How I keep my house hair-less

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 22, 2011
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You won't believe how many, or how much, hair I can drop everyday. I always used to tell my mum, "Mummy, I'm sick. Just look at all the hair I lose everyday!"

She would then tell me that it was normal to drop 100 strands of hair a day. I honestly believed that I dropped way more than that. Then mummy would say, "Look, even if you drop a lot of hair, you still have SO MUCH on your head!" That was true though. Every time I visited the hair salon, I would get comments that my hair was very thick and that it needed to be layered. For a simple haircut, the poor hairdresser had to take out a handful of hair clips just to keep my chunky tresses up while she cut from the innermost layer.

When I was pregnant with Angel, the one thing that excited me was that my hair drop became substantially less. For the first time, my pillow area did not have much hair after a night in dreamland (which by the way, how can I even drop hair when sleeping?? Beats me). I also did not have to clear the bath tub drainage of all my moss-like hair after a bath. Yay!

The thing is, all good things are shortlived. After I gave birth, I realised that my hair loss problem probably became doubly severe. As if to make up for not dropping hair during pregnancy, my hair roots seemed to become so weak that every time I combed my hair,  I would be horrified at the lump of hair stuck on the bristles. Not to mention how I would choke the bathtub drain every day and be yelled at by the hubby who got trapped in a pool of water.

Ok. The truth is, I am not turning bald, at all. I still have so much hair that I can make at least ten wigs out of it. So, I probably should not complain much other than the fact that I have to bear the sight of hair all over my living room five minutes after I had vacuumed it. It's pretty amazing how I can use my fingers to sweep a 50cm square area in my house and I will end up with this heap of long, ghastly-looking hair.

The good news is: I found a pretty good hair-mopper. Or hair-picker. However you may term it. That's right. It's my 22-month old toddler!!

She has a pet name for hair and likes to call them "阿发" (ah-hair). It's the same as how she calls Pluto "Ah-to" and Goofy "Ah-fy". But Mickey remains as Mickey and Donald stays as Donald. Ok, she's being selective.

Anyway, she has recently developed an eye for the hair. She will spot them first thing in the morning, points and says "Mummy, 阿发!" like she has discovered a gem. When I ask her to throw it, she obediently picks it up, walks to the bin, throws it and comes back with a smug look on her face. Then she will start her hair-hunting-and-throwing session. How great it is for me. All I need to do is say "Yes dear, please throw" and the hair starts to pile up in the rubbish bin. I give her all the credit in the world for that and I would shower her with praises like "Angel's such a good girl" and then take the chance to plant many kisses on her cute little face. Kudos to my girl!

Well, I have to admit she does get tired after a while. Let's say I do drop 100 strands a day, she probably picks at most 10. But, that's great for a start. I'm planning to train her well and before she turns 3, she'll be the best and fastest hair spotter-cum-picker in the world.

For now, I'm contented with watching her do this antic over and over again. It never fails to start my day on a bright note. Thank you Angel, for trying to keep our house hair-less. Mummy promises you that there will be hair for you to pick every single day, ok.


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