Messy hair

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 08, 2012

Today when I was making lunch, Angel conducted her own drawing session, much to my delight.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how she has started drawing figures and adding eyes, noses and mouths to them. She would even exclaim things like:

- "This is a cloud!"
- "See, it's a banana!"
- "This boy very sad because don't have papa. *draws sad face*
- "I draw a papa for him."
- "Now happy already!" *draws smiley face*

Then she proceeded to draw this cute, little animal step by step, naming the body parts every time she drew one. After that, she proudly said: "Mummy, look at my PENGUIN!" Which was probably way better than the fat, stout penguin I usually draw.

My biggest surprise was when she drew this potato-looking animal and then decided to add some hair on it. When I asked her what it was, she said "It's you, Mummy!" *dot dot dot*

According to her, Mummy has messy hair and thus she ran to the room, took my hair brush and came back to brush the pseudo mummy's hair. Yes, she literally brushed across the paper to and fro and gave a wide beam on her face after that.

Ok, I get it, my dear.

Mummy has messy hair in the morning and I should brush my hair, ok?

I love you lots and I'm proud of everything you drew today, even if you turned me into a potato.

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  1. oh, love that penguin~! so cute!!! must keep!
    [But... i keep too many of them, now don't know to dispose or not to dispose:(]

    1. Haha yes too many, so at least must take pics and keep them safe in the comp. =) I wish I could hang all of them on my wall though!

  2. Your daughter is so cute! It is great that she is able to come up with all sorts of ideas as she does her drawing. She is a bright girl. I am happy to become a new Follower of your Blog. Happy WW!

    1. Thanks Judy! I sure hope she becomes a more creative person than me in future! Nice to meet you and will be in touch again!

  3. Aww these are such sweet photos :) and so lovely of her to help you brush your "hair" haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Haha yar lor, she looked hilarious when she did that. Just one of those times when your kid makes your day. =) Thanks Ai!

  4. Hehe these drawings are soo cute! That really looks like a potato. hehe but we never know! Kids have the most amazing imagination!

    Fang Ting

    1. Yesh, potato, big fat one. I have to be thankful at least I have eyes and mouth. =) You bet kids do!


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