A beautiful white Sunday at Wämöparken

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 17, 2012
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Remember I introduced you to our friends - the pigs, chickens, rabbits and goats, at one of our favourite weekend hangouts Wämöparken?

Well, we went there again last Sunday. The good thing about staying in a seasonal country is that you get to engage in different activities in the same place at different times of the year. So, we did pop by to say "Hello" to our friends, who were basically the only unclothed creatures amidst the snow and cold. But what we wanted to really do that day was to have some snow sledging fun - something that I can never get too much of, seriously.

I so much wanted to bring my mum and dad here on Christmas, but since the snow decided to come late this year, I guess Angel and I just have to double our share of fun. For them.

Check out this simple video that I made of that perfect day filled with absolute fun.

Need I say more? I love Sundays! =)


  1. sweet memories.. who is the Elliott? they both look so cute bundled up!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Hehe friend's son. Bumped into them at the park, it was his first time snow sledging at 9 months. =) Yeah love to see them bundled up but it takes ages to do that every time we wanna go out.

  2. wow~ love your video! The song makes me so hyped up and wanna sing KTV now :) Nx time teach me how to edit video can?


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