Creativity 521 #19 - Ballet booties for my baby

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 05, 2013
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Have you always wanted to do something but for one reason or another, never got down to doing it?

Yeah, it can probably be called procrastination and I guess all of us have done it at one point or another in our lives.

For me, I have always wanted to crochet a pair of baby booties since the first time I laid my eyes on one and couldn't get over how sweet and endearing they looked. That was three years ago. Now that I have my second girl and a perfect pair of feet for those cute little booties, it's also my perfect chance to finally do it.


1) Yarn
2) Crochet hook
3) Ribbon
4) Markers (I used safety pins/ hair pins)
5) Tapestry needle for weaving

Have I attended any crochet lessons? Well, no.

I learnt all the techniques from books and when it started to sound like an instruction manual for assembling a three-door IKEA wardrobe, I turned to YouTube videos. Gradually, it got more idiot proof and by means of trial and error, I have made my first amigurumi and now my first booties.

Honestly speaking, crocheting can become one of the best ways in training up my patience. Ok, apart from becoming a mum and having kids, that's unparalleled. I can't remember how many times I got frustrated when one wrong stitch caused me to undo the previous 50 stitches or how many times the sole ended up looking like it would fit only a monster's foot and so, there and then, I had to start all over again.

Then again, after hours of trying, when I finally saw how my first bootie was slowly taking shape, that sense of achievement and pride is like no other too. That's also partly why I like crafting, to feel accomplished at the end of the day when your creation comes to life.

Ta-dah!! I made my first pair of booties! Yes, it's a pair of ballet booties for my baby girl. The booties come in white with light pink soles, has cute flowers at the front and shiny ribbons that flow at the end.

These are definitely not perfect or professionally done, but I don't care, they are my first pair of handmade booties and I'm loving them to bits. While they might not be the most beautiful ballet booties in the world, they are going to look awesome on my baby. At least for now before she outgrows them in a flash.

You know, every stitch and every chain was done with her in my thoughts, so I'd like to think that these booties contain something that can't be bought in any shop in the world - my love.

Mummy, are I becoming a foot model now?

So, how does my little ballerina look in her new booties?

For more craft ideas and DIY tutorials, visit my gallery here. If anyone is interested in learning to make these booties, here is the instructional video.


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  1. Your booties are adorable, but your cutie is even more so!

  2. The booties are incredibly lovely and so full of mummy's love!


  3. Hi Summer defintely a sweet nice Crochet ballet booties. Fits nicely on your sweetie pie with every stitch filled with motherly loves. Im amazed at your final product with your own self-taught, self-learn crochet skills. A pair of skillful hands you have.

  4. They are cute. I hear you about counting the stitches -sometimes you forget or lose cnt or even don't realise it until something looks awkward!


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