Don't ever call me a Tai Tai

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 10, 2011
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When my friends knew that I was leaving for Sweden, some of them were even more ecstatic than I was. The common remarks I got were:

1) Wow, so good life. No need to work.
2) Wahhh, can get to travel around Europe!
3) So good. I'm so jealous.
4) Oh my, you are going to be a Tai Tai!!!

Ok. I agree with the first three. Yes I'm jobless, yes I get to go on fabulous holidays, yes you can be jealous, but I'm DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY not a Tai Tai.

Tai tai (太太) refers to a privileged, wealthy married woman who does not work. The stereotypical view is a lady who has tonnes of money to splurge, goes for luxurious spas and mani-pedis, doesn't have to worry about household chores, doesn't need to be able to cook.

Well, I obviously don't fall into that category. I was a full-time housewife for one year, then a mum-cum-housewife for the next two years in Sweden. Yup. From a girl who could only cook instant noodles and fry omelettes, I can now conjure up a 4-course dinner and I'm an expert at diaper changing.

If you want to know the differences between a Tai Tai, Housewife and Mother, here are my two cents worth.

Get it? Ok, it may be way too extreme. I've also seen hideous looking Tai Tais and sexy hot mums on the streets. But well, you get the general idea. 

Sometimes, I'd like to think of myself as 50% mother, 30% housewife and 20% Tai Tai. But whenever my kid's screaming disrupts me in the middle of my bath or I think about how many cans of formula milk I can buy by saving on that Coach bag, reality slams me and I realise I am utterly 100% a mum.

I'm not complaining though. Tai Tai life sounds way too dreamy and luxurious for a simple person like me. I guess I'll stick to my diaper bag instead of LV bag. For now.

To all Tai Tais - Please do not mind my writing, just laugh it off and go back to your e-shopping ok?
To all Housewives - Kudos for cooking everyday and keeping the house spotless. Or almost spotless.
To all Mothers - Know that you are the hottest and prettiest woman in the eyes of your child. So let's strive on!


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