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Posted by ~Summer~ on March 22, 2011

I’ve been quite an active blogger since 2006 on my first blog, It’s Summertime.

In 2011, I decided to move over to this new blog ahappymum for the below reasons. Firstly, I wanted to integrate my passions in life: blogging, art and craft, motherhood, babies, Chinese writing. I wanted to set up a platform where I would feel motivated to pursue and share all these interests of mine. Secondly, my old blog was getting a bit jaded and I wanted to give it a 360 degree makeover to spice things up a bit. Thirdly, I wanted to be more motivated in keeping up with my blog entries, especially in detailing the growing up of my kids and sharing my joy of motherhood. Fourthly, I was looking for a new challenge in life and I thought, well, why not do up a new blog? 

So, after not much consideration, I pretty much came up with the dumbest business proposition ever:  To set up my own mummy blog where I would also do DIY crafts and give them away for free. When I told my hubby, he was probably thinking “What? Never go out earn money, now you still want to do something that confirm will lose money???” It’s no wonder he has a business degree, and for me, well, I studied mass comm. My goal was not to make money but to do something that keeps me happy (and keep my kids happy to know that mummy is usually home). I probably can never be an entrepreneur given my simple-and-somewhat-silly mindset, but at least I can always be a blogger and a crafter.

So, a brand new start, a brand new hope.

This blog promises to be much more exciting and all encompassing than the previous. I have also decided to (re) chronicle some of the important and memorable events of my life (eg. my wedding, pregnancy, childbirth) in this blog. The first entry will be dated to November 2009 when I had my first labour because honestly, that was when my life truly began. When I became a m-u-m.

To conclude, even if my blog might not be the best of blogs, and it might not be the most organised, engaging or fun-to-read one, it is still something I put forth with my heart and soul. So, I welcome any reader to post a comment or drop a message in my mailbox anytime. 

Just don’t slam me on my lousy business mindset anymore, will you.


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