I never knew how much I could love... Until you

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 08, 2011
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I came across this poster and the words melted my heart. So, I decided to come up with my own version for Angel.

Well, being a mum has its up and downs. No one said it would be easy but no one also told me how gratifying this journey could be. It's something you can only truly understand after you step into parenthood.

Anyway, I'm planning to make 20 copies (at least) of this poster and paste it all around my house so that when one of my shoes go missing, when the TV remote is nowhere to be found, when pee spills onto my floor, when I have to sacrifice watching CSI for Mickey Mouse, when I find bread crumbs inside my jewellery box, I will still remind myself that having a baby is the best blessing anyone can ever have.

Thank you, baby, for showing me how much I can love... and that true love knows no limits.


  1. I never had the chance to blow someone's hair almost every nite after bath.
    I never thought that meal time could be so troublesome.
    I never cleared poo and puke all over the house besides being drunk : )
    I never felt so happy before.
    I never experience fatherhood and husbandship without u two.
    I never want another family except u two.
    I have never felt so special...

    Until you(2)

  2. oh wow.. this almost made me tear the first thing I woke up.. thanks dear, for the very sweet comments! and no, the drunk part means I cleared the mess, not you!

    Keke.. glad we make you feel so happy and special.. all thanks to angel.. =)

  3. aiyoh!! Goosebumps already! =b So sweet! hehehe.


  4. @gingerbreadhouseonsesamestreet
    wahaha! pai sey lar! we must keep the spark alive, somehow! =p


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