Casual can be stylish too

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 18, 2012

It wouldn't be wrong to say that we are an outdoorsy family.

Come weekends, you probably wouldn't be able to find us inside our house as we would be sauntering in the park, lazing by the beach or hiking through the forest. At the age of two, Angel has also shown her liking for outdoor activities ranging from picnicking, sandcastle building, swimming, fishing to even football and butterfly-chasing.

So, while it's awesome to be able to doll her up in pretty dresses, shirts and shorts are more practical on certain occasions and come in handy on a sunny day out.

Check out some of Angel's latest casual outfits from IN2Kids.


Floral Goodness Tee and Coral Balloon Shorts in Yellow

Not a fan of flowers in real life, I'm also not the kind of mum who loves to dress up in floral tops. So naturally, Angel doesn't have much floral wear in her wardrobe too. Which might have been a big mistake.

Thus, I was thrilled to see this vibrant short sleeved floral top from IN2Kids. My favourite part was that it even comes with cute lace flares at the shoulders which would sway whenever Angel ran, jumped or danced.

The yellow balloon shorts comes with intricate construction and the detailing such as the vertical lines, front and back pockets, floral buttons on the sides make this piece quirky yet tasteful. I especially love how it has a pleated lace fabric sewn onto the front waist to give the illusion of a belt, which looks flattering even on kids.

When matched together, the outfit gives off a demure look that makes Angel look casual and sporty yet modern and girlish at the same time.

See? She's all set for a day at the outdoor playground and pool.

To warm up, we played a game of tag and then did some ball-chasing. Seeing her rapturous expression, delighted face and how she simply couldn't stop running around, I reckoned she must have felt pretty comfortable in the clothes.

Now, who says you can't look good while munching on pizzas at a picnic?


Marilyn Peplum Top in Coral Red

Whenever I bring Angel out to the park, I prefer to dress her up in bright, striking colours just because I think it looks better against the lush green backdrop and the blooming flowers. So a common choice of colour will be red or pink.

The first time I set my eyes on this coral red peplum top, I knew that it was a blouse with a little more va-va-voom, perfect for my girl to wear on a stroll in the park. We had a fun afternoon admiring the blossoms, chasing bees and most of all, blowing dandelions.

Peplum originates in the Greek word for 'tunic' and it refers to a short overskirt, ruffle or flared flap that is attached to the waistline of a jacket, blouse or dress. As one of this season's hottest and most chic silhouettes, peplums are being spotted everywhere from the red carpet to top fashion magazines.

It is great for adding curves and helps to give structure and definition to the mid-section. It didn't really occur to me that kids could do with some curves, but seeing how this makes her look more in vogue while not diminishing the comfort level, I'm all for it.

Summer. Sun. Sand. Swing. Smiles. 

We ended off a superb day with the list of 'S's.

Oh, add one more to it.


Yes, I think I'm liking the idea of stylishly casual.


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Disclosure: The above Floral Tee, Balloon Shorts and Peplum Top were provided by IN2Kids for review. Other clothing and accessories belong to me. All opinions and text are my own.


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    1. Haha she sure looks like one. Isn't it fun dolling up our girls? =)

  2. Love that top outfit. I bought something similar for my nine year old just recently and she looked gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Jess! Yeap I thought it was so pretty too! =)

  3. I think she has a knack for posing, awesome shots!

    1. Oh yeah I think she's learning fast! Thanks for popping by!


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