I flew, I sailed, I laughed - Ariel's 6th and 7th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on July 26, 2013

Yay! Presenting baby Ariel's latest video!

These two months were exciting times for her as she took her first flight, went on her first boat ride, visited Legoland, had lots of fun in Bali and came up close with animals from orangutans, eagles, turtles, monkeys to even tiger cubs.

On her recent visit to the PD, the doctor was surprised to see her sitting up at 6 months and even more amazed to see that she could pull herself to stand! And she also reveals that Ariel's weight is at 75th percentile, height at 25th-50th percentile and what was interesting to know was that her head measurement stood at 90th percentile. Hmmm.

Well, big or small head, this is my baby and she is always gorgeous, precious and beautiful in my eyes. I love you, baby Ariel! 

For a complete list of Angel and Ariel's videos, visit my gallery here.


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