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Posted by ~Summer~ on April 13, 2012
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It's a good thing that Angel is now a chatty toddler and I have someone to converse with at home. I mean, other than the fishes, the stuffed toys and the Lego figurines.

I'm not really sure if it's true that girls learn to speak quicker than boys, but seeing how she can manage a phone conversation with grandma, talk to her story books and give me the most out-of-the-blue answers to my questions, I figured out she's doing good.

These are the things we do on a daily basis:

1) Reading - Can't emphasize more on its importance. It doesn't matter that you only have those few good books, kids don't get tired of hearing the same old stories and besides, you can always make up your own using the same pictures. Remember to interact with your kid, ask questions and most importantly, talk in an animated way and sound like you are really interested in telling the story.

2) Singing - We don't sing karaoke everyday but we do sing as and when we like it. When we cook, when we bathe, when we play with toys, when we watch TV. Angel has started making up her own tunes and when she hums a weird and catch-no-balls melody, she then says "Mummy, repeat after me!" I usually entertain her with my own glass-shattering opera version and she gets a kick out of it.

3) Talking - I love chatting with my girl, can't wait to share secrets and have our girls' talk in bed with the lights off. For now, I love asking her silly questions and hearing her funny replies. We also have a nightly routine before we go to bed which we call "Think and Say" and we will talk about the day's happenings. She never fails to surprise me by how much her tiny brain can contain and recall small details that had slipped my mind. I also take the chance to praise her for the good things she did or remind her about what she should not have done. Like pooping in her pants.

Hello, I'm Angel and I took pictures of myself! Am I beautiful?

If I haven't say it enough, I'll say it again.

Kids - They are simply amazing.


Power of negotiation

Angel: Mummy, can I have a sweet?

Me: I would love to give you but you already ate your share today. How about one for you tomorrow?

Angel: Just one? Pleeeeaassee? *gives puss-in-boots wide-eyed innocent look*

Me: No dear, one is too much. Besides, you are having a cough.

Angel: Ok, mummy.

Me: That's my girl.

Angel: What about half?


Logical analysis

Sees car on TV.

Angel: Look, car! Daddy drive car!

Me: Yes dear, Daddy always drives our car. Mummy also can drive too, you know?

Angel: No, Mummy can't drive.

Me: Why is that?

Angel: Because Mummy always sits in the back with me.

Me: *hesitate* That's quite true. So Angel cannot drive a car too, right?

Angel: No no no. Angel can drive!

Me: How?

Angel: *points to her ride on toy car* See? Angel got CAR!


Seeing the light

When Daddy was out sailing,

Me: Daddy's not home, do you know where he is?

Angel: Daddy go out to sea. Sailing.

Me: That's right. Daddy goes sailing because he works.

Angel: *repeats after me* Daddy works.

Me: Can Mummy go work too?

Angel: No, Mummy don't work.

Me: Why, darling? Then where should Mummy go? *expecting the usual Mummy-stay-home-and-play-with-me followed by a hug and a kiss*

Angel: Mummy go to supermarket.


Well, the last one just reminded me of my SAHM-cum-housewife destiny and totally made me roll with laughter, at the same time it warmed my heart so deep and so real.

I guess I'm just glad that my one of my life routines involves going to the supermarket, pushing the trolley, picking out fruits and vegetables while feeling my girl's little hand inside mine.

Kids, never underestimate them.


  1. Angel is such a darling! You shd blog down all the "Think & Say" talks hehe :)

  2. Hehe Angel is so witty! Oh man, I miss playing with her and hear her ask: "What is this?"

    Fang Ting

    1. Haha yes, she still does it umpteen times a day! =)

  3. Yes they say the most precious things, that's why I'm recording them down in my blog to share them with her when she gets older.

    1. Me too! Great way to remember these fond memories!

  4. I agree, it's definitely important to read to them everyday. Also I do believe girls talk more than boys although I do know of some talkative boys too. Definitely really funny when they can hold a conversation with you :)

    1. Yes, I love having someone to chat with especially when she gives me all the unexpected replies. And reading, it never gets too much =)

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