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Posted by ~Summer~ on July 31, 2013
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There's a reason why first is called first.

You know, like first tooth, first dance, first run, first laugh and first cry. It's like the first is always the most special and memorable, which is why I make it a point to savour our every first. To enjoy that feeling of doing something, seeing something or feeling something for the first time. And I am not just referring to the firsts for my kids, there are also many firsts for the hubby and I to experience and to relish even as we grow old.

Here are some of the happy firsts we did in the month of July.


One Wednesday evening, the hubby returned home and said "Shall we go to the Night Safari?", which of course made Angel jump in joy. It took me a matter of three seconds to hesitate before I rushed to pack the diaper bag, poured Ariel's porridge into a tupperware, dressed the girls in long pants and we were set to go. Yes, another case of the spontaneity acting up.

It was Ariel's first visit to the Night Safari, making it the first time we went as a family of four. We didn't rush to catch the animal show and squeeze with others, instead we took a leisure stroll for hours just to get up close with the animals. The highlights of the night had to be the flying squirrel and bat cages. We were lucky to witness this most beautiful flying squirrel which soared above us not once, not twice but thrice, causing squeals of excitement and fear from some of the tourists. Bats had never been my favourite animal and even though I would still tremble whenever they came near me, at least I completed a mangrove walk full of humongous fruit bats. And so did my girls, who were probably most fascinated and loved the bats more than me.

This month, we were also thrilled to see the additions at the newly revamped Polliwogs at East Coast and the place had become one of our favourite weekend hangouts. At the baby corner, Ariel had fun playing with colourful balls and we also realised that with a little help from us, she could make it down the slide which made her eyes open wide the first time. Then we did it for the second, third and fourth time and it wasn't long before she started to love it.

I know, taking a plane or riding a boat might not be a big deal. Look at Angel, who has been in the airplane at least 20 times and gone on numerous many rides and cruises in the ocean. Nonetheless, the first is still something to remember and for Ariel, her firsts happened in the month of July when we went to Bali.

It was also the first time we patted an iguana and seriously, I didn't know why but animals like these had the power to make Angel eager, excited, affectionate and happy.

For the hubby, he also accomplished a first this month. I was going to share this in my Bali post but since that one might take quite a while to compile, here it is. His first time coming up close with B-A-T-S. Yes, short of hugging it, he even held one by the legs.

As for me, yes I had a first too! I let a monkey jump onto my arm, my shoulder and used my head as a stepping stone. Lol. In fact, I quite liked the whole experience as the monkey was tame and all he wanted was the banana. I already gave up my chance to hold a bat, don't even bother to ask why, so I wanted to make sure I took a bolder step with the furry primates.

Back in Singapore, the girls and I also went on our first movie date and I have to say it was one awesome outing we had.

Yes, the pirate ship ride that got my adrenaline rushing was also another first I did with my girl.

Last but not least, this month was also the first time Angel tried out something she had always wanted - Ballet. The way she looked eagerly at the teacher, the way she tiptoed and jumped around in joy, the way she held her frilly dress and did a curtsy, the way she just couldn't stop smiling, I knew my little ballerina had just found a new love in life. More of her ballet class coming up, do stay tuned.

How has the month of July been for you? What happy first moments did you experience?


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  1. Wah that's a lot of first! The hubby and I not so spontaneous leh. We like to plan things in advance haha.

    1. Keke thanks Made! Yeah I know, we are quite weird, everything also last minute, even overseas trip also lidat. Haha.

  2. Lovely to see your highlights for the month. Glad to see your girl enjoying herself in ballet :)


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