27 things that change when you have a baby

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 09, 2011
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As women, we are always changing. Ok, maybe men too but more stealthily. My hubby looks the same 10 years before and now.

From that demure gentle little girl to the hot sexy girlfriend to the dazzling radiant mum.

Life for us is different at every phase. I guess the most significant changes in my life will be before and after I became a mum. In fact, so many things had changed without me even realising it. So, I decided to pen down some of the most momentous transformations.

1. I now realise that taking a stroll in the park means taking time to watch the fluttering butterflies, admire the blooming flowers and chase after the scampering bunnies.

2. Once, I thought that the sky was my limit. Now, I can even reach the stars.

3. I don't get so annoyed when I hear babies shrieking and crying on the bus or in the cinema. In fact, I give an empathetic smile.

4. Going to the movies is no longer a favourite pastime. Actually, even watching a DVD movie from beginning to end, in peace, becomes a luxury.

5. A bath becomes 10 minutes and a shower becomes 2 minutes.

6. I now say hooray when I see poop. I'm referring to baby's poop. Especially after she's been constipated.

7. I never knew my heart could skip a beat so many times a day. When she falls from the chair, when she grabs my cup of hot tea, when she runs onto the roads while we are out, when she pokes her eye with a pencil, when she chokes on her biscuit, it's amazing how my heart reacts.

8. I can memorize almost every song in Barney and dance to every song on Hi Five.

9. There is someone whom I kiss 1,000 times a day. Maybe even more.

10. I have a small shadow who follows me everywhere I go in the house. Even when I go to the toilet, she would stand beside and smile at me, miraculously nonchalant to the stench.

11. When we go for parties, I care more about what she's gonna wear than myself.

12. I finally feel so proud of my less-than-big breasts. Bf-ing for 16 months is definitely a personal achievement!

13. I read Baby Center articles more than I read the news.

14. No matter how weary or pale I may look or even during my worst pimple outbreak, she will make me feel like a hot mama because she always says "Mummy, 美美! (pretty)".

15. I once thought I will be very grossed out by stretch marks and loose skin. Ok, I'm not saying I like them too. However, whenever I look at my lovely angel, I think I got the better end of the deal.

16. Previously, it took me 5 minutes to prepare to go out. Now, it takes a minimum of half an hour. I need to change myself, change the baby (who usually happens to poop at the last minute), pack her diaper bag, get ready her stroller and favourite toys, let her try to wear her socks and shoes (which takes already nearly 5 minutes) before I can finally get out of the house

17. I found the best alarm clock in the world. She never fails to be the first one to wake me, call me, kiss me and say good morning to me every single day. Which alarm clock does that??

18. I am always looking forward to weekends because Sat and Sun are family days. Another thing, I get to sleep in a bit later since daddy is around to play with the baby. Yippie!

19. I finally comprehend why some people crave to be mums. Or why some people avoid becoming one. Good thing I fall in the former.

20. Sometimes, I think I am Xena. I can carry a 10-kg toddler in one arm, sling a 6-kg stroller on my shoulder, carry a 5-kg diaper bag in my hand, go up the bus and still be able to tap my EZ link bus card. You should check out my biceps.

21. There's somebody who matters more than me. I would starve to make sure she's fed first, give up watching my favourite TV show to read a book to her, drink orange juice instead of Baileys so that we can share, give my last scoop of yummy ice cream to her, and start a blog because of her.

22. Whenever I go into shopping boutiques like H&M and Zara, the first thing I do is to look for the baby clothes section.

23. I became an expert at stacking blocks. I can probably build a tower taller than myself in less than a minute, but Angel usually comes and destroys it in a second.

24. I never knew I could feel so much joy and pride, like when she had her first tooth, when she took her first steps, when she said her first word (which I assumed to be "Mama").

25. Once, the most important things in my handbag were my phone, my keys and my purse. Now, I tend to remember to bring the diapers, wet wipes, milk powder/bottle more than anything.

26. I have discovered that mismatched socks, oversized sweaters and caps worn the wrong way can look so cute too.

27. Many things in life just don't seem as important as they once used to be. I now realise I can lose anything in the world - but not my baby.

That's all for now. I'll probably build up the list as I experience more of motherhood. Whatever it is, I'll always be glad that I am where I am - a happy mum. What's the one big change you had?


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