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Posted by ~Summer~ on December 23, 2012
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So, Angel has made her big sister crown and we have also gotten ready the matching sisters shirts to be donned on the day they meet.

You know how they say you should let your kids do a gift exchange when a newborn comes along?

It sounds like a pretty good idea to symbolise the start of a loving relationship,the birth of a strong sibling bond and the advent of happiness and hope as a new life joins the family.

So I took Angel for shopping and let her choose a gift especially meant for her little sister.

I love these gift bags from Kiddy Palace. The brown bag symbolises our growing family and the purple one features two loving sister bears. Perfect!

Eventually, Angel and I decided to get these cute little socks for Ariel.

Of course, my big girl is not to be left out and the point behind the gift exchange is also in the hope of reducing any feelings of jealousy or neglect. I hope she does know how much we love her and always do, and that her little sister will grow to love her too. So I picked out some stickers and a Dora sticker album for her, along with an adorable pair of Dora sandals. Not hard to tell who's her favourite character huh. 
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So while I am getting ready the essentials for my hospital bag, these two presents are on top of the list and I truly hope that it will be the start of a happy sister relationship.

I've always wanted a sister since I've never had one. So no matter how people keep lamenting on things like "Oh, you are going to have two girls? It's ok, you can try again next time", "Now we are just missing a boy" or "Girl again? Ermm, congratulations", thankyouverymuch but I'm loving the fact that I'm going to have two girls to dote on, to dress up, to hold and to love.

Girls have a special way to bond with each other and I'm very much looking forward to having two princesses in my family. And you know what's the best thing? Angel wanted a meimei since the day she knew I was preggie and I'm thrilled that her dream is coming true very soon.

P/S: In fact, her dream has now come true. Ariel joined our happy family on 22nd Dec, at exactly the same birth timing as Angel, 15:47. =)


  1. Hi Summer, congratulations! So happy to hear your goodnews :) Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ariel is the best Christmas present :)

  2. Congratz Summer! Little Chuck n Ariel r 2 days apart for their birthdays - his is 24th! Was my best Xmas gift last yr n must be yours this year ! 恭喜!

    1. Oh wow, how exciting that he was born on xmas eve itself! =) hee thanks much Geraldine!

  3. Congrats once again Summer. Ariel is now the third person I know whose birthday is on 22 Dec. One being my hubby! The gift exchange is such a sweet idea and I'm sure that Angel will take to her jie jie role very soon. take care and rest well.

    1. Thanks Susan! Now I know you will never forget Ariel's bday. Keke. What a coincidence. Thanks so much for the kind words!

  4. Congrads on the birth of Ariel. We did have gift exchange for the kids when #3 was born.

    1. Thanks Dom! Yeah I bet the first two kids love their prezzies!

  5. hehe congrats babe! Can't wait to visit you and two precious girls! The gift exchange is a really sweet idea!
    Hey and blessed Christmas to you and all at home!

    Fang Ting

  6. Congrats! It's wonderful to have 2 gals: ) I have my fair share of 'criticism' as i have 2 gals too.Sometimes I do get affected by such comments but I get over it soon too! Lyn


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