Dandelions in spring

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 21, 2012
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I've loved dandelions since I was young.

I can't even describe the joy I felt when I blew my first dandelion off its stalk and watched it float into the sky, subsequently thinking that I possibly just killed it but later on realised how tenacious it was.

Dandelions remind me of a happy childhood, of carefree days in the fields, of the simple things in life that can make you smile, of beauty, of willpower, of strength, of miracle.

So, I was so thrilled to see them blooming in the park and let Angel have her chance to hold her first ever dandelion.


What's your favourite flower/plant? 

The next time you see it in the park, remember to take a moment to stop, to smell it, to admire it, to feel it, to see the beauty in life and to smile a happy smile on your face.


  1. wonderful pics of the lil Angel :) I like dandelions too but don't often see them in Singapore..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. All children love dandelions. Fun in a flower.

  3. What a lovely blog and beautiful little girl! I am a new follower from MBC. Please, return the favor.



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