The sweetest kiss in the world...

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 17, 2011
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Yes, you probably have guessed it.

The sweetest kiss, to me, is the mummy-baby kiss. Or better, the baby-mummy kiss.

Don't get me wrong. There was a time when the lovers kiss was the best thing on earth to me. I love kissing my hubby since 8 years ago and I still do. It's just that, now I have one more person in my life to kiss. One whom I can kiss anytime and anywhere I please, one whom makes me just wanna kiss her more and more.

Yeap, being a mum has certainly changed my perspective on the whole kiss thingy. Now that Angel is nearly 2, she is able to return my kisses and that is when I feel like the most loved person in the world. Of course, I exploit every opportunity I have everyday just to get more kisses from her.

Baby: Mummy, can I have some Ribena please?
Me: Sure dear, come give mama a kiss first.

Baby: Can we go gai gai please, mama?
Me: Let's go! But, can you kiss kiss first? *points to cheek*

Baby: Mummy, I wanna buy this toy.
Me: Hmmm, let me think about it. But, maybe a kiss will help.

As such, my girl has developed into a rather affectionate baby but that's the way I love it. She will hug and kiss me so many times a day. She will hug and kiss daddy too. In fact, she even goes around hugging all the aunties and uncles, her friends and all the little babies here in Karlskrona.

Anyway, just to let you know how our baby-mummy kiss goes. I usually make use of the chance to teach her the different parts of our faces. Actually, it's just my little excuse to get more kisses from her.

She will kiss my:
1) Forehead
2) Eyes
3) Nose
4) Ears
5) Cheeks
6) Lips

And the newest addition, 7) Eyebrows.

See, that works out to nearly 10 kisses all over my face. Woohoo! She did a sugary sweet gesture recently. When I asked her to kiss my cheek, she did so on my right one. Then she held my face so tightly and I was thinking she was going to smash her head into my face or use her brute strength to elongate my head shape. Then, she slowly turned my face to the other side, leaned over and gave a sweet little peck on my left cheek. Yes, she gets it, there's the right AND left side! My heart melted for a while.

Subsequently, she also realised that I have two eyes, two ears and two eyebrows. When she kisses my eyebrows, she would even lift up my fringe to search for them and make sure she kisses in the correct place. Honestly, I couldn't ask for anything sweeter.

Well, I'm not so overly crazy as to make her repeat this routine ten times a day. Ok, maybe nine. But we do go through it when she's in a good mood, we have time to spare and there's no weird people staring at us. I'm definitely going to cherish it because I highly doubt that she will wanna do this mushy stuff with mummy when she turns five and will start to push me away when I say "Come, Kiss Mummy!". I bet I will still try my luck. And I believe I have a pair of handcuffs lying somewhere.

So, let's say she kisses me 20 times a day on average. If you wanna ask me how many times I kiss her, well, this would probably give you an inkling.

Ok, why did you even bother to ask?

Well, I'm seriously going to enjoy every bit of this saccharine sweet feeling of the mummy-baby kiss for now. It's one of the best rewards of mummyhood in my opinion, to have someone you wanna live for, you wanna hold, you wanna protect and you wanna kiss for the rest of your life.

I'm just hoping that my affectionate little one won't go around kissing the cheeko pek uncles at the void decks next time.


  1. HAHA!! That last picture cracks me up!!
    - Cindy :)

  2. Hello

    I am Eddie, Fang Ting's uni friend and because of her likes I got to know your blog, and I have to say I have been loving it!

    It really says a lot about your love for your child, and being a father-to-be, you make me look forward to seeing my son!

    Enjoy your days in Sweden, I am based in Bangkok now, do drop a note when you visit.


  3. @Anonymous
    Yo thanks Cindy! Hehe. That's probably like 10% of the truth. HAHA. See ya tmr!

  4. @Eddie Yii
    Hello Eddie! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Yes, kids are such a gift! I'll be sure to check your blog (after Angel's big bash tomorrow =p)! Stay in touch and take care over there!

  5. Totally agree with you, Summer. Baby kisses are the best in the world. I love it when my little one holds my face out of the blue and kisses my eyelids, or plants a wet noisy one on me when I least expect it. During these moments, I just want to squeeze her tight and tell her to remain at this wonderful age forever!!!! Love the first pic btw. Ultimate sweetness :)

    1. Yes yes, totally love those moments! I can't get enough of those loud and wet ones too. Lol. And I always childishly ask for "One more, one more!" Gonna cherish this kissing phase as much as I can, for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Agree with you on EVERY POINT, including the spots for kisses.

    Boys are far more stingy when it comes to kisses, trust me! Once they comply, means that you!



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