Of birds and bras

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 24, 2012
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I'm not even sure how to begin typing this post, but well, here goes.

I never did think about the day when I have to teach my girl the innate physical differences between boys and girls.

The meatstick and the fur pie. The train and the tunnel of love. The pee-pee. The gi-gi. The twin mountains.

For all I can remember, I still occasionally bathed with my mum as a pre-adolescent and when it came to sex talk,  it was the school teachers and textbooks that took up the responsibility, not mum. So, no one actually taught me how to teach kids about this issue but I assume it is a mother's instinct and somehow, we will just get it when the time comes.

Well, I just didn't know that it would come so early.


Angel and I would bathe together when jw is out sailing. The only way I can bathe without her shrieking, wailing or tugging at my shower curtains is - with her. I kind of enjoy it anyway, it's a mother-daughter naked bonding session each time.

Now that she is an inquisitive 2-year-old,

Me: Ok darling, let's get ready to pom pom!

Angel: Mummy mummy, what's that? *points to my blackforest*

Me: Erm, that's a xu-xu (typical slang for gi-gi in my culture). Only girls have it. Boys don't, you know.

Angel: Mummy have, Angel have!

Me: Yes dear, because we are both girls. Does Daddy have?

Angel: No, Daddy got cuckoo-bird!

Fine, so there has been some daddy-daughter sex ed talk going on behind my back.


With all the hype about the cuckoo-bird, Angel has been more than curious and sometimes she even follows jw to the toilet.

Angel: What's this what's this?

Hubby: Daddy wants to pee.

Angel: I know, cuckoo-bird!

Hubby: Yes dear, Daddy wants to pee.

Angel: Cuckoo-bird, cuckoo-bird!

Hubby: Correct, but can you don't see? Daddy really wants to pee.

Angel: No no, I can see. But I don't touch.

I heard the whole conversation, it made me giggled and at the same time wondered - What was I thinking about when I was two? Probably not birds.


One night, we had another mother-daughter bath session. With rubber duck, whale, dolphin, turtle, octopus and starfish in a sea of bubbles. It was fun and when we were done, it was time to get dressed.

Angel: Mummy, what are you wearing?

Me: *decides to give the most obvious and plain answer* It's a bra, dear. B-R-A. Say bra. Girls will wear it because we have neh-neh-pok (slang for boobs), boys don't wear.

Angel: *Points to her nipples* Angel also has neh-neh-pok! One, two!

Me: That's right, dear. But you don't have to wear a bra now because you are still small, ok?

Angel: Ok. But when I grow up, I want to wear one.


The thought of my girl wearing a bra (besides being extraordinarily bizarre) takes me out of the delusion that she'll always be my baby girl, my little one who kisses me every morning, who takes my hand when we stroll along the streets, who hugs me to bed every single night. One day, my little girl is gonna be a big lady. To confess, it makes my heart sink a little.

Kids - they grow up all too fast.

So I'm definitely cherishing each moment with my bra-less little Angel.

Honestly, how and when do you guys start to teach your children all these things?


  1. Cute post.. I think sometimes writing is not just about conveying a message, but just remembering the moments too. So doesn't matter if it makes no sense to others, just you is fine too :)

    With that said, I have similar experiences with my girl too. My hubby bathes with her and it is their fun father-daughter bonding time :) She is inquisitive too and we tell her the names of the parts she asks for, and differences between boy and girl. As well as tell her other people are not supposed to touch her there.. haha.

    I think it's important for her to have knowledge of that, especially since she is in preschool already, and with strangers sometimes.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Hehe yeah yeah, it's those moments that if you don't pen it down, you're sure gonna forget it sooner or later. Which is why we so love blogging. =) Hehe yeah I guess I gotta prep my girl soon too though she doesn't go to school here. Soon, we'll be back in sg! See ya!

  2. My son in 24 days old today and it's a bit early to think about this, but after reading your post, I am imagining the questions he will ask me and how we should answer him.

    It's really quite a challenge to handle this issue the right way, gotta start thinking about it!

    And also, it's really quite incredible to see Angel conversing almost like an adult already!

    1. Haha Eddie, you are funny! He's 24 days old! You have plenty of time to think about it but I'm sure you'll be a great Daddy to teach him when the time comes. For now, just enjoy your cute bundle of joy, enjoy all the goo-goo-ga-ga he's gonna say in a few months time before you start answering his amazing string of questions. =p And yes, Angel says the most unexpected and cute stuff nowadays. =) Like a little adult already!

  3. haha... made me laugh out loud. i'm glad my girl doesn't point and ask body parts. maybe cos each time she does i'll change the topic. TOO SHY! but she does know nipples and bra. and for me, she'd run to grab my bra, shirt and pants each time she wants to go "gai gai" cos she knows if mommy changes out into nice outfits, it's time to bring her out for fun. :) sometimes, she'll hold my bra up to her chest and say "I WEAR BRA!"

    1. Haha I can totally imagine Yahn doing that. =) Angel grabs my shoes for me when we go gai gai, not the bra. Lol. Did you manage to take a picture of Yahn? Tsk tsk. =p Anyway yeap, I guess sooner or later they'll have to learn. Somehow. =) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hilarious post! Loved all the slang and metaphors. I have no idea what I'm going to say when the time comes. I have a little boy and he sees us naked too (he plays in the bathroom while I or hubby and I both shower).

  5. p.s. my blog is babygiveaways.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Francesca, I'm sure you will be a great mum to teach him when the time comes, don't worry! Be in touch again and will pop by to visit!

  6. The birds and the bees. I bathe with Sophie so we have started these conversations already. Just today, she asked why I wear a diaper like her. But when she saw the blood, she freaked out and told me I don't want blood on my diaper! That may just be a case of too much information for her. Opps

    1. Haha Susan!! I also had the same situation. Angel came up to me in the toilet and asked "Mummy, why you bleeding???" I didn't know how to reply and said "Well, girls have it once a month. When you grow up, you'll know." Lol. =p Yeah, probably a little too much for them to digest like you said. =)


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