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Posted by ~Summer~ on May 15, 2012
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I fell in love with craft since I was kid.

Come every birthday, Father's Day or Mother's Day, I would always take the time to sew a cross stitch, make a bookmark or do a simple card for my mum and dad.

When I was a teacher, I received some handmade cards from my students on Teacher's Day and you bet they warmed my heart so much that I just wanted to plant a wet kiss on each of them.

Still, nothing beats that feeling of receiving a card from your own child. It absolutely melts your heart and makes every tough part of the motherhood journey so worth it.

Although Angel loves craft too, she is only 2 years old and thus needs a little help when it comes to using the tools. This time round, I decided to be the onlooker for once (it's Mother's Day after all) and let the hubby do the honours. Eventually, he became the assistant while Angel was the art director.

What we used:
1) Card
2) Magic pens
3) Stamp markers
4) Alphabet foam stickers
5) Heart-shaped stickers

The good thing about making cards is that you can absolutely utilise your creativity and any material you find in the house can be used to decorate it too. There is no hard and fast rule so long as you put your heart into making it.

The duo decided to put the word "Mama" on the front of the card. When I asked why not "Happy Mother's Day", the hubby said "Because it's much shorter". Then I realised he had already broken some of the alphabets in trying to take them out because his fingers were just too clumsy big. Well, guess not everybody is suited to do crafts. Nonetheless, I was touched that he actually took the time and effort to spend time with Angel in making the card. I feel so loved!

Seeing my little one designing, writing and decorating the card, that was the best part. She decided which stamps should be chopped where, which colour of magic pens to use and her favourite was pasting the stickers all over. I think she enjoyed the process too and when it was done, I could see the beam on her face and I felt the pride in my heart.

I'm not sure if she knows what Mother's Day means, we told her that day was the birthday of all the mums in the world and a day to give thanks. But it still felt so awesome when she gave me the card, planted a kiss on my face and wished me "Happy Mother's Day!"

She did some scribbling inside the card and I asked her "What did you draw, my dear?". She said "No, Angel never draw. Angel write words." So I continued to ask what were the words she wrote. When she was quite unsure of what to say, I said gently "Did you write "I love you, Mummy" on the card?"

She nodded vigorously and said "Yes!"

It doesn't matter if it was all in my imagination, it honestly made me glow with happiness from the inside to hear her say that.

You bet I'm going to keep my precious first Mother's Day card for a long, long time.

Thank you, darling, for just being the adorable you and for loving Mummy so unconditionally.

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  1. so heartwarming!! it is indeed nice to receive gift(s) from our loved ones :) soon, she will be able to make a card for you without having papa to hold her hand!

    1. Thanks Jean! Yes it's a superb feeling. I hope so too but meanwhile it's sweet to feel both of their love entwined in one card! =)

  2. " i love you mama!".... Angel is so sweet!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Geraldine! I hope she stays sweet as candy always!

  4. My little man put a huge amount of effort into making my mothers day card, and I just loved the thought. He really cared so much.
    It does warm your heart doesn't it?

    1. Yes, it's more about feeling the love and seeing their hard work in the process of making the sweet cards. My heart was soooo warm I couldn't contain it!

  5. Replies
    1. Haha happy tears are always welcome! Bet you had a blast on Mother's Day with Poppy and your cute little baby!

  6. Sweet little Angel definitely warm ur heart alot lot rt :D

    1. Yes definitely, no doubt about it. My heart wouldn't know what to do without her nowadays. =)


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