Spread L-o-v-e #8 - Build, spell and learn with LEGO Duplo

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 09, 2014
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Yes, we're back from a weekend getaway to LEGOLAND Malaysia and I can't wait to share more pictures and updates with you!

But before that, as you might know, I just turned 31 and with all the goodness that has happened in my life recently, it is only high time that I pay it forward. So, guess what? My Spread L-o-ve project is finally back!

Since we have been surrounded by the colourful bricks recently and considering that my Creativity 521 post on spelling with building bricks and the glow-in-the-dark idea was quite well received, I thought it might be nice to give away a set of LEGO Duplo with written alphabets so that more parents and kids can have fun playing, bonding, spelling and learning at the same time.

Ta-dah! Wait, this is a brand new LEGO Duplo set, yeah? I bought it from Thomson Plaza after searching around for a set that had more of the 2 x 2 bricks because these were the ones I would be using to stick the labels and write on.

Here is a breakdown of the pieces contained in the set.

I had to remove the plastic bags just so I could gather the square bricks and label them with the luminous and normal sticker labels. Subsequently, I wrote lower case letters onto each of the labels, including more of vowels and commonly used consonants. The rest of the Lego bricks will also be given to the winner and rest assured that I will wrap and pack all of the bricks neatly back into the box.

There will be a total of 27 bricks for you and your child to engage in spelling games! 15 of these have glow-in-the-dark labels while the remaining 12 have normal sticker labels. All four sides of every brick are labelled so that makes 27 x 4 = 108 letters.  I sure hope you will be able to spell the words that you wish to teach your child! Note: The glow-in-the-dark labels are a little yellowish in colour and slightly bigger, have fun with these during bedtime! Click here to see how they look like in the dark.

This learning set is targeted at kids between 2 and 6 years of age, so kindly do participate only if you have a child/niece/nephew in this age range. This is by no means a sponsored post and since the parcel is bulky, I am opening this giveaway to readers residing in Singapore only.

To join in the giveaway, simply leave a comment in this blog post and tell me something you like about A Happy Mum. Remember to click on the Rafflecopter widget to indicate that you have commented and you can follow the rest of the options to increase your chances of winning.

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Let's spread some L-o-v-e!

Disclaimer: The letters are written using a black permanent marker and the labels can be peeled away. Kindly supervise and exercise caution when the kids are playing. Remember to laugh and have fun!


  1. I happened to chance upon your blog lately and have been reading it, almost everyday without fail. So keep up the entries and thank you for sharing. My daughter just turned 2 by the way. :p

    1. Oops....my email address is kpigsy01@yahoo.com. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  2. My 3 year old loves playing with duplo blocks... and such a great idea to paste alphabet stickers on them so that they can learn spelling at the same time!

  3. Yay! Your blog makes me happy and is full of brilliant ideas (and more) for young kiddos like mine. We are going to Legoland this weekend too. Mei li.mei.chee@gmail.com

    1. Oh cool, we love LEGOLAND! Enjoy your stay and take lotsa pics! =) Thanks for the kind comment!

  4. This looks like the perfect gift for my 3 yr old daughter! I'd love to win this....but even if didn't, maybe i can copy ur idea. Thanks for the post. =)

    1. Hi Siew Tiang, thanks for hopping by. This idea has been done that before by other creative mums and I got the inspiration online too! =) Good luck and even if you don't win, have fun making these with your girl! =)

    2. I've uploaded the photo to instagram too...but too long didn't use instagram already...not sure if i did the right thing with the tagging....=p

  5. I get ideas on where to bring my kids, what activities I can do with them through "A Happy Mum". Being a mum to 3 active kids, I am constantly thinking of how to engage them on activities so that they do not get bored and do anything mischievous. This Lego phonics can help me teach my 3 years old girl phonics through play. :))

  6. Your blog gives alot of ideas and activities of what I can do with my kids, I am trying to cut down on tv time, your duplo blocks will come very handy for my 3yo who is very crazy about Abc these days :)

  7. My friend recommends me to your blog which is So informative

  8. I love to read about your heart felt letter to your girls...

  9. Summer! You know I love reading your posts, right? (and not because of this giveaway lah!) Sometimes it seems you can read my mind ;)


  10. thanks for all the lovely ideas that you share! It's really hard work keeping a blog going! I tried but seldom update due to the time needed! Kudos to you!



  11. wow this is a nice toy for my baby and it's good that u came up with the idea to write letters on it... brilliant!

  12. Happy belated birthday Summer :)
    I like your blog because you write in a friendly, authentic manner where your cheerful nature shines through..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. I enjoy reading your blog because of your insighful and heartfelf sharing about your observations and parenting philosophy.

    1. Forgot to leave my email addy: robert_sim@yahoo.com.


  14. Karis See
    Your blog is interesting and I can get latest updates :)

  15. Your blog has provided us so many great ideas on what to do! I enjoy reading the blog entries EVERYTIME a new blog entry comes on :)

  16. excelkent idea n effort! salute u for having the energy to do so much for yr kids!


  17. I am also a stay at home mum of 2 gals, 3 and 5 yrs old., I read your blog to get ideas on learning activities with my gals. I also like to read about your gals and how they are doing. They are very adorable :) I shared the same view as you most of the time.

  18. Love your sharing as a mother and your mothering and activity tips. Useful for a happy mum like me. :)

  19. Love this giveaway. I always like to make learning fun for my kids!


  20. Your blog gives me lots of inspiration for things to do and places to visit as a family.
    Xgg Chan

  21. I love all the creative things you do, and hopefully, I'll be able to do some of them with Noah too.
    Adeline / growingwiththetans@gmail.com

  22. I love to read about all the activities you do with your girls. Thanks for sharing!
    And I must say that I admire how you have given up your job to be a full time SAHM looking after 2 girls! Salute!


  23. I love reading about all the interesting activities you do with your girls. Something I can do with my boy as well. And love how genuine your writing is... :)

  24. I love reading A Happy Mum because the activities you do with your girls always inspire me and make me want to do more for my boys. I saved down the URL link in my Favourite and will log on to your blog every couple days. This has become my habit! Thanks A Happy Mum! I

    Name: Steffi Tan
    Email: steffi_sh@hotmail.com

  25. I like reading your blog cos you are a very sincere and genuine mom! I love the things you do together with your girls!


  26. I Love reading ur blog coz a HAPPY MUM makes a HAPPY FAMILY!!!
    Love all the simple yet creative things you do for your family all while creating wonderful memories together... I am inspired by you... And I will continue with my blogging to create wonderful memories with my family as well!!!
    Hope to win my 1st lego set for my 2 kids...

    Name: Jamie chaw
    Email: jamiechaw@gmail.com
    My blog: http://karmie080808.blogspot.sg/

  27. I love the Creativity 521 series, so creative and inspiring!

    Carol Lim

  28. Hi. I love your blog coz it always give me a sense of inspiration. I could relate as I have a coming to 5-years old boy. Sometimes, I get so down and when I read your posts, I feel that you are always so positive and that surps me on. Last but not least, I like your creativity coz I am not a creative person. Your creativity has inspire me to start a small Easter project with my boy. =) Thanks for sharing your blog.

  29. Thank you for the giveaway! I love your sharing on art and craft activities with children!


  30. I think this is an awesome giveaway! I love all your crafty adventures, and this idea of using lego blocks for learning is really inspiring. My boys who are lego lovers will be so happy if we win!

  31. A Happy Mum blog always give me enlightenment how to use our creativity to brighten up or attract kids interest in learning. Using the bricks to turn into learning fun on alphabets is a brilliant idea. I really have a hard time to teach my 4 years old boy in learning alphabets, he does not have any interest at all. After seeing this, I will try this out as he love bricks so much. Hope I'm the lucky one to have this. Thanks for your ideas.


  32. Creativity and fun with Lego Duplo, thnks for sharing dear!


  33. interesting activities that you do with the kids

    Cynthia Lau

  34. Simply Awesome...Love to read your blog, as i can relate much better with you being mom of two girls..Love the fun idea & way you spend your time with them in most fun & creative way...Love your blogs as it makes my motherhood journey more memorable..

    Ashmika Jain

  35. I like the activities you suggest. Always need more ideas to keep the kids occupied
    Teo Yee Long

  36. cool blog
    Vincent Lee

  37. My kids love Lego! It would be totally awesome to learn to spell thru playing Lego!
    Evelyn Hu

  38. I want to learn to be a happy mum just like you!
    Joeanne Shim

  39. Thanks for giving us so many tips!
    Alan Tan

  40. I like all the craft ideas. keep up the great work!
    Teo Han Choo

  41. happy mum = happy kids and happy dad! = happy family!
    John Teo

  42. Hi, I read your posts to have ideas on kids activities, it's really interesting. I like your latest one on your birthday. It's really a different kind of life from the working mums that you have portrayed so well. My admiration!


  43. I hope to win this for my boy on his 3rd birthday. It will be a great birthday gift for him.

  44. I like to read your posts touching on your experience of being a mum, and also ideas on creative/fun activities for kids. littledetour@hotmail.com

  45. I hope i would like to win these because i can teach my younger sister before she is gg to Primary one! :)
    Amirah Zain

  46. Love reading your posts on the creative and fun ideas to do it together with my kid, thanks :-)

    Kaye Wong (kayetky@gmail.com)

  47. Love your recommendation on meaningful activities for us parents to do with kids. A great blog to follow!

    Shirley Yong

  48. You're such a great inspiring mummy!

  49. I am so happy to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences and lovely ideas on creative/fun activities for children.I hope to win this for my granddaughter. It will definately be a great birthday gift for her.

    Bee Lan

  50. I'm happy I chance upon your blog. Following it and thank you for blogging and sharing it with us. Not easy being a mum I agree but we tried our best. I can feel the sweet sweet love in your family. Their smiles make it all worth while. Keep it going mummy!!! cheers ;)


  51. Thank you for sharing such interesting and creative activities for kids. Your children are so blessed to have a loving mum like you!

    Lay Bee

  52. I like reading your blog cause you reminds me on why I wanna be a SAHM. I'm a new mummy and i'm learning.


  53. hi,

    your blog really inspires and enriches me


  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. When I first started reading your blog, it is because of Creativity 521 - DIY Kaleidoscope. I find you creative. From there, I start reading your blog occasionally. You wrote with such passion which I love and hence, been following.

  56. The title of your blog got me reading it in the 1st place... A happy mum, which I aim to become one myself. I have 2 boys (5yo and 2yo) who are constantly getting on my nerve... Reading your blog give me ideas with home learning, craft works (who says craft work is only for girls), travel ideas and most importantly how to be happy by looking at things from other angles...And being happy, especially with your loved ones.. This is what I love!!


  57. your inspire me to be a happy mum by your blogname "A HAPPY MUM"!!!
    love your creativity, wonderful ideas, parenting tips etc that you have shared which is really really helpful.


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