I can walk! - Angel's 14-17th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 24, 2011

Yeah, I finally churned out my latest video for Angel. It's a collection of some precious moments from her 14th-17th months, including her first steps. Yes, my baby can finally walk! Woohoo!

My favourite part was where she mimicked the animal noises. Hee. Especially how she couldn't differentiate between a tiger and a mouse. =) Glad I had it recorded when we were having dinner at Harry's. Yippie. 

So, till more updates. Meanwhile, enjoy the video!

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  1. Shuang! I super love this video..i guess coz it reminds me of what Eva is doing now (or gives me an idea of what to expect the following months).. =P can wait to hear her call Mama (she can only call Dada now) or learn more animal sounds (she only knows cow & snake)..haha.. u gave me an idea of sooo many animal sounds to teach her..keke...love your videos babe!! keep them coming!!



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