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Posted by ~Summer~ on March 18, 2010
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I knew that I was a hopeless romantic since I was young. And still am.

Even as a kid, I would believe in "once upon a time" and "lived happily after", I would cry when a love story ends up with a bad ending (by the way I'd rather the male lead to die of an illness than to run away with another woman), I loved Disney soundtracks and read cheesy love novels, I kept telling myself that one day, my Prince Charming would come riding in his horse carriage and we would float away to the skies and live on beautiful rainbows and clouds.

Childish? Impractical? Silly? Nope. I just think I am really a truly hopeless romantic.

Ok. Now you understand why I themed my wedding "A Fairytale Love".

I tried to search for how people define a hopeless romantic, here is what I gathered.

Now I am fully convinced that I am a 100% hopeless romantic. All the points underlined in red above fit my personality traits to a tee.

But maybe, it's the fact that I am one that makes me feel so positive about life, and love. It's true that life does get me down sometimes, but my abundance of optimism and passion for life much outweighs my willingness to sit down and brood. And yes I do cry, but once the tears have dried up, life is again so beautiful and full of hope. There are just too many good things waiting for me out there. Just my baby is more than enough to wipe out any negativity. And then I have that wonderful loving hubby too. 

So, I think I will probably remain a hopeless romantic all my life. I might not be the most romantic person around and I'm defnitely not hopeless, but if one day you are looking for one of the most hopeless romantics on earth, just scream out and I'll be there to share with you my dreams and thoughts on love and life. 


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