If you were a fruit, what would it be?

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 15, 2010

I asked my hubby a rather interesting question today. 

How will you describe me as a fruit and why? 

I've never thought of using a fruit to describe him either, so we both took a while to ponder before we decided on our answers. Guess what?


My first reaction was "What? Avocado looks ugly on the surface, which means I'm ugly! Boohoo!!

Well. Jw tried to deny that and said that avocados are not ugly to him and that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. More importantly, his point of using an avocado to describe me was that even if the fruit may look simple, plain and nothing special at first, if you get to know it, it is a fruit full of nutritious value and brings about much good to anyone who eats it. Well. At least, that was how I interpreted his answer.

As for me, I'm not sure why but my first response was to describe jw as a TANGERINE.

It is small (not that jw is tiny, but you can't say he's burly either, right?), it may not be all that smooth on the surface (check out his wrinkles and crow's feet!), but once you get a taste of it, you find that it is sweet, juicy and full of vitamin C. Also, it's something very important and indispensable to the family on happy occasions like Chinese New Year. Lastly, it's a fruit that you don't get tired of once you start eating it, instead, you can get addicted and can't seem to get enough of it.

Sounds good? I half made that up as I said my rationale. But well, it still kind of sounded like how I would describe my (most-of-the-time) superb hubby.

Hmmm. How about if I wanted to describe Angel?

I thought of mango, strawberry, peach and even fig.

In the end, I decided I would describe her as an APPLE. 

One of the most basic but yet well-liked fruit. It is sweet, juicy, delicious and it's what makes the meal complete, just like how she makes our lives complete. What's more, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. My baby makes me feel in the pink of health! What I mean is, with Angel, I will always feel happy, energetic, full of zest and passion in my life. Nothing seems to be able to bring me down and I'm pretty much a wonder woman in her eyes. Besides, I can eat an apple everyday but still love the fruit. It's like how I can face Angel 24 hours a day and yet fall in love with her more everyday. 

Well. So that was the fruity game, just for fun. Till the next post then. Avocado signing off!


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