Sisters or twins?

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 11, 2013
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The first time the hubby and I laid our eyes on baby Ariel, we thought "Gosh, she looks just like Angel".

Seriously. If time can turn back and I can cradle the then 3-week old Angel in my arms now, people might think I have twins. Everything about Ariel reminds us of Angel. The thick mop of black hair, the sharp nose, the tiny mouth, the heart-shaped face, well, they even have the exact same birth timing! How many sibilings in the world are born years apart but at the same time of the day, I wonder?

Perhaps they are really fated to be sisters.

Think I'm over-exaggerating it? We compared some of their pictures and concluded that no, we are not imagining their resemblance. 

Angel and Ariel at Day 1. Hello, world!

Our girly sleeping pose

Let's stick out our tongues! Ariel's is voted as the longer one!

Cosy and snug in our blankies

Mummy, I want my milk!

Ok Daddy, I surrender!

Sweet-smelling after a bath

Do we have the same eyes, nose and mouth?

Jiejie, not only your hair can stand, mine can too!

Sisters we are and will always be

Dear Angel, I can't be prouder of you for being such an awesome big sister. For all the kisses, hugs and cuddles you showered on Ariel, they warmed my heart so much and I'm sure she feels your love for her. Thank you for being such an amazing and adorable daughter.

Dear Ariel, even though you look like your big sister, please know that you are truly special in our hearts and will always be. Thank you for letting me experience the wonders of motherhood again and for being such a good girl to let me sleep long stretches at night. 

For having two lovely, cuddly, beautiful babies in my life, I know I am blessed and am deeply thankful. I love you both so much, my darlings!


  1. Haha... Both my daughters also born at same time of day but years apart. But their physical appearances, and personalities are world apart ;)

    1. Oh cool, same time of the day too! Did you strike 4D? Keke. It's quite rare, as far as I heard. Lol. But look, that makes two of us already. I'm sure my girls will grow up to have different looks, but for now they still look so similar!!~

  2. Congrats congrats Summer, Ariel is beautiful and adorable. Cutie pie.

  3. omg.. reali look so alike! wat a precious gift from all the wait.. it's so worth it ya? ;)

  4. how cute! they look so alike. they even have the same hair! haha. congrats once again. :)


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