Learning ABCs can be fun! - Make your kid the star in these DIY learning charts

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 01, 2012

On some days, especially rainy ones, I look around the house and the white walls seem to stare back at me rather forlornly.

That will be when I decide to spring into action and give them a splash of colours and liven up the dull atmosphere. Yes, I was never the minimalist and somehow, I just love to adorn my walls with picture frames, decorations and all kinds of handicrafts.

When Angel turned one, I did a 30-day photo collage of her which showcased pictures of her from Day 1 to 30. Then, I was inspired to do more collages of her so that I can stick her pictures all around the house and see her adorable, little face wherever I turned.

That made me decide to make customised learning charts and let Angel be the star in these posters. Introducing the Angel's Alphabets chart and Angel's Colours chart.

What you need:
1) Pictures
2) Colour printer
3) Photo paper
4) Vanguard sheet/scissors/glue

For the Alphabets chart, first of all, pick out 26 pictures of your child and match a letter of the alphabet to it. You can be as creative as you want but we do want to make sure that the child understands the link between the letter and picture.

Use Photoshop or other editing software to insert the text onto the picture. For mine, I used cute 'Angel alphabets' as the first letter of every word. You can easily find cute letterings on the web if you take the time to search.

Once you are happy with the pictures, print them out in the desired sizes, depending on how big you want your chart, onto the photo paper.

Cut, arrange and glue the pictures neatly onto the vanguard sheet. You can also print out your own title or add stickers/other embellishments onto the chart for the final look. 

Ta-dah! You have made your child a star in his/her very own ABC learning chart!

For the Colours Chart, it is made in a similar fashion and you can decide on how many colours you want to include. The colour indicated may be the dominant colour of the clothing of your child or simply a toy, a pillow or even a hair accessory.

I decided to include the chinese characters of the colours too since Mandarin is our predominant spoken language at home. This will also help me to teach Angel to remember the colours in both languages.

Guess what? Angel has learnt all her alphabets and colours! Ok, she still gets confused occasionally but for most of the time, she amazes us by her memory.

I'm not totally sure if these charts had helped in the process, but one thing I'm sure of, they made my empty walls so much more attractive and happy to look at.

And yes, my little girl is a star and she will always be so, in my heart. 

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  1. Awwwwww another really cute idea! x

  2. Aww I love this idea! :) You are such an adoring mum!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Great to know you like it, Ai! Hee aren't all mums in the world adoring? =) Those little ones are too cute to resist!

  3. I love this idea! Such a good one!
    Plus it's always nice to spend time looking at pics :)

    1. Thanks Jess! Yes pictures are great for memory keepsake! =)

  4. Wow wow wow! What a great idea. So simple, yet such an effective way of doing it. Love this and will have to have a go myself:-)

    1. Great! Let me know how it goes and yes, simple things can go a long way! =)

  5. So sweet! And her face has not changed!

    1. Thanks Adora! =) She's grown up quite a lot, hasn't she though.. I can't carry her for more than 5 mins nowadays!

  6. wow.. amazed at this great piece of work.... it must have been a challenge finding the related photos and colours!!!! Powerful mum indeed!!! Thanks for sharing all these ideas... really love them all!


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