If one day you feel unhappy and you would somehow like to tell me about it, (try reading my blog first, maybe it'll cheer you up), or if you wanna ask me for any tips on blogging, motherhood or art and craft, or if you have a funny story about your kids to share, feel free to email me at

Just promise me the following.

1) No nudity pics or X-rated stuff. I don't plan on suffering from morning sickness before having my no.4 (if I do end up having).

2) Don't send me lists of job opportunities just because you think I'm too free. The truth is I'm a busy woman because I am permanently employed as a M-U-M and it's a 24/7 job!

3) Please do not spam. If you do, it means you are very free and you know what, go have a BABY! Or two! Or three!

But anytime you need a friend to talk to or to share, just email me. Sometimes when the kids drive you nuts, all you need is a listening ear. I promise to reply when I can.

Remember that life is truly beautiful, so are our kids, therefore let's stay happy!


  1. Hi, nice blog! So funny... I look in my purse and I have a month fun of receipts in there, lol!!! I've followed you and you can visit and follow me at

    1. Hihi! Thanks for the follow and great to make new friends! Yes, I have tonnes of useless receipts that make me look back and exclaim "What! When did I spend $$ on thisss?"

  2. Hi I am Cris

    I will just tell you briefly that I am married (but separated, got back with my wife about 10 days ago to try again but then separated again just today, Christmas Day:(() She is Indonesian and I am American. She left in desperation (sort of) as she says and ended up and is back with a guy named Michael (the second time). Had a sexual relationship with him as well while still married........missed her period and then we think she had a miscarriage about a month or so later (about 8 days ago). She is confused and admits so. Want us together more than anything.......I know she still loves and cares about me and the same can be said about me..........hate hate hate being without her but sometimes very hard to live with her also. She says it can't work between us anymore.........I pray a lot..........Love Your site........I will read the blog as you said to do and study your site........This is serious I know.....sorry for to many intimate details or if this post is inappropriate.........Cris

  3. Hi. I'm Elena. I'm a mum of a little boy of 5 years old. I love to craft, paint on glass, listening to music, make video like you and crochet. Travel, when it is possible. I really like your site and your DIY projects.


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