots where I had to tiptoe on one leg or sit in a yogalike position, she was also very understanding and at intervals, asked if I was feeling okay and told me I could take a break whenever I had to.

In short, they placed our needs and comfort as top priority, not just their wants in getting that perfect shot. That was the reason why we truly enjoyed every photoshoot session from start to end. Now, if I have to talk about how the photos turned out, I think pictures speak louder than words so here are some of my favourites to share with you.

The moment I laid my eyes on these pictures, I can only say that I was so thankful to have done this! I love my solo shots, I love our couple shots, and I love, love, love our family shots! Absolutely precious, aren't they?


Newborn Session

If you can sense my anticipation and how much I was looking forward to meeting my baby boy from the pictures above, then you probably can guess how elated I was when I knew that, for the first time, we were going to do a newborn photoshoot. Wait, it's not that I didn't take pictures of Angel and Ariel when they were born, I did that aplenty but it's just that I'm totally unprofessional when it comes to photography. So, I was glad the baby had a chance to do it in a proper studio and guess what, siblings and parents can join in too! Woohoo!

Now, since the shoot takes place when the baby is around 1-2 weeks old and we know how precious these tiny beings are to every parent, the top concern would be safety. Some of us might worry about how the baby will be handled, whether he/she can survive a 3-4 hours long photoshoot, what to do if he/she is starving or poos halfway through etc. If you are at Orange Studios, I can only tell you to rest assured that your baby is in good hands and will be well taken care of.

Both Ryan and Wini have attended overseas professional courses and training on Newborn photography, including safety for babies and parents during photoshoot sessions - which is always their top priority. Every baby will be handled with utmost care and lots of love during the session. I have to say that they are even gentler with my baby than me, which says a lot!

From just the setup of the studio, which is located in Oxley Bizhub in Ubi, it is evident that our needs are taken care of. Changing room, toilet, kitchenette, dining table, wash up area - and there is even a nursing room set up where mums can feel free to feed their babies and older kids can take a break there while waiting. You bet the girls were happy that they got to watch cartoons when they were done with the siblings and family shots!

The reason why newborn shoots take 3-4 hours is because they take into account the time for feeding, calming, soothing, cuddling, posing, changing and cleaning. Yes, there is a high chance that the baby will pee or poo several times during the shoot and since he/she will be naked on some occasions, don't be taken aback if poo squirts over you, which was what happened to me. I realised that Ryan and Wini seemed to be very used to this scenario and they immediately sprang into action to help clean up with the wet wipes they had put on standby. No fuss at all.

I was also amazed by how they managed to swaddle Asher up time after time and he actually looked so snug and cosy. Wini was very cautious and gentle in changing him, letting him lay down or placing his feet or hands in a particular pose. Why, they even turned on a baby shusher (a device that makes rhythmic shushing noises to soothe and calm a baby) and let's just say it was the first time the hubby and I even heard of such a thing. Well, anything to make our baby feel happy and comfortable!

If you are wondering about whether a newborn baby can handle the harsh lighting of a studio photoshoot, Orange Studios has the same consideration and that is why they recommend for the shoot to begin in the morning so that they can make use of natural lighting and the soft sunlight that shines in through the window. There were absolutely no flares or flashes in our baby's eyes and he ended up sleeping for more than half of the shoot. I was secretly happy that he was awake for the other half as that meant we captured both kinds of expressions!

Another thing I like about Orange Studios is that they emphasize on personalisation so they encourage you to bring along your own props - meaningful things that tell your unique family story. Did you read our first review of them where we brought along nearly half the house, including things like paintings, books, a toy piano and bicycle? If you have not, you can do so here. That was one of the first photoshoots we did and our colourful family picture still hangs proudly on a canvas in my living room.

So for Asher's photoshoot, we thought it would be nice to photograph him with the Jubilee Baby gift box since that was something unique and meaningful for our boy. He was a little fussy when we did this and after Ryan and Wini gave me time to feed him, again, in the nursing room, they actually asked if I wanted to try again though our time was almost up. How sweet and kind, right? And so we did, and they succeeded in placing him so snugly in the box while he was sleeping. That had to be one of the most memorable shots we'll ever have of our SG50 baby.

Here are some of our favourite shots from the newborn session. Enjoy viewing!

The sibling shots of the sisters kissing, cuddling and caring for their little brother - Pure.

The family shots of us as a happy family and our couple shots with our new arrival - Precious.

The solo shots of our baby boy and how he has captured our hearts - Priceless.


From Digital to Print

Now, although I'm thankful for digital technology and I cannot survive without soft copies of these precious photos, I also believe in turning them into print so that you have something tangible to hold and this can become a precious heirloom for generations to come.

We received a 20-page leather album which contained shots from both the maternity and newborn sessions. The print quality is one of the best we've seen and I love how natural the shots turn out to be. Thanks to Ryan and Wini who were so kind as to rush this out, we were able to display the album at Asher's full month party. I can already imagine that years later, we will be sitting on the couch, talking about each picture and reminiscing the good old times with our children. And possibly grandchildren.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see these wallet size prints and the first thing I did was to laminate and cut them out. Besides placing our favourites in our own wallets, my idea was to turn some of them into magnets and give them away to our close family members. Imagine how delighted my grandma will be to see this on her fridge everyday! As for Angel and Ariel, the first thing they did was to choose their favourites and put them in their school bags too. Awww.

Here's a sincere and big THANK YOU to Orange Studios for all the wonderful moments you have captured for our family! Good things are worth sharing, we sure hope more families will come to you so that they can experience the same joy that we did!


About Orange Studios

Orange Studios specialises in creating portrait wall art (e.g. canvas prints, glass frames) and albums. They strongly believe in tangible printed photographs which can be passed on to future generations as a family heirloom with pride. For more information, visit

Session fees for Maternity and Newborn studio portraiture
The session fee for a Maternity studio portraiture is at $150.
- Husband and children may join in, without additional charges.

The session fee for a Newborn studio portraiture is at $250.
- Parents, siblings and grandparents may join in, without additional charges.

The session fee includes a pre-photoshoot preparatory/consultation call and a customised studio portraiture session. Session fee does not include products or digital files. Products and/or digital files may be purchased via “Create Your Own Collection” or “A La Carte“. A brief guideline on pricing can be found at For more details, please call Orange Studios at 8606 6950.

Exclusive Special for Maternity and Newborn portrait packages for all A Happy Mum readers

(1) Maternity Special: $850 (U.P. 960)
(i) pre-photoshoot preparatory/consultation call
(ii) 1 hour Maternity studio portraiture session (husband and children may join in, without additional charges)
(iii) 6" x 6" premium album
(iv) all digital files (8R resolution)

(2) Newborn Special: $850 (U.P. $1,010)
(i) pre-photoshoot preparatory/consultation call
(ii) 2-3 hours Newborn studio portraiture session for newborn baby only (5-14 days old)
(iii) 6" x 6" premium album
(iv) all digital files (8R resolution)

- Additional $120 for parents and siblings to join in
Note that there is a limited number of Newborn sessions each month so that clients receive the best service and experience, so book early to ensure availability. 

Terms and Conditions
- Quote "A Happy Mum" to enjoy the Exclusive Special
- Valid for booking confirmation made by 30 Apr 2016
- Valid for usage until 31 Oct 2016
- Newborn sessions on weekdays only
- $200 deposit is required for booking confirmation

To making your booking, email or call 8606 6950.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and we were invited by Orange Studios to review their Maternity and Newborn photoshoot packages. All opinions are our own.

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