I can say Mama - Angel's 8th and 9th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 27, 2010

Baby Angel is 9 months old!

She's a happy baby who is usually full of smiles. No, I'm not saying she doesn't cry. Just a game of peekaboo or tickling her thighs will make her give out all the cute chuckles. She is also a big eater who stuns all the grandparents and friends by gobbling down three big bowls of porridge every time at lunch and dinner.

Catch her trying to say her first word "Mama" in the video. I don't care, I assume that IS her first word.

P/S: After I did this video, I started watching all of her past videos from when she was born, her 1st month till now. Wow. I can hardly remember what I included in each video and they really brought back a lot of precious memories. Each didn't fail to make me laugh, make me touched or just make me appreciate what I have even more.

Nowadays, I let her watch the vids with me and she will just keep jumping up and down in ecstasy when she sees herself on the screen. And when the vid shows her laughing, she really starts to laugh at herself too! Way cute. =p That just makes me more motivated to keep doing these videos for her.

For a complete list of Angel's videos, visit my gallery here.


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