Cleaning is now a breeze {Review and Giveaway of ECOVACS DEEBOT SLIM}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 29.8.16

This is how I usually vacuum and clean my house.

Yes, I'm serious. With a koala who clings onto me as if I were his eucalyptus, I have to do many of my chores with him in my arms. It doesn't help that we have white floor tiles or that we have seven people living under the same roof. Plus, I'm the only one who takes on the job of the vacuuming, mopping and cleaning, so let me be honest and say that it does get tiring. While I might not find the time or energy to mop often (*cough* sometimes I only do it fortnightly), I do vacuum at least every alternate day because I just can't stand the amount of hair and dust that gathers on the floor where my kids step or play in.

Now, imagine how life would be if you had someone to do it for you? Okay, I'm not for the idea of getting a helper because I wanna do things myself and look after my kids on my own. BUT, how about if I had SOMETHING to do the cleaning for me?

Today, I'm going to share with you my lifesaver - ECOVACS DEEBOT SLIM, The Floor Cleaning Robot. Oh yes, it's definitely one of the most useful appliances I have in the house now and I wonder why it took me so long to discover its benefits. Thanks to ECOVACS who sent it over for review, this amazing product is just going to make my packing so much easier as we prepare to move end of this year. Oh wait, in fact, it is going to make my life as a stay-at-home mum easier.



DEEBOT SLIM is an entry level robot cleaner that is easy to operate and maintain, making it perfect for beginners like me who have never used one before. There is only one button on the machine, yes, ONE! Okay, it comes with a remote control as well but that itself is much easier to use as compared to my smartphone or the TV control, so I'll talk more about that later.

Now, this robot cleaner is equipped with smart motion technology and the first time we used it, the kids and I were all amazed by how it can detect objects in its path, how it adjusts to uneven surfaces and how it can find its way back to its dock to 'park'. Before I show you what I mean, here are some of the product features that you need to know.

1) Low Profile Design

At a mere 5.7cm tall, DEEBOT SLIM is the lowest profile robot cleaner in the DEEBOT series. It can easily fit under sofas and furniture, making it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas that I usually ignore because it can be such a hassle.

2)  3-in-1 Cleaning System with Tangle-Free Suction

Did you think that a robot cleaner only sucks dirt and vacuums? Well, guess what? DEEBOT SLIM is a multifunctional floor cleaning robot that can sweep, vacuum and mop! When I first received this product, my first thought was "Neh, it's not going to clean the corners of my house." What impressed me were these Dual Side Brushes which stick out like feelers and do an amazing job of sweeping dirt towards the suction inlet so it can be vacuumed up. How smart, right?

For me, the icing on the cake was DEEBOT SLIM comes with a microfiber cloth that can attached onto it using a cloth plate so you can even use it to wipe away stains and grease.

3) Stair Safety Technology

Since we don't have stairs in our house, this is of no issue to us but just so you know, thanks to its advanced Anti-Drop Sensors, DEEBOT SLIM cleans up to and around stairs without falling over. If the robot senses a drop-off, it reverses direction and selects a new cleaning path.

4)  Object Detection Technology

Now, it only makes sense that DEEBOT SLIM works better in a spacious home with minimal obstacles. I have to admit to you that my current house is considered very cluttered (that's why we are moving to a bigger house) and though I was very skeptical about whether a robot cleaner could work in such a home, DEEBOT SLIM amazed me by being able to detect objects in its path and navigate around them. When its smart Anti-Collision Sensor detects an obstacle, a signal will be sent to DEEBOT to slow down and select a new cleaning path, thereby enabling a smooth and continuous cleaning process.


Some dirt can be more stubborn and harder to clean than the rest. With DEEBOT's SMART MOTION Technology, it covers your floors multiple times and does its best to clean up those persistent dirt.

6) Easy to operate and maintain

You don't need tools, you don't need a vacuum bag cleaner bag, you don't need to put in much effort to maintain DEEBOT SLIM. The instructions are easy to understand and the robot is so straightforward to operate that you can say cleaning becomes as easy as pushing a button.

7) Automatic Charging

It can't get better than this! When the battery power gets low, DEEBOT SLIM automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge, all by itself. Yes, you don't need to lift a finger! We do let it return to its dock every time after it is done cleaning though because the kids love to press the 'Home' button on the remote control and see how DEEBOT tries to find its way and then 'park' itself at the dock.

8) Self-adjusting Driver Wheels

DEEBOT SLIM uses "floating" driving wheels which automatically adjust to uneven surfaces such as natural wood and textured floors, so the suction inlet stays close to the floor for optimal cleaning results.

9) Auto Daily Cleaning

Imagine being able to clean your home even when you are out? Yes, it's not a dream anymore. Now, I can schedule DEEBOT SLIM to automatically clean once per day at the time I set, so that it will come out and do its job even if nobody is at home.

10) Remote Control

So I mentioned there is a remote control, right? Here's how it looks. The remote control allows you to conveniently program, start, pause and manage the direction of your DEEBOT SLIM from a distance! The girls love 'playing' with DEEBOT and will use the control to help it navigate, get out of a maze or ask it to go home.



Now that you've a better understanding of how DEEBOT SLIM works, here's our truthful take on it after using it for the past month.

My first impression was how light it was. With the box and all the accessories, it couldn't have weighed more than 5kg and while I was somehow pleased that it was so portable and manageable, I was also doubtful about its functionality.

Once I started to take out the contents, I was surprised that DEEBOT SLIM was so ascetically pleasing and I love the trendy design along with the white and lime green colour combination. It was also a relief to see that the product comes with a 1-year warranty and a manual that is easy to comprehend. There is a total of four side brushes and two microfiber cloths which are washable and reusable.

Moving on to the cleaning process, there are three different modes: Auto, Edge and Spot.

In Auto mode, DEEBOT SLIM cleans in a straight line and changes direction when it meets an obstacle. This is usually the most commonly used mode when I use it to clean the house.

In Edge mode, it cleans along a border, for instance a wall, and is good for cleaning edges and corners. I usually use this mode when cleaning the rooms which are squarish in layout.

In Spot mode, DEEBOT SLIM focus on a specific area to clean and helps to get rid of concentrated dirt or dust. This is my favourite mode to use at the spot where the kids had their meal. I would usually add on the microfiber cloth too so as to give it a mop at the same time.

Talking about the cloth, it's very easy to attach using the removable cloth plate which has velcros to keep it in place. Due to its small size, it gets dirty easily after a while so I make sure I wash it every now and then (I also add disinfectant floor cleaner when using it to mop). I'm pretty sure you might have some questions to ask so here are some of the FAQs I came up with.

1) Does DEEBOT SLIM clean as well as a human? 
Honestly, no. I think I definitely clean better than DEEBOT SLIM and I can reach more corners, vacuum more thoroughly, mop more forcefully and get rid of more stubborn stains.

2) So why do you need DEEBOT then?
Well, come on, it saves me lots of time and effort! Even if I clean once a week or fortnight, I feel so much more assured knowing that DEEBOT is here to help me on other days. And what do I need to do? Press a button. Can you imagine how much time that frees up for me to spend with my kids?

3) Is it true that robot cleaners only work for big homes?
That is a misconception and I was inclined to believe that too previously. What I can assure you is that my current house is small, cramped and has countless obstacles. Still, DEEBOT SLIM is doing as best as it can and as far as I see, it's doing an awesome job for my cosy, messy house.

4) Does DEEBOT SLIM get lost or stuck? 
I have to say that it does get stuck sometimes but that is because I have things like wires, bathroom mats and toys lying around. We are all very impressed by its SMART MOTION technology and most of the time, it can find its own way around and free itself. When it doesn't, it just gives my kids an exciting chance to grab the control and guide it out of its predicament.

5) Does it clean the dust and dirt?
If you were to compare DEEBOT SLIM with my 1600 watts vacuum cleaner, I don't doubt that the latter sucks in the dirt better and faster. But, once again, you have to be reminded that the robot cleaner doesn't need me to put in effort which is a huge, huge benefit and relief for me. The hubby and I were also wondering if it was really cleaning up the dust and dirt in our home and I opened up the top cover after just TWO days. And.....

The dust bin was already more than half filled. Ah huh, either my house is really dirty or DEEBOT SLIM is really doing a good job. Oh yes, just so you know, it's really easy to clear the dust bin and put it back in. It comes with filters and even a handle so that you can easy lift out too.

See how DEEBOT SLIM managed to find its way back to its dock? That is something that still impresses me time after time and I would recommend that you make its job easier by placing the dock in a visible, spacious area or it might take longer than expected to locate its home.

So, this is how vacuuming and mopping looks like in my home on most days now. Yes, being able to read to my baby while the house gets clean, that is luxury in the view of a stay-at-home mum like me.



If you are thinking that DEEBOT SLIM will cost a hefty sum,then you are wrong. This robot cleaner, which is targeted and designed for beginners, has an affordable retail price of S$319! You can now purchase it at a promotional price of S$299 at or at their Facebook page. Wait, it gets even better! All readers of A Happy Mum can now enjoy a further discount of S$20 and get a DEEBOT SLIM for just S$279 (comes with FREE SHIPPING). All you have to do is enter the promo code "ahappymum" when you check out at their website or Facebook page.

Now, that's not all! I'm giving away one set of DEEBOT SLIM to a lucky reader and it will get delivered to your doorstep at no charge!

This giveaway ends on 12 Sept 2359hrs and is open to all readers residing in Singapore only. To participate,

1) Like ECOVACS SINGAPORE on Facebook.
2) Leave a comment in this post with your name, email address and why you would like to have a robot cleaner.

Indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have done so and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options. Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: We received a set of DEEBOT SLIM from ECOVACS for the purpose of this review. Product features images are provided by ECOVACS. All opinions are our own.

It huffed and puffed, and BLEW us away {Review of The Three Little Pigs by SRT's The Little Company}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 26.8.16

The Three Little Pigs has always been our of our favourite bedtime stories. We don't just read the book, we will even act out the story and it has never failed to attract squeals of delight from the girls. They love pretending to be the pigs who protect and look after one another, and unless the hubby is around, I always end up being the Big Bad Wolf. Which I really don't mind because it's kinda fun to be able to huff and puff and run around chasing after the little ones.

So, when we knew that Singapore Repertory Theatre's (SRT) The Little Company was bringing back The Three Little Pigs this year - after making its world-premiere in Singapore in 2012 and subsequently blowing its way around the world, including countries and cities like New York, Finland, Sydney, China and London - I knew that this was one show that we could not miss by hook or by crook.

You know, we've watched plenty of theatrical shows for kids because my girls just seem to enjoy them tremendously. I can't say the same for the hubby, or even for myself sometimes, because there were occasions when it seemed like the show was designed and dedicated for the enjoyment of the young audience only. 

However, TLC's shows are different. Really different. I don't know how they manage to do it but time after time, I've been so impressed with them and I walk out of the theatre, feeling like I'm just watched a smashing good show that kept me glued to my seat and brought smiles onto my face. It wasn't just the kids who were enjoying the performance, every adult who was present was entertained and we truly enjoyed The Three Little Pigs from start to end too. 

Okay, actually all of us enjoyed it except for the one little sleepy pig. Yes, the tiniest one in my brood. I have to be so thankful that infants are allowed to admit, otherwise we might have to skip such outings since the baby is with me 24/7. Yes yes, babies do need tickets too but at least they are allowed to enter, right?

I usually walk into the theatre, not knowing what to expect for the next 50mins. Will the songs be catchy? Will the plot be different and creative? Will the dance choreography be memorable? Will the stage set resemble what we see in storybooks? Will there be any new elements that will impress the audience? Will we be laughing in our seats? Will the kids learn about any morals or values? Will we be talking about this show a month later?

Honestly, I'm the kind of person who doesn't set high expectations. It's not that I fear disappointment, but I just like to be contented with things that come my way and anything that is extra good becomes a bonus. You know what I mean? I'm happy to say that The Three Little Pigs is definitely my favourite show so far this year. In this post, I'll share with you the main reasons why.

1) Engaging, witty plot 

Everyone knows the story of the three little pigs. If you think just because you know the story and will not be in for any surprise, then you are absolutely wrong. What I love about The Three Little Pigs is how it builds on the classic fairy tale and adapts along the way to become something so fresh, so unique and so full of.... meat. It makes me think "I know what's going to happen next! Oh wait, do I?" and even when I did guess the sequence correctly, the plot never failed to add in some twists and turns in between so that all of us became totally engrossed in it.

2) Talented, distinct characters

You can never guess the names of the three little pigs in this show. Well, they were called Cha Siu Bao. Yes, seriously. Angel was the one who read about it in the booklet and told us excitedly before the show started. These pigs don't just have cute names; they each have a distinct personality, for instance Cha is brawny, Siu likes gardening while Bao is a bookworm. Despite their differences at the start, they came together eventually to pit against the Big Bad Wolf and I love it when Mother Pig said "A family sticks together". I have to say that all the cast were so awesome that it's hard to pick a particular favourite. If I have to, I would say both the hubby and I were particularly impressed by the Big Bad Wolf who played the part of the howling, starving, sneering villain brilliantly.

3) A touch of local flavour

There's something special about watching TLC's shows - the local flavour that can't be replicated easily by overseas productions. I was particularly tickled by the appearance of a convenient tradesperson who happened to pass by and sold straw, sticks and bricks to the three little pigs. I mean, she appeared as a samsui woman and went off saying "Kopi Siu Dai". That was totally funny and never mind that the kids didn't understand it, all the adults were laughing (I know I did, and quite loudly in fact)! The Big Bad Wolf also had some hilarious moments such as when he said things like "So Malu" and "Double Whopper". Yes, to eat one pig - roasted pork. Two pigs - double whopper. Three pigs - all you can eat buffet. Who thinks of such clever lines like these?

4) Catchy songs and memorable lyrics

Now, while I can't say that the dance moves were impressive and I assumed that it was in the first place pretty hard to move about with those gigantic hips, I did love the repertoire of songs. These original songs were superb and a couple of them struck a deeper chord in me than the rest. I was particularly touched by how Bao encouraged his siblings to build a house with him so that they could all stay together. "A little house, a little home", yup, this line is going to stay with me for a long, long time.

5) Creative stage set and props

For a production of this scale and a ticket pricing that is friendly on the pocket, you don't usually get to see an impressive stage set or a wide range of props. That is another area in which TLC excels and totally deserves a pat on the back. In The Three Little Pigs, the scene changes and you can really watch the story unfold as the pigs leave home, build houses and eventually trap the wolf. I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you how he huffed and puffed down the houses (they did collapse!), so be sure to watch out for it and also be amazed by the dainty house of bricks - which has a door that can be opened, a window that can also be opened, a ladder for the wolf to climb up and even a chimney to drop into. I totally give it to the team who worked behind the scenes to create this from scratch. It looks fantastic, guys!

6) The moral of the story

We like to talk about what we've learnt after watching a show, rather than just laugh and forget all about it tomorrow. The Three Little Pigs has so many lessons for us to learn and reflect upon, from how hard work pays off, never look down on others and unity is strength. The biggest takeaway for us was how a family needs to stick together to overcome hurdles in life. You know what I love most about the story? It was the ending where the three little pigs not only got together and stayed inside ONE house, they also invited their dearest Mummy to stay with them. Yeah yeah, I know, that's not going to happen with my three little pigs two decades later and there comes a day where I need to let go. But, such happy endings always warm my heart and I'm always going to remind myself and my kids that no matter what happens in life, a family sticks together.

A big thank you to TLC for bringing back this awesome, spectacular show once again! I've no question on why it will make a comeback because I, for one, don't mind bringing my kids to watch it again in future if there's a chance. One thing I'm very sure of, this show totally made us howl with laughter and blew us away.

For more reviews and thoughts on The Three Little Pigs from fellow mummy bloggers, head over to A Million Little Echoes and Mum in the Making.


Show Details

Dates: From now to 17 Sept 2016
Monday to Friday 10am; Saturdays 11am and 2pm

Prices: From $25 excluding SISTIC fee.
Group discounts/ Family Packages available

Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT

Ticketing: SISTIC at 6348 5555 or

About SRT’s The Little Company 
The Little Company (TLC) is a professional theatre company that produces quality plays for children. Since 2001, over 400,000 children and adults have been delighted by our performances.  We aim to enthral children from ages 2-12, with theatre that is written, designed and performed specifically for them by professional adult actors. We strongly believe that theatre can help children develop socially, mentally and emotionally. TLC was founded in 2001 by Singapore Repertory Theatre, based on the belief that children deserve the same quality of theatre as adults.

Disclosure: We received a media invite to review The Three Little Pigs. Production pictures are provided by SRT. All opinions are our own.

Creativity 521 #98 - Family Fun in Punggol SAFRA Part II {Review and Giveaway of ARTARY}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 22.8.16

I like exposing my kids to art. Yes, I believe most of you know that by now if you follow my blog. I love how art doesn't have a right or wrong, how it allows the little ones to be imaginative and free, how it helps to unleash their creativity and let them see things from different perspectives.

So, we've previously shared the first part of our experience in Punggol SAFRA and did a review of Splash @ Kidz Amaze. In today's Creativity 521 post, I'll be sharing with you on our art session at ARTARY and give away passes to some lucky readers too. Read on to find out more!

ARTARY is a children's art studio that offers art programmes specially designed for children aged three to 14 years old. Students learn and experience through artworks, interaction projects, songs and games, imagination workouts and other activities. Classes are also conducted in small groups with a learning ratio of one teacher to four students.

So, our girls were all set to be Little Van Goghs for the day! Guess what they would be doing? Well, painting, of course! It's something they really enjoy and love doing so it was easy to tell that they were both excited and looking forward to this art session. When they knew that they would be doing their own version of "Sunflowers", they just couldn't wait to start!

Firstly, they were tasked to use oil pastels to draw out some shapes of flowers. These needn't be sunflowers per se and the kids were free to draw any type of flowers they liked.

This session, being part of a Family Fun day at Punggol SAFRA for bloggers, was special in that the hubby and I were allowed to sit in and help the kids out whenever possible. Considering that we only had less than 45 minutes or so to complete this activity before moving onto the next, it was a little of a rush for us and I would have loved to have more time to savour the experience with my kids.

While parents were asked to draw and outline a vase on the artwork, the kids got down to painting their flowers after the tedious job of cutting them out (which was mainly left to the grown-ups). The painting part was their favourite because they had the freedom to choose their own colours, mix them up or combine them in any way they wanted.

To finish it off, we applied glue and stuck the flowers onto the final artwork before painting black lines for the stems. See their proud creations above? I was really happy to see that they chose to paint multi-coloured flowers and that everything looked so strikingly vibrant in the end.

It was definitely an enjoyable session for the kids and I am sure they will love to come back for more unique and fun-filled experiences in future!

For more information on Artary Punggol, please visit


Here's a giveaway on A Happy Mum for those who are interested to let their kids attend classes at ARTARY! Note that this giveaway is targeted for those with kids aged between 5 and 12 and that the classes are NOT parent-accompanied.

Terms and Conditions

• Children aged 5-12 years old are eligible to attend the sessions.
• Students must attend the programmes independently. If for any reason they cannot attend the session independently after 15 minutes, it will be terminated and considered consumed. 
• Reservations for sessions to be made with ARTARY prior to attending. Email to arrange for appointments.
• Passes are to be used in SAFRA Punggol, ARTARY Punggol Junior Campus only and are valid for 6 months from date of issue.
• Student's suitability to attend the program is subject to the discretion of ARTARY. If for any reason the student is deemed unsuitable to attend, no refund will be provided.
• No make-up session will be provided if the student is absent after reservation has been made.

To take part in this giveaway, leave a comment with your name and email address. Indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have done so and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options. Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: We received a media invite to attend a session at ARTARY in Punggol SAFRA. All opinions and photographs are our own.

I just wanna make the world dance - Ariel is 3!

Posted by ~Summer~ on 16.8.16
in ,

Yay, it's finally here! I've been working on Ariel's video compilation for the last couple of months and with a sigh of relief, I'm happy to say that it's done! Woohoo! Six precious months of growing up compressed into a 16-min video, it's not that easy when you realise just how much has happened, how many places you've been and how fast your little baby has grown.

The girls were so excited to watch the video the moment I finished it and you know what, for that 16 minutes, two of them sat beside each other, and they laughed, they cheered, they sang and they said "Mummy! I remember! We were at this place doing this!" That brought so much warmth to my heart and although this video came pretty late, the fact is they do remember some of the things in the past and they do reminisce and relish the joy in those moments, just like I do.

So, I still believe that it's better to be late than never. And I'm definitely going to keep on doing all these clips for each of my three gems. Just give Mama some more time, okay?


Dear Ariel,

Happy 3 years old! Gosh, it's been three years already since you came into my life and I still remember the cute, round and chubby little girl that I gave birth to on 22 December 2012. Yes, you! The baby who would cheer up my day with her wide smiles, the baby who brought joy to everyone around her, the baby who was seemingly easy to look after, the baby who stuck to me like a koala, the baby who became an adorable little sister, the baby who is to become an elder sister as she turns three.

Yes, Mummy gave birth to didi just two days before your birthday, you know that? When you came to the hospital to visit us, I was very concerned about how you would feel. Angel jiejie has already been an elder sister for three years so I'm not that anxious, but you, my baby girl, you are going to be the middle child now, how are you going to feel?

So, as best as I could, I tried to ease you into our new environment and I continued to shower you with as much love and care as I could. It was your birthday two days after didi arrived and all of us went to your school to celebrate your special day with your teachers and friends, do you remember that? We brought goodie bags to distribute, you had a cute logcake and even your tiny little brother was there to spend this special moment with you. How awesome, right?

You have been a a great big sister and I was amazed by how you didn't complain about Mummy spending too much time with didi or that I was unable to have one-on-one time with you. In fact, you adore Asher so much and it's plain to see just how much you care for him since Day 1. You look so beautiful and sweet when you sang to him as he laid across your lap, you know that? Even when he was in my tummy, you spoke to, stroked and sang to him every night without fail. That really, really touched my heart and I'm sure didi heard you too, his loving er jie. Having more kids will only bring our family closer, not make us drift apart. Remember that, okay?

You've also been learning a lot of new things, I especially love how you can scoot pretty fast now and even make sharp turns, how you jump into the pool with no fear and swim towards me, how you try to read some of your picture books and can do it 10 times in a row, how you pick up nursery rhymes very quickly, how you like to shake and boogie to every song you hear, how you are a risk-taker and are not afraid to try out new things, how you never suppress your laughter but instead make everybody burst with joy too when they hear it.

I hope you had a splendid time at the Sophia the First party with jiejie, Mummy really wanted it to bring happiness to two of you before I went to deliver didi. I was glad to see that you were rejoicing and enjoyed yourself during the games. Now, it might be harder for me to plan birthday parties for each of you but I'll definitely try my best, okay? 

May you continue to be my happy sunshine and spread joy and love to everyone always. I love you, my dear Ariel baobei.


For comfort and convenience - Our top 8 PIGEON products {Review and Giveaway}

Posted by ~Summer~ on 10.8.16

I have to say that we don't just own a single brand of baby products in our house. In fact, like most parents, we usually try out quite a handful of baby product brands in the similar range and then stick to the one which works best for us. However, there are some brands that pop up around our house more than others and one of the most prominent ones is definitely PIGEON.

I've been a faithful supporter of many PIGEON products for years and if you ever stop me on the streets and look into my diaper bag, it is 100% guaranteed that I will have at least two Pigeon products in it. Yes, I'm very, very sure of that. So, despite the fact that I do reviews and advertorials on the blog, I make sure that I only share with you things that truly work for us and benefit my family in one way or another.

In today's post, I'll be sharing with you a list of our top 8 Pigeon products and what I love most about them. Thanks to PIGEON Singapore, I'll also be giving away hampers to three lucky readers, so read on to find more.


A Happy Mum's Top 8 Pigeon Products

First, I must admit that I don't usually pump my milk. I mean, come on, I'm a stay at home mum and I am with my kids 24/7, so it is much easier for me to latch my baby on instead of having to sterilise, pump, wash, store and heat up. That said, I do make it a point to have a breast pump readily available at home because there will be days when you feel engorged or when you just feel like taking a break and let someone else take over the job of being mother cow.

Having tried out both manual and electric breast pumps before, I much prefer the latter due to the ease and convenience of using it. I love that the PIGEON Electric Breast Pump Pro is easy to assemble and offers a 2-phase technology - Stimulation mode gently stimulates the breast to initiate milk flow while Expression mode maximises milk flow.

With 7 adjustable suction levels and 4 adjustable suction speeds to choose from, you can easily adjust and customise your pumping style. How thoughtful is that, right? One of my favourites is the LED monitor which is easy to view and even comes with a backlight too! It also makes it straightforward for you to check how much time has lapsed, the current suction level and suction speed.

The best part of being able to effectively pump out milk is that I get to let the other family members try feeding the baby too. See? The sisters were totally ecstatic that they could take over Mummy's job, for once! Well, whether or not the baby actually wants to drink the milk is another thing altogether. Okay fine, I admit, he much prefers my boobs. However, I do believe that perseverance pays and more practice will make things easier over time.

Now, don't ask me how many baby wipes I use in a month, or even a week, because I can never keep count. Yes, this is one of my all-time favourite PIGEON products and you can be sure to find at least one packet of baby wipes or wet tissues in my bag at all times. I can't even begin to describe just how useful these are in keeping my kids clean, wiping off stains, cleaning utensils, killing bacteria and even preventing mosquitoes.

What I use most will be the PIGEON Baby Wipes and the Hand and Mouth Wet Tissues. It wouldn't be too much to say that I can't imagine my life without these lifesavers ever since I became a mum. The Baby Wipes are fragrance free, alcohol free, consist of 99% pure water and the Hand and Mouth Wet Tissues are microbiologically tested and made of 100% food grade ingredients. I love how gentle these wipes are on my babies' skin and that is why I've been using them for years now!

The MagMag All in One set has everything you need to train your baby to transit from breastfeeding to drinking with a straw. It comes with three interchangeable tops - nipple cup, spout cup and straw cup - for ease of training and helps babies develop their oral skills.

What's my favourite part about it besides the fact that it is all in one? I love that it is leak-proof and spill-proof! Yes, the water doesn't even come out when my baby overturns the bottle, which happens very often at mealtimes.

Now, I feed my baby homecooked meals everyday and anything that helps to ease my workload and make cooking more convenient is always welcome. The PIGEON Home Baby Food Maker comes with a dish with grater, storage lid, grating plate, squeezer, mortar and pestle, strainer and feeding spoon - which essentially allows you to grate, strain, squeeze, grind and store all with just one set of tools. How convenient, right? It also comes with a feeding spoon so you can feed right after preparation.

With a baby who is starting to wean and loves to try new food, the Home Baby Food Maker has come in pretty handy for us and I love how easy it is to grate and mash his food up nowadays. The food maker is also very lightweight and easy to store as the layers stack up nicely and doesn't take up too much space.

This has been one of my most loved baby products ever since day 1 of becoming a mum - a feeding dish that is easy to hold and comes with a non-slip surface and mashing dots for you to grind your food anytime, anywhere.

I cook porridge for the baby everyday now and sometimes, there are bits of fish, meat or chopped vegetables that are too big for his liking. This grinding dish has become indispensable whenever we are out because it just makes it so easier to mash up any food bits and feed him with the spoon that clips onto the inside of lid. I'm so thankful that he isn't a fussy eater and usually gobbles down whatever I cook!

When it comes to cleaning, I use the PIGEON liquid cleanser for baby utensils, accessories and even fruits. I love how it has anti-bacteria properties, contains 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety and best of all, it is very effective in getting rid of stubborn milk stains. Yes, I love using this to wash the nursing bottle for the toddler who still drinks formula milk sometimes.

I hope it's not just my babies who are always looking for things to munch on, regardless of whether they are teething or not. Starting from three months old, Asher has been trying to find things to put in his mouth and simply likes to chew on everything he sees. Thus, for this reason, he owns more teethers than his sisters. The PIGEON training teethers are one of his favourites because they are easy to grip, soft to chew and offer different shapes and textures. In addition, there are also the cooling teethers which are made of a soft material, BPA free, filled with tested sterilized water which is safe for baby and can be chilled in the fridge to provide a different sensation. How cute it is that he gets to chew on an apple, carrot and strawberry, right?

I've made sure that I bring along at least two teethers with me when we go out because this baby just won't stop munching and chewing (despite the fact that he has no teeth and can't bite yet!)

Lastly, we are currently using the PIGEON Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash 2in1 which are enriched with natural SAKURA extract to give extra nourishment. These products are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and comes with a tear free formulation. So far, they have worked well for us and I find that they are gentle on skin and cleanses effectively.

In addition, I love the handy travel pack which is convenient and comes in useful whenever we go for swims, staycations or overseas holidays. It isn't always that you can find shampoo or shower foam which are suitable for kids in hotels, resorts or swimming pools so I make sure that we always have our own with us just in case.

These kids look forward and love taking their baths everyday and I'm really thankful for that. Thanks to PIGEON for giving our family so much comfort and convenience in our everyday life!

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