The perfect hiding spot

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 23, 2012

Every kid loves a game of hide and seek.

My girl adores it. Today, she's sharing with you her secret formula to winning the game.

More importantly, find a mum who loves (or at least pretends to love) playing the game with you, counts from 1-10, giggles hysterically and shouts "I'm coming", searches for you around the house and acts like she can't see you through the net, spot your toes behind the door or sense that suspicious lump on the bed, then screams "Angel, where are you?", lets you jump out to surprise her, and then end up both of you fall to the floor, laugh non-stop and become entwined in a loving mother-daughter hug.

Then it begins all over again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

What can I say? I love you, my dear and I will make sure I always find you.


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    1. Hee thanks Ai! Hope you had a great birthday celebration! =)

  2. Angel is very fortunate to have a Mummy who is a play mate too! :)

    1. Haha I try my best but sometimes I lack the energy to keep up with her. =) I'm sure you do a much better job than me. =) Thanks for popping by!


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