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Posted by ~Summer~ on May 30, 2012
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Today is a special day to me.

May 29th. A day to remember, a day to be grateful for, a day to rejoice, a day to celebrate, a day to give all the love that's in my heart.

Yeap, it's the hubby's 33rd birthday today. Time flies, it was nine years ago when we first got together as a couple. What baffles me is how guys can still look very much the same other than some white hair and crow's feet. *jealous* In addition to just hair and wrinkles, we girls have to suffer stretchmarks, saggy breasts and loose skin. Boo. Life's unfair in that sense, I know.

Well, appearances may change a little, but all's well if love remains the same. Life couldn't get any better after Angel arrived and honestly, there just isn't one day I ain't grateful to have this man as my hubby.

So to my dearest jw aka JJ aka Xavier, happy 33rd birthday and may you get more white hair and crow's feet in the years to come.


We had a fairly simple celebration, no lavish gifts, no sumptuous dinner, no sexy lingerie. BUT, Angel and I decided not to buy a cake but instead make one for her beloved Daddy.

We started off by crushing the Digestive biscuits and boy, it wasn't a surprise she had so much fun doing this and destroying the biscuits!

By the way, I honestly think 2-year-old kids start to make pretty good kitchen helpers and they are always so eager to join in that it's really nice to give them simple tasks to accomplish and let them feel that sense of pride.

Strawberries are one of her favourite fruits so she was also tasked to help arrange them onto the cake. I did spot her gulping down a few but eventually, she still did it!

The hubby asked "How come it's my birthday but you girls get presents also?"

Well, neh neh ni bu bu. It won't be fun if you are wearing the jersey on your own right? See how cute Angel looks in it and isn't it great now that we have a family outfit? Don't worry, ours are good and cheap (so is yours)!

We also gave him a photo frame which spelt the word LOVE. Angel helped me in the printing of the photographs and she was in charge of taping the scotch tape when we wrapped the present. When it was done, we hid it in a corner and I explained to her how it was our little secret and that she shouldn't tell Daddy about it. In the end, she did understand it was a secret, but she told Daddy "Sssshhh, we got a secret, present is there". Lol.

Nonetheless, sure hope you liked our gift for you, dear. If that's not LOVing enough, add a kiss from Angel and I bet that will do the job.

The final and most anticipated part of the celebration had to be the cake-cutting ceremony. Despite some hiccups, the heart-shaped strawberry chessecake still managed to look presentable and most importantly, it tasted not bad.

Angel simply couldn't wait to start and she was so eager to put in the candles that she started poking them into the cake, taking them out and poking them again.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Papa, Happy birthday to you!

We sang both the English and Mandarin versions, then it was time to make a wish, which Angel happily joined in. When it was time to cut the cake, she suddenly gave a loud Ah-Choo and sneezed all over the cake. Lalala.

Strangely, she insisted that Daddy had to use the metal knife while she used the plastic one. No sharing. We didn't know why until I saw her taking the knife, putting it in her mouth and licking away at the cake remains. Ah-huh. No wonder you wanted the plastic one, my girl.

So you see, it seemed like Angel played the leading role in the celebration, not that it's of any surprise. That's the thing about becoming mums and dads.

You'll be so willing to let them become the star while you play a supporting role. Because seeing your child happy makes your heart beam with joy too.

Isn't that what any birthday celebration is all about? To smile, to laugh, to kiss, to be merry and to feel happiness from within?

To my dearest jw, I still hope you had as much fun as I did and well, can't wait to grow old with you. No wait, you'll always be older than me. Tsk tsk. No matter what, know that I love you lots and am looking forward to more good things lying ahead in our path of love.

Well, I guess it's time for more cake. It's a happy day today. So smile!!


  1. What a sweet celebration! You guys look so cute, especially Angel in the Sweden jersey!

    Fang Ting

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fabulous time was had and the cake looks amazing!

  3. Happy beloved birthday to your hubby :)
    Love the family outfit!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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