Creativity 521 #32 - Fun under the sun {Introducing Del Sol}

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 20, 2013
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Happy Sunday, everyone! Creativity 521 is up a little early because we are heading to the airport in an hour's time for our holiday! This time, I am not going to share about a craft session but rather, I wanna share with you about this innovative product and fascinating technology that I came across during our MSC cruise in Norway.

It has everything to do with the S-U-N. Have you heard of it? Clothes and accessories that change COLOUR when exposed to sunlight! Interesting, right? Read on!

So this was the first colour changing tee I bought for Angel. It was a picture of the underwater world with many sea creatures that she loved. When I saw it in the store, it was a plain pink tee and the picture had only a blue outline. Once it was exposed to the sunlight, voila, it became a vibrant, colourful tee and you bet it made her grin from ear to ear.


Introducing Del Sol

Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, Del Sol was established in 1994 and has since grown to more than 100 stores worldwide in 25 countries. Today it is the world’s leading brand of colour-changing apparel and accessories.

How does it work?

Much like a flower that blossoms in the sun’s rays, Del Sol’s exclusive Spectrachrome® crystals
open and unfold upon exposure to sunlight, revealing their hidden colors. This proprietary technology harnesses the power of the sun through what chemists call a molecular excitation transition, whereby an energy-shift occurs which causes the colour of the dye to become visible to the human eye.

In simpler terms, just in case you are as confused as I am, it means that Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colours when exposed to ultraviolet waves, that is sunlight.

Is the change permanent?

No. What makes this fun is that these colour-changing products are one colour when out in the sun and then return to their original colour when you get indoors. This means your kid will be amazed time after time.

Can these clothes be laundered?

Yes. Wash with like colours in warm water and tumble dry low. Just remember never to use bleach as this will ruin the colour changing ability.


Now, I shall let the pictures do the talking and show you some amazing transitions.

In addition to clothes, Del Sol products also include sunglasses, swimwear and even nail polish! Now, nails that change colour, just how cool is that?

For the girls and women, we can also get to don these unique and pretty accessories.

All product images are from Del Sol's website
Now you might ask, what is the purpose of colour change when only people who go in and out of the sun with you will see the magic? Don't you get tired of it after some time and the magical feeling wears off? Isn't this just for kids only?

Well, I can only say that yes, I didn't buy anything for myself and only bought tees for both of my girls. However, I was truly fascinated by them and just so you know, after a year, Angel still gives a broad smile whenever she wears her Del Sol tee out and she will be eager to look down and witness the colour change.

Seeing that big smile on her face, I'd like to believe that the magic is still very much alive.

For those who are interested to find out more, visit Del Sol's website here.

P.S: This is not a sponsored review or advertorial and was written out of a desire to share this creative find with my readers. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Sooo cool! And there I thought u painted it yourself haha

  2. Wow! That's very interesting! Didn't know that there's such a technology. Amazing.

  3. Oh wow that's really something! I guess my baby's too young for the tees but I like one for myself! Perfect summer outfit.


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