Creativity 521 #24 - Daddy, you are rich

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 20, 2013
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When I first started out on Creativity 521, I wasn't sure where it would take me.

Do I really have good ideas to share? Does anyone ever read what I write? Do these posts inspire anyone out there? I'm running out of juice, should I persevere or let my brain and hands rest?

Time flies and it's now part #24 of this initiative. Woohoo! That means I've pretty much survived the first year. Good news is I don't intend to just stop here. There are many more ideas and thoughts that I wish to pen down and share with you. In subsequent Creativity 521 posts, in addition to the usual craft tutorials and kids crafts we do at home, I will also be venturing out in search of creativity and will include write-ups on creative places, products, ideas, advertisements and so on.

In the last of this series before it hits the one-year mark, I'm sharing with you something very simple we did for the hubby as a Father's Day gift.

For men, it's always about practicality, isn't it? When I brought the girls out shopping at Metro a couple of weeks ago, I already had in mind of what to get for the hubby - a wallet. He has been using his for over a decade, so it was about time a new one came along.

However, we didn't want it to be just any other wallet. It had to be unique and something you can't just buy off the shelf. So, as typical as how I like my gifts to be, I incorporated an element of surprise in it.

Ta-dah! Yes, in addition to a nice family photo, I added in some self-designed membership cards, coupons and even fake notes.

With some imagination, you can come up with any kind of cards and coupons for the man. I used Photoshop and came up with some simple ones like these above. Personally, I can't wait for the hubby to redeem the massage coupon. *clenches fists and cracks knuckles*

Last but not least,  my favourite were actually the notes of love, hugs and kisses. I initially modified them based on a Singapore currency note but it was so smart as to disallow any printing so I had to start from scratch and come up with my own designs. I wonder if the hubby will actually keep these?

Anyway, the point of it all is to let the man know how much he is loved in the family and how proud we are of him for being an awesome Dad.

A simple idea that speaks volumes. Happy Father's Day, Papi! 


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