Just you and me, again

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 18, 2012

Sometimes, it really amazes me how time has wings.

It seemed like yesterday when we were eagerly planning for our families to visit us in Sweden, imagining how it would be like to celebrate Christmas altogether, and anticipating a wonderful New Year holiday in Amsterdam, Brussels and London.

Well, the good thing is all of them came true.

But guess what? It's coming to an end tomorrow, cos' my mum and dad are bidding farewell and returning back to the sunny island. After having only seen an inkling of snowfall in Karlskrona.

I can think of many reasons why I can't bear to see them leave.

1) I don't get the luxury of waking up at 10:30am anymore.

2) I have to, once again, whip up lunch and dinner every day. And clean the dreaded dishes.

3) There's no other pair of hands to help bring Angel to the potty and pull down her pants when she says she wanna pee-pee.

4) I probably won't get to attend another 3-hour scrapbooking lesson. Unless I wanna risk Angel gulping glue and choking on buttons.

5) I don't get to see steamed buns on the table for breakfast.

6) There won't be any playmate left for Angel, except me. So I won't get to blog, get to craft, get to surf net or simply get to rest whenever I feel like it.

7) Even though my parents bicker all the time, I'm gonna miss hearing that because the truth is, silence scares me more.

I know that Angel is a little dismayed too to see everyone going back one by one. She's so sweet to say stuff like "Don't go back Singapore", "Don't go, play with me" and "Don't fly aeroplane" to my mum and dad in her best efforts to make them stay back.

So sorry my dear, you are stuck with mama and papa in Sweden for a little longer, ok?

That said, I'm actually also looking forward to it too. Just me, jw and Angel in the house. Yes, I've said before being a mum overseas ain't easy but frankly speaking, I'm loving every moment of the ride. With my little girl, and because of my little girl.

I love how she runs after me everywhere I go in the house.

I love how she looks for me the first thing she wakes up.

I love how she hugs me to sleep on cold winter nights.

I love how we would walk hand in hand on the streets.

I love how she would tug my leg when I am cooking.

I love how we would sing songs together at the top of our lungs.

I love how she snuggles up beside me during bedtime stories.

I love how she giggles when I tickle.

I love everything about her and the way she loves me.

So, even though it's gonna be back to a quieter house with just us, but you know what, I'm really gonna cherish every day of it because being a SAHM, and a very happy one, is truly a blessing.


  1. Hehe, there's still a yi yi to come play with you ok? See you soon!


  2. @gingerbreadhouseonsesamestreet
    Yeah I'm sure she misses ft yiyi too! See ya at the CNY gathering tonight! =)


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