A minute a day with NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 14, 2013

The weather has been scorching hot for the past few weeks. I don't know about you but I have been perspiring every five minutes and wetting every hanky or tissue I can find. Nonetheless, it's better to have a burning sun than to have weeping clouds because it means we can still get out of the house and have some outdoor fun. Wait, that doesn't mean we bask right under the sun but we might play ball at the void deck or explore new playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

In times like this, I kind of miss the cool, breezy weather back in Sweden where I don't even remember feeling sweat droplets on my face during my four years of stay. Coming back to a tropical country with a humid climate, I am reminded of the need to apply sunscreen on my kids when we go out to block them from the harmful UV rays and reduce damage from the sun.

So, what about myself? I am probably the one who needs more protection on my skin now that aging skin problems have surfaced and there is no magic button to undo everything.

Remember I shared with you about my 14-day efficacy user experience with the NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum with SPF 25 PA++? It's time to tell you how I fared in the challenge. But first of all, I have to tell you what I did during these 14 days.

I carried on with my everyday activities, which essentially means going out to the streets every alternate weekday and engaging in outdoor play as a family on the weekends. In fact, I decided to put the whitening serum to the ultimate test by taking it with me on our Bali trip, where I knew jolly well that I would be out under the sun every day.

For application of the serum, I did a daily regime and applied it on my body after a bath. I found that this helped to lock the moisture into the skin and let it be thoroughly absorbed. I would also put on an extra layer of serum before going out since it contains SPF25 PA++ and offers daily protection to prevent sun damage and skin darkening.

Just because it is not my habit or routine, I totally forgot about applying the serum on a couple of days especially if I was taking a bath with the kids and that usually means a pretty rush affair for myself. It would suddenly strike me that I was missing a layer of sheen and a fruity scent which made me realise "Oops, I forgot about my daily body vitamin!" and I would rush to the bathroom to apply it. Better late than never, right?  

One tip would be to place the tube in a prominent position in the bathroom or on the dressing table so you could easily remember and reach for it every day. If, I mean if, you also have a pea-sized brain like me, there are always post-it notes.

And now for the verdict. Considering that a tube of NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum is economically priced at $9.55 and that I am in love with its fragrance, I am happy to say that this product has worked for me in at least three ways. 

1) Moisture
My skin definitely feels more hydrated which in turn also helps to reduce the feeling of tightness.  I especially like the fact that the serum is light and non-sticky, making it quick and easy for my body to absorb. No more thirsty skin!

2) Radiance
Every time after I put on the serum, it provides a sheen on my body, making it more radiant and gives off a glow in a way. No, not the oily, greasy kind but the healthy, makes-hubby-take-a-second-look kind of glow.

3) Fairer skin
I can't say I have become much fairer since I am quite tanned to start with. Yes, Snow White was always but just a dream. That said, if you think whitening products merely means changing colour, you are wrong. It actually means brightening the skin to give a noticeably fairer look. From this challenge, my skin has emerged slightly brighter and a notch fairer. While skin pigmentation might take years or forever to fade, like I said, I don't believe in skincare miracles and to see such gradual results in just 14 days is already amazing in my view.

Nowadays, I love knowing that I am doing my part to protect my body when I am out in the sun. It's like being responsible not just for my kids, but for myself too and the great part is it doesn't take more than a minute a day. Yes, when you have a family, every minute counts!


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Disclosure: This is second of two posts as part of a 14-day user experience trial sponsored by NIVEA Singapore. All opinions are my own.


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