*Wink* it's a secret {Review of Wink Shapewear and Giveaway of Oka B Harper from Dara Loft}

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 30, 2013

I might not have big eyes, skinny thighs or perfect complexion. But the one thing I was most proud of my body was the tummy. There were the days when I could easily slip into 25" jeans and feel confident to buy 'S' size pants without even trying them on.

Yes, those were the days and they are long gone. After my university graduation, I went from thrice a week to once a month workout before gradually reducing to nearly zero. Then when the kids came along, I traded in a flat tummy for a muffin top. It's kind of depressing but from loving to wear skin-tight dresses, now I have to look for clothes which have a little leeway in front just so I can hide those unsightly bulges, especially when seated or after a meal.

At our beach ROM ceremony in 2008 when I could easily fit into that body hugging dress
Well, I did try using girdles after giving birth in the hope of regaining that figure. However, after a while, the bands usually started to roll down, become loose or feel too suffocating for comfort that I ended up ditching them shortly. I have to tell you, even though some friends commented that I seemed to slim down pretty quickly, just ask the hubby and you will know the truth. Those flabs, arrghh, they drive me nuts and sometimes he even pats my tummy, jokes and says "I thought you have given birth already?" So not funny.
When Dara Loft offered to send over the Wink Shapewear - Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini for review, I thought why not give it a try? Even though it has been nearly a year since I gave birth to my second child, I read testimonials on how women who have grown up kids still wear and swear to the effectiveness of the bikini. So, I guess perhaps there is still hope.

Images from Dara Loft. These can't be my thighs.
Besides providing compression and support during postpartum and post abdominal surgeries recovery, the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini can also be worn as a shapewear and is ideal for anyone looking for a strong but yet soft compression garment to smooth out the belly pooch and love handles.

It features three layers of hook and eye closures at the side to adjust for different waistline and three layers of eye and hook closures at crotch area to adjust for different torso height. That means you don't have to take off the entire piece when you go to the loo. I personally like the thick band at the top which prevents the garment from rolling down the stomach when sitting, which happened to my previous girdle and that can be quite tricky and at times, embarrassing.

Yeap, this is me telling the world "Yes, I have a belly flab!"
Can you see the difference?

Initially, I was worried that it would be unfeasible for our weather in Singapore, but ends up the material is lightweight, comfortable and breathable so I can wear it the whole time when I am out without feeling overly hot or itchy. I find it especially useful when I attend functions like weddings and birthday parties and seriously, it just makes you feel more confident of yourself and being a mum doesn't mean you can't still look graceful and slender.

In addition, the band helps the garment stay in place under the breasts and this means that I can still nurse my child in comfort any time when I am out. When I get home, I like to take it off and let my skin hang loose because the eye and hook closures can feel a little stiff after too long. While I am hoping that wearing the bikini long term will help to rid those flabs, I strongly believe that eating a balance diet and exercising regularly, especially doing abdominal crunches, remain the key to staying in shape.

Note: For the shapewear to work and achieve permanent slimming results, it is recommended that you wear it daily for 8-12 hours across 12-16 weeks. However, there is no need to starve yourself, instead just make sure you eat healthy, abstain from pigging out and drink lots of water.


Dara Loft is an online boutique for women who love life and style. In addition to Wink shapewear, which includes booty shapers, tummy tuckers and belly blasters, Dara Loft also offers trendy apparel including tank tops and sports bras. Also, be sure to check out their beautiful range of vibrant flats and flip flops. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.


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Time to get in shape for the festive season!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini and a range of items from Dara Loft in writing this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


  1. I am also a mum of two myself, which I was a small size last time now almost all are well except my tummy which also made me lose confidence when wearing nice clothings like dresses. Your review on Dara Loft made me build up my confidence and decide to give it a try :)

  2. Yes I do have those tummy flab leftover after the birth of my second child! I try to exercise by climbing stairs, walking and eating a sensible diet mainly vegetables, fruits and fish and try to minimize carbs like rice and pasta but alas, I still do indulge in those every once a while!
    Email: sohqiuxian@gmail.com

  3. I have two boys and I can't get back my flat tummy! Now I try to avoid wearing tight fitting/ body hugging clothes. I will make an effort to do sit ups and hope it can help to reduce the flabby tummy. Seriously considering to try the Wink Shapewear to make me feel better and more confident.

  4. Love the review & feeling pampered because of Giveaway. I am also among other moms trying hard to loose post pregnancy weight & flabs. I am happy that in the mean time Dara Loft is there to help us out during many occassions & looking into the shape although with its help keep me motivated to achieve my goal...

  5. After 3 kids, my love handles seem to be there forever and I can't really lose much unless i try to suck in my tummy when I try to look nice in front of the camera perhaps? Of course, I think diet is one of the most important aspect to start losing weight and combine with exercises.

  6. I am still 10kg heavier than my pre-three babies sel, so much so that other passengers on the mrt sometimes still give up their seats for me! oops! i hv recently started on zumba classes with my colleagues in office. Hope to improve my stamina and increase my metabolism.


  7. I need that to flatten my tummy! Its awful under tight fitting clothes.

  8. hahah, I think my pot belly is beyond redemption liao. I try to exercise like swim and jog.


  9. belly's really hard to work out. thanks for sharing Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini. gonna give it a try.

  10. my boy is already 19 mths and still my tummy isn't back to its before.. I really hope to win this!



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