The 30-days album - Baby Angel is 1 month old!

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 22, 2009

Baby Angel is 1 month old today!! Wow, time really has wings sometimes. 

It still feels like only yesterday when I had all those contractions and was pushing with all my might in the hospital. Can't believe that I've been a mum for over 30 days already! Happy 1st Month, our darling Angel!!

Presenting her 30-day album as she grew up from Day 1 to Day 30, bringing us new surprises, new expressions and indescribable joy each day. We love you, En En!! May you continue to be a happy and healthy baby!!

I've also compiled these pictures into a simple video clip for her, including footage from her baby shower. Happy 1st month my darling and Merry Christmas 2009 to everyone!

For a complete list of Angel's videos, visit my gallery here.


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