Five years since I first saw the pink sky

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 17, 2012
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Have you ever felt that time has wings? I do.

Time has flown past in the last few years and before I can even realise it, today is my last day of stay in Karlskrona, the place I have grown to love and call my home, the place where Angel was born, the place which made me a mum.

What do I want to do on my last day?

1) Rush around town to buy souvenirs and do last minute shopping
2) Relax in the hotel, prop my legs on a chair, watch TV, sip a cup of Milo and enjoy the peace
3) Take a walk in the scenic and memorable places and breathe in the beauty for the last time

I love happy memories and all things that are beautiful, so I guess I'm going for 3). And more than that, I decided to dig out some fond pictures and reminisce the day when I set foot in Sweden for the very first time.

Take a walk down memory lane with me, will you?


It was in August 2007.

I was a short-haired, vivacious, high-spirited lady in my early twenties who flew half the globe to visit her boyfriend, who had been sent to Sweden for naval training and this gave her a most cherished opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring sights in European cities including Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Venice, Barcelona and of course, Karlskrona.

My first impression of Karlskrona was - Small, picturesque, even maybe a tad boring after being used to the crowded, metropolitan streets of Singapore.

The Karlskrona square, being the second biggest in the whole of Europe, was a lovely sight with the statue of King Karl XI, clear skies, green fields and blossoming flowers.

For the first time in many years, I took a walk alone while the boy was at work. For the first time in even more years, I sat down on a bench to do nothing else but breathe in the fresh air and be reminded that life can be simple after all, something that might have slipped my mind while living in a bustling city and getting caught up in the rat race.

I walked to the fountain which had a sculpture of a fish sprouting water. People were sitting in cafes, eating ice cream and having casual talks over lunch. For some reason, it made me feel relaxed and I was looking forward to being able to chill out with the boy and catch up on some lovey-dovey time.

Watching ducks was something I did not do before; nor did I imagine I would one day love it so much. There's something about looking at them swim, waddle and gobble up bread that makes me feel like a happy kid once more.

The boy met me after his work and while we had never set foot in any nature reserve before, we decided to take a hike in the forest and all we did was to admire the beautiful works of Mother Nature and snap a few pictures along the way.

The sunset looked so gorgeous that day that I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was a moment of bliss, to feel my loved one beside me, hand in hand as we admired that breathtaking backdrop.

Much as I was shivering, there were a couple of kids who were playing in the water, half naked. How they managed to brave the cold temperatures and not have their teeth chatter, I will never know. But all I do know is that at that point in time, they looked like the most carefree and happiest kids in the universe.

As we walked by the lake, the boy said that "Maybe you can see a swan if you are lucky". Guess what? I saw not just one, but five swans in all. A beautiful white mother swan along with her four babies. Was it a sign? An omen? A premonition that a baby was coming soon? Well, maybe. All I knew was I was jumping for joy in my heart and I honestly knew I was a blessed one.

The houses by the lake looked so charming and quaint as if they were taken right out of a painting. Being so used to high-rise flats and skyscrapers, this was a welcome change for me and I could jolly well imagine myself living in one of them with my happy family, where we could look over the blue waters all day along and admire the sunset.

I was told that I would be able to witness a pink sky too. I was like "What? Pink? Are you sure?" To me, I've seen blue, orange, grey, yellow skies but pink? That would be a first and definitely something unique.

Just when I was half contemplating if the boy was colour blind, I saw it.

It might not be the pinkest of pink, but there and then, yes, the sky appeared to be pink right in front of our eyes.

I rubbed my eyes once, twice and still, that pink hue was there. No, I did not imagine it, I did not photoshop it. It was just blatantly beautiful. Yes, I guessed I was starting to fall in love with this place, at that time not knowing that a year later, due to a twist of fate, I would be starting my family here and spend a good four years of my life.

If B&W pictures are simple, that's what life here is. Simple. But yet undeniably striking, blissful and memorable.

We also visited the parks and the sight of people lazing on the green grass having picnics, chit-chatting and reading books was a little astonishing as this was something that I did not do nor did I think I could afford the time to do. Which was pretty much a shame.

It was there and then that I suddenly realised, "Hey, I seem to be missing out so much on my life. I'm doing so much every day working like a headless fly, but deep down am I doing anything at all? Am I loving life, am I enjoying it, am I making the most out of it?"

I had assumed it was cool to have a busy, packed and hectic lifestyle. Then I came to understand that simplicity was what suited me best. Because life to me is just that - Simple and happy.

It might have taken me a while to know that point but it's not too late.

I had thought I might miss my job but ended up I never did. I had thought I was giving up my world to come to Sweden but ended up it gave me everything my world was missing. I assumed I might be making a wrong choice but it became the best decision I ever made.

And you know what was the best thing that happened?

I stepped into the magical journey of motherhood.

I'm bringing back with me this thought to Singapore and remind myself that no matter how busy life gets and how tough the road seems, so long as your heart, your mind and your soul believe in the simplicity of life, it will be simple. 

And yes, it will be happy.

Thank you Karlskrona, for the pretty pink sky, the joy of life and the countless fond memories.


  1. The pink sky is so lovely! Why don't we have this in Singapore?

    1. Yeah wish we had too! Singapore has a very beautiful night view, just in a very different way. More manmade. =)

  2. The beautiful memories will never leave you. It will take time for you to get used to life back in Singapore, but I hope you will enjoy the next chapter of your life too.

    Welcome home.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks Ai! You're absolutely right, those memories are forever. And yes, I'm trying to get used to everything back at home! Can't tell you how much I am enjoying the food (though little oily and less healthy!) Lol. =) Catch up soon!

  3. So lucky! Wish I had the opportunity to live abroad for a period of time too! Haha. The pink skies are so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Madeline, oh yeah, that was definitely a cherished opportunity. =) I miss the beautiful nature there!

  4. Very happy memories! The place where A Happy Mum came about.

    1. Yeah, where this blog and Angel and my no.2 came about. Heehee. =)

  5. Beautiful pictures! I'm sure this is the best part for your life! How I wished I too had the opportunity! :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It was a memorable part of my life and I'm lucky to have those happy memories. I hope one day you can stay abroad for a period of time too!

  6. Best decision made indeed! What a great experience at the beautiful Sweden, great country with great people.

    Love the way you ended the post sith "simplicity of life".

    1. Yeah, won't have this opportunity if I didn't marry this man. Haha. Sweden is a really a great place, the people in my town are so friendly and nice! Thanks for reading! =)

  7. Sweden holds a special place for us too as my sister was living there for a number of years. I appreciated the people I met and the welfare system they have which makes for comfortable living for their citizens. I am sure you will always remember and cherish the time you spent there. Best wishes for the next phase in your life!

    1. Thanks for the sweet wishes! Yes I am glad I got to know the swedes and their way of life, definitely appreciate the chance to stay there and enjoy the welfare benefits too! =) For instance, giving birth was free back then and I just spent a bomb on the antenatal package for my no.2!


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