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Posted by ~Summer~ on August 26, 2013

I remember when I was in kindergarten, there was once when a classmate took my bag by mistake since of all the school bags in the world, by fate or by chance, we chose to have the same one.

I was a little down in the dumps when it happened and I couldn't bear to think that my bag was in the hands of another, even if it was just for a day. While that only occurred once, I have lost count of how many times my pencils, rulers and water bottles got confused with those of my fellow friends.

When Stickerkid offered to send over some personalised, attractive and colourful stickers for Angel and Ariel to label their belongings, I knew this was going to be the perfect solution to those unnecessary woes for them as kids and for me as a mum.

Stickerkid promises the use of highest quality material to provide consumers with the best possible, most malleable stickers which can be applied on nearly every surface. With all products manufactured in Switzerland, they take great care in selecting the materials, papers, inks and machines and have continually improved the product over the past seven years.

The stickers come in a variety of types and sizes - including small, medium, large, extra large, shoe stickers, iron-on clothing labels, stickers for books and notebooks. The moment our stickers arrived in the mail, Angel couldn't wait to start labeling away!

What I love about Stickerkid is that you can customise the look of every sticker and select the background colour, font colour, font type and even add a cute logo on the bigger ones. I actually sat down with Angel in front of the computer and let her decide for herself on every single detail of her stickers, in the hope that she will cherish and like them even more. I must say she has pretty good taste, doesn't she?

What we have tried:

1) Small stickers - 1 line stickers, great for pencils, rulers and shades

2) Medium stickers - 2 line stickers, perfect for small notepads, lunch boxes, mugs

3) Large stickers - 3 line stickers, the most popular one and is suitable for bigger items like drawing blocks, water bottles, toys, boxes

4) Clothes stickers - Easily applied with an iron and it is stated that these can be machine washed up to 45 times at 60°C and can also be removed by reheating. Comes in handy for school uniforms or when the kids go on camping trips

5) Shoe stickers - Designed to easily fit inside shoes, you can add a contact number just in case your kid gets lost, which can be a life saver on family vacations

In fact, it becomes a fun activity just peeling off the stickers and finding suitable personal belongings to stick them on.

So far, we are very pleased with these personalised stickers which are high in quality, easy to stick on and stay in place on different surfaces. In addition, the clothes labels are also soft to touch and gentle on skin. Nowadays, Angel goes to school feeling happy that she will not have to be confused over which shirt, water bottle or school bag belong to her.

As for the little one, well, other than her saliva and teeth marks, we now have another way to 'mark' her belongings and you bet I'm definitely liking this colourful way much more!


This is going to be a most awesome present for your kid this Children's Day. Anyone can take part, simply follow the below steps to enter!

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Happy shopping!

Disclosure: Angel and Ariel received complimentary stickers samples from Stickerkid so that Mummy could write this review. Shoe stickers have been edited to keep our contact number private. No monetary compensation was received, all opinions and personal items belong to us.


  1. I would like to win these stickers and label Jerry's school going belongings with it!


  2. I am going to label Poppy's school shoes! Almost all the kids in her class wear the same design and the teacher has asked us to write her name on her shoes!

  3. I'm going to label my son's toys with it, to let him learn his name.

  4. I will just label everything that Isa will bring to school when he goes to P1 next yr! :D

  5. I'm going to label the kids' water bottles!

  6. Awesome! My kid's bags and bottles are so going to thank me, and you, for these=)

  7. I will label all the books and water bottles

  8. I will label all the books, stationery and water bottles.

  9. I am going to label boy's shoes! thought those are really cool! :)

  10. We're going to label my son's bike!

  11. I am going to label all my daughters' belongings

  12. Replies
    1. Oops sorry, I meant 30 Sept! Thanks for highlighting it to me!

  13. i am going to label Kyle's water bottle!

  14. I will label all my niece's clothes! Always seem to get missing/ switched when they goes to childcare... - Adeline

  15. Thank you for having the giveaway ... Hope can win the stickers :)
    Mona - monyetnakal@hotmail.com

  16. My daughter Hazel is going to be Pri 1 next year , hope to win these stickes for her

  17. I will use the stickers to label on my child's shoes, bag and water bottle.

  18. I will label her books and stationery :)

  19. Such an interesting share. Any mother would love to read this and stickers are too cute to use for our children's stuffs. Btw, you have such an adorable daughters. :)


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