Fly like Planes on our girls' night out

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 03, 2013
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So we went on yet another 3-girls date again yesterday. This time round, we left the house at 4:30pm and came back at 10:30pm, yes, that's six long hours! As absurd as it might sound, it did feel like an mini adventure for us despite that we had to bring so much stuff out just for that few hours. A challenge, a thrill, a fun excursion with my beloved girls, how could I say "No" to that?

This time, we were going far. To VivoCity, woohoo! =)
This would be Angel's 3rd movie in Singapore already, now does that make her a little moviegoer?
Yeap! We were going to watch Disney's Planes! In fact, it was my, and our, very first 3D movie! I mean, other than watching Shrek in Universal Studios or Lego Racer in Legoland, this was the real movie in the cinema that we had to put on 3D glasses throughout. Talk about excitement, I was really psyched up for the show.

Taking a stroll in the Skypark since we arrived early

Angel was intrigued by the cable cars and the black man doing gymnastics on the horizontal bar

Just when I was admiring the lovely view, Angel asked "Is the show starting?" and I could sense her excitement


It's time to fly!

Sophie (left, lovely girl of Susan from A Juggling Mom) and Angel were all ready for the show

The movies talks about friendship, courage and is packed with action from start to end

Planes is an action-packed 3D animated comedy featuring Dusty, a good-natured, kind-hearted plane who has dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But there is just one problem - he is one plane who is scared of heights! Dusty's courage is put to the ultimate test as he reaches heights he never dreamed possible, inspiring the spellbound world to soar and reach for their dreams.

Angel had a clear favourite plane from the start - Nope, not Dusty, but the beautiful, sleek plane called Rochelle. Not hard to understand why from a four-year-old girl's point of view, who happens to be in love with princesses and anything pink, right?

Time for some colouring fun! Sure, but just a quick one, my dear because it's 9:30pm already, y'know?

She was so delighted when presented with a paper plane and asked "Can I take this home?"
If there's anyone who has given me the inspiration to soar, well, definitely these two lovelies in my life. Becoming a mum has made me braver in ways I did not know and shown me the power of love in ways I did not see.

It was a great night out for us, despite that Ariel was so fascinated seeing Mummy with 3D glasses and then proceeded to yank it off every time I put it on. This sweet baby then proceeded to sleep for half the show so that I could sit back and enjoy it with my elder girl before we headed home with these cute balloon planes and happy memories.

Catch Disney’s Planes in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013! For more updates, watch the trailer here or visit the Walt Disney Studios FB Page.

Disclosure: We were invited to the media preview of Disney's Planes held at Golden Village, VivoCity. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds fun, Summer! Can I ask, how do you manage to feed solids to little Ariel on the go without making a mess?

    1. Hi John! =) Haha we do make a mess. =) Not a big one, but a mess nonetheless. Usually do it at the food court or fast food restaurant and armed myself with a bib and lots of baby wipes. =) As long as she is eating well, I am happy! And oh yes, the movie was fun, even though Ariel can't understand much of it yet!


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