Staying in Europe opened me up to the world and let me set foot in places that I never dreamed I would. There is just so much to see, so much to feel, so much to marvel in every city we visited. These are precious memories to me and here is my travel journal where I can always look back upon and be reminded of those happy family moments. Click on them to read more.


Paris, France
Vienna, Austria
Kiruna, Sweden
St Petersburg, Russia
Venice, Italy
London, England
Oslo, Norway
Riga, Latvia
Helsinki, Finland
Gdansk, Poland
Budapest, Hungary
Sälen, Sweden
Salzburg, Austria
Billund, Denmark
Rome, Italy and Vatican City
Marseille, France
Barcelona, Spain
Tunisia, Africa
Prague, Czech Republic
Brussels, Belgium
Fjords of Norway


Asia / Australia

Bali, Indonesia
Lillydale Farmstay, Australia


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