A colourful rabbit

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 18, 2012

As an avid crafter, or so I'd like to think, I always end up leaving my craft supplies all over the house. So long as they are not sharp objects like needles or toxic matter like super glue.

Recently, Angel found a new toy and that is my box of colourful foam stickers which comes in various shapes and sizes.

Turns out that the very simple things can make her occupied and conjure her creativity. She could spend over half an hour (which is considered an achievement) just picking out the same shaped stickers and we had fun playing colour recognition games too.

Then I turned away and walked to the kitchen for a moment and when I came back, she surprised me by showing me her creation above.

When I asked her what it was, she told me: Mummy, it's a rabbit!

Sure it is, my darling. The prettiest and most colourful rabbit in our house.

One day soon enough, you'll surpass mummy and be even a more creative crafter. Hugs and love.


  1. Aww that's sweet. I can make out its eyes and bushy tail :) Did you make that necklace for her too?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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    1. Haha bushy tail! And i was thinking that yellow pointed piece was the long ear! =p Yeah she did the necklace mostly by herself, I helped to string a little and tie the knot at the end. =)

  2. Oh that's those foam shapes are really useful to have, and looks like your little one is coming up with her own crafting and play ideas for it. Plus u can use it when your little one is older for sorting by colors, shape, patterning, even counting. Is it easy to find craft materials where u are?

    1. Hi Rachel, yes I love these foam shapes and sometimes those crafts that look real simple at first glance turn out to be really fun, useful and can be played in so many different ways! Yes I am able to get craft materials here in Karlskrona in Sweden despite it is a laid back, peaceful little town, but I guess it's triple or more the pricing of the similar back in sg. Still, craft rox and we love it in our house! =)


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