Creativity 521 #21 - Our love alphabet book

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 05, 2013
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So, it was our 5th wedding anniversary last week.

I didn’t really know what present to get for the hubby but I reckoned that 1) It had to be small, 2) It had to be cheap and 3) It had to speak love.

In the end, I thought of a perfect solution – Our Love Alphabet book. 


1) Notebook
2) Alphabet stickers
3) Colour pens and markers
4) Embellishments of your choice

I was glancing through the stationery store, hoping to find a pocket-sized notebook that would do the job. When I saw this book that had the Eiffel Tower on its cover, the place which has a very special meaning in our love story, I knew it was destined to be the one.

Firstly, I wrote the title of the book and pasted a heart shaped foam sticker as embellishment.

Next, using the alphabet stickers, I pasted and formed the letters A-Z, with one letter on every page. To ensure that the book has a consistent thickness, I varied the positions of the letters on each page and made sure it would look neat when closed.

Then, it was time for me to reminisce our good old times. For every letter of the alphabet, I wrote down a memory in our love story. It could be a place, an incident, a name or just anything that popped up to my mind and reminded me of how far we had come and how much in love we used to be. And still are. 

I tried to include some drawings too but well, it's not my forte in the first place. Oh, I am not divulging what I wrote on every page because some of them are a tad mushy and meant for the hubby's eyes only. It took me about two days to come up with something special to write for every letter. Some could get really tricky like the letter X! Thank goodness his name starts with that.

 The last page ended with a simple but heartfelt wish.

Time to wrap it up and Angel helped me with it! I think it's great to let kids join in the present making for our wedding anniversaries and let them realise that it is a special day to celebrate how Daddy and Mummy got together. No wedding, no family, no kids, no A Happy Mum. So yes, I am thankful for this day.

I hope you liked the gift, dear, even though you finished reading it in five minutes! One thing I am sure of, it is the one and only in the world!

Will you have a think about what to write in your Love Alphabet book?


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  1. Ive got tears in my eyes! So super sweet! Btw were u drawing your hub's spikey hair? Or did he wear a crown at your wedding? Keke

  2. Omg. this is oozing with loads of love and happiness. It's so simple, yet sweet and touching. in our busy lives, its so simple to get a gift off the racks for our special someone.. but something so simple really touches the heart, and renews the love. Thank you for the reminder!


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