Wish I may, Wish I might, Have the wishes she wishes tonight..

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 02, 2011
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It was Angel's lunar birthday yesterday. Yup, her birthday fell on Halloween this year.

Although I sometimes still like to think of Angel as a little baby, there is no doubt that she has grown quite a bit from last year. That made me realise that celebrating a birthday for a witty, sassy 2-year-old is radically different from celebrating a birthday for a vulnerable, docile 1-year-old.

1. Choosing a birthday cake was effortless for a 1-year-old. She probably wouldn't have protested had I bought a plain, simple pound cake or bake for her one of my hideous looking pandan chiffon cakes. This time round, she wanted to choose her own cake (based on how pretty it looked, not how good it tasted) and even the cake embellishments.

2. Last year, she would smile even if we sang "Majulah Singapura" to her during cake-cutting. Now, whenever we attempt to hum any other song at the slightest, she would whine, protest and insist that we sing "Happy Birthday" and "祝你生日快乐", to which she would clap and croon along with us.

3. Blowing a candle was not that much fun for a 12-month-old. For a 24-month-old, it's a different story. She was so fascinated by how she could snuff out the flame on her own that she kept using her sweetest voice to say "多一次" (one more time) again and again. And again and again.

Well, I just wanted my girl to have all her wishes come true tonight.
So, we probably lit and re-lit the candle at least 20 times and sang the birthday song like a broken record, attracting much weird stares from the people in Michelangelo. Oh, we decided to pop to a nearby restaurant to celebrate her birthday over a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Somehow, the ambience is much better here for the cake-cutting ceremony and well, at least we did have a mini party on Halloween though we were not dressed up as the witch and wizard for the first time in three years.

We taught Angel how to make a wish this year. I mean, how to at least pose like she's making a wish.

See, she really tried hard. Every time after we sang the song, jw and I would do the 'make a wish' pose and Angel would follow. Well, her 'make a wish' usually resembled more like 'make a monkey face' instead. Also, I caught her peeking at times but that's just what makes it so cute and fun. Hmmm, if I weren't peeking, how would I know she was?

My favourite picture of the night was:

That was the first time Angel tried to make a wish.

It's like she's just seen a horror movie. Ok, it's exactly how I look when I'm watching a horror movie. Except that she looks a thousand times more adorable when she does it. It made me roll with laughter when she did that, just like how she always does the craziest and most unexpected things that make me guffaw, and I was glad I caught that moment on my camera.

Finally, she got it! Or at least, it looked like she got it right. She looked so endearing when she did this pose that no matter what she was wishing for, I prayed that all of them would come true for my darling. As long as it doesn't burn a hole in daddy's pocket.

So, to my beloved baby, here's wishing you a Happy 2nd Lunar Birthday! We have a Disney party coming up for you soon! May you stay healthy, safe, happy and be my lovely Angel always!


  1. She's such a sweet little darling... Happy lunar birthday to you Angel :)
    Aunty Cindy will sing you your birthday song like super loud at your party ok!

  2. @Cindy
    Hehe thanks cindy yiyi! I'm going to record your singing! Can ask Elliot didi to sing for me too? =p See ya very soon!

  3. I totally enjoyed the evening coupled with the wine. Her actions of making wishes and blowing candles were really cute. hopefully she wun ask to blow her candles too many times during her bday. haha.

  4. @JJ
    me too, for the first time I actually enjoyed singing the birthday song 20 times.. I've a hunch she's gonna do it again at the next party..


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