Look out, bloodhound!

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 29, 2011
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Today was a lazy Sunday, well, just like every other Sunday in Karlskrona.

We brought Angel out for a walk in the afternoon, chased some crows and sparrows along the way (it's one of Angel's favourite pastime) and went grocery shopping. On our way home, we went to Max Burger's drive-through to take away 20 of their finger-licking good nuggets (yes, they're better than McDonald's), a small pack of french fries and a chocolate milkshake.

It was nearly three o'clock and supposedly my baby should be taking a nap soon. Just when I was debating or not whether to let her sleep there and then or wait till she got home and ate some lunch first, the wait for our food was over and my hubby wind down the window to receive our yummy lunch.

Within three seconds, my baby stunned both of us by going "Ah-fries, ah-fries!"

No, I'm not amazed that she could talk and say those words. Basically she is a chatterbox nowadays and likes to name many two syllabus words as "Ah-something", like in Disneyland, Goofy became "Ah-fy", Pluto became "Ah-to" and recently she learnt to refer to pimple as "Ah-ple" (that's because I had this super incredibly, immensely, horrifyingly huge pimple on my chin which got her intrigued.)

What I was pleasantly surprised is that she actually could recognize the smell of french fries in an instant and name it correctly without even seeing it. This is considering the fact that we are not fast food lovers, well actually it's cos jw is not, so my 21-month-old Angel only gets a treat at McDonalds once, or at most twice, a month.

We truly didn't know that toddlers' noses were this powerful and that their sense of smell can contest a bloodhound (fyi it's a dog with an extraordinarily keen nose used by police all over the world to track escaped prisoners, missing people, and even lost pets). Now dear Angel, will you help mummy to track for my missing diamond earring, please?

Kudos to my girl. May you continue to bring surprises, I'm hoping more good ones than bad, to my life every now and then!


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