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Posted by ~Summer~ on April 30, 2013
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I don't really believe in the saying that every day is Valentine's Day. Yes, it would be sweet if someone says that to me with a rose in hand but ultimately, I believe in celebrating the special days of the year which are a tad more unique than the remaining 350 days.

Likewise, on your birthday, you shouldn't feel like it's just any other day. Wait, I am not saying you need to make a big deal out of it and invite relatives and friends from all over the world to party with you, but at least, feel special on this day that you were born and spend a happy day with the people you love.

Yes, to me, happiness is about celebrating milestones - to rejoice in the days and events that define our lives and make us who we are.

And so we did in the month of April.


On the day I turned 30, we had a steamboat dinner at home with just our families. No frills, no thrills. A simple meal, a small cake, a gathering of hearts and a celebration with smiles.

It has been a good four years since I celebrated my birthday with my family in Singapore. While I felt blessed to have Angel and the hubby singing the birthday song for me in Sweden, it was yet another kind of joy to have the parents, nieces and nephews wishing me a happy birthday. And best of all, to have baby Ariel in my arms this year, even if she can't even hum yet. 

A day before my birthday, upon my request, we also visited Universal Studios. I was hoping for Legoland but the hubby said that would have to wait. So yeah, at the very least, I was determined to experience the Transformers 3D ride that day, which was way cool. The hubby and I had to take turns for certain rides and take it alone, like the Transformers and Mummy rides, which were off limits to small kids. I kind of applaud myself for doing that.

We braved the rain, we survived the long queues and we thoroughly enjoyed the rides. The happiest person was of course my dearest Angel, which in turned made me the happiest mum that day too. To be able to feel like a child again even as you turned 30, that felt simply awesome.

My girl also made her first ever sand art piece this month and dedicated it to who else but Mama. It was meant to be my birthday card, the only one I received this year and I loved it to bits, even though that pink face looked a little bizarre to me.

The girls also had their first tub session together, the start of many more to come. Isn't it so sweet when you see your older child plant a kiss on the little one, even if it's really a wet one?

On yet another spontaneous outing, we made our way to Pasir Ris Park and had our first cycling session as a family. Yes, all four of us on one tandem bike. I was wearing a dress but I didn't even stop to think about it when the hubby suggested to rent a bike because the idea sounded fabulous and I was game for something new. It was a brilliant idea and a fun afternoon indeed!

Just before Ariel turned four months, boy oh boy, she did her first flip! Both ways, front to back and then back to front! She did it right before our very eyes when both the hubby and I were present. Can you imagine the joy on our faces when we saw it together?

On 22nd April, Ariel officially turned four months and just like how we do it in the family, she had a feasting ceremony where she tried her first food including brown rice cereal, chicken drumstick, prawn, biscuit and apple. This is to symbolise a happy eater, a smooth feeding ahead and in the hope that she would eat every kind of food!

*Num num* I shall devour that drumstick!

We concluded that her favourite was the apple (the juice, of course) because she just couldn't get enough of it. Every time the spoon left her mouth, she would be upset but once the next spoon came, she would smile and eagerly reach forward for it. Well, at least it seemed pretty hopeful that my little girl is going to be a superb eater.

As for the big sister, she had been anticipating this day for the longest time, the moment when she could finally get to feed her baby sister. And so she did, with a proud smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

Last but not least, April was also the month where the hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Ok, we didn't actually celebrate, unless visiting Polliwogs and bringing the kids to the arcade count. Nonetheless, a simple wish was enough to make that day special as we reminisce our story and be thankful for the love we found in each other.

To more happy milestones ahead of us.


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  1. What a lovely month you've had. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! I'm intrigued by the way you're introducing solid foods with Ariel, that's so different from what people do in the US but I really like your approach! I didn't use much "baby food," I just fed my kids whatever I ate. It's nice to see other people doing that too.

  2. What a happiness filled month. Happy Birthday and happy anniversary once again. Nothing beats spending milestones and celebrating it with the family :)


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