Immerse in a white Christmas

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 15, 2012
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After having spent four frosty, white Christmases in Sweden, we kind of miss the fluffy snow amidst the sudden showers and scorching sun in Singapore.

Then the hubby came up with a really brilliant idea: Let's create our very white Christmas!

And so, we did. In our very own special way.

Step 1) Fill up the bathtub with lots and lots of foam. We only bought this tub recently so this was going to be our inaugural family bubble bath!

Step 2) Decorate the walls with pretty Christmas ornaments. We got all our supplies from IKEA, the perfect place to remind us of all the happy times we had spent in Sweden.

Step 3) For that romantic effect, dim the lights and add in some battery-operated lights instead. We initially wanted to use some red tealights too but since they pose as a fire hazard, we chose to stick with these red and white half-globe lights.

Step 4) What's Christmas in Sweden without some glögg? For those who have not heard of it, glögg is a type of mulled wine and has been a traditional Christmas drink in Scandinavia. It is usually served warm and the main ingredients are red wine, sugar, spices such as cinnamon and ginger, and bitter orange. If you know the hubby and I personally, you would know that we never say no to a drink. That was before we became parents and it has been a long time since we had a drink together. So that night, we decided to have a chill out session right in our tub.

Just in case you think it had slipped my mind that I was 37-week pregnant and that Angel is well below 18, this glögg that we bought from IKEA is non-alcoholic and is prepared with fruit juices instead of wine! Absolutely sweet!

Ta-dah! Our white Christmas party set up is all done, what do you think? Simple, maybe even a little tacky, but the feel is there, right?

It's up to you what you wanna do from there! You can sing Christmas carols, you can play drinking games, you can relax and enjoy the hot bath, or you can just have a sip and chill out. As a family.

I have to tell you that I was pretty amazed by how much Angel loved the glögg! We poured the first glass for her and she subsequently asked for the second, then third, and fourth! See, she's our kid after all. Well done, my girl, but no, you are not going to get this luxury every day!

But just for that night, we allowed her to indulge, to imagine, to immerse, and to be involved. Let's toast and bottoms up!

Throughout that unique and memorable white Christmas celebration, we enjoyed, we sang, we drank, we smiled and we laughed as a family. Sweden or Singapore, what matters most is that we stay together as a happy, and growing, family.  

To the hubby: Thank you for this was truly a wonderful idea!

To Angel: You rock, girl!

To Ariel: I wonder if you are going to spend 25th Dec with us in or out of the tummy.

To everyone: Wishing you a fun-filled Christmas from our family!

For those who also wish to redecorate your home for Christmas without overspending, check out the Christmas range at IKEA and also the product availability for stocks are running out fast.

Let us all immerse in the festive atmosphere and be merry!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of IKEA Favourite Blogger Christmas campaign. All opinions and text are my own.


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    1. Yeah it is! Just that Calla might be a little too small for the glogg. Lol. =) Have a merry xmas too!

  2. So sweet, what a special way to celebrate Christmas :)

    1. Thanks Virginia! That glogg definitely made it absolutely sweet!

  3. Great idea and I'm sure it must have been a very meaningful way for you guys to celebrate Christmas :)

    1. Thanks Beverly! It sure was unique and memorable despite a brief one! =)


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