Creativity 521 #33 - Viva La Fiesta with Dora and friends!

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 05, 2013
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November is always a special time of the year for us because it means that my big girl will be turning another year older. This year, Angel has chosen who else but her favourite character to be the theme of her celebration. Yeap, we are going to have a DORA  fiesta!  

Lets go!
Jump in!
You can lead the way-hay!
Hey! Hey!

Ok, that song just keeps sounding in my ears these days but I guess it helps to psych me up. We have decided to keep the party small and cosy this year and instead of the hubby and I inviting our friends, it will be the birthday girl inviting her good friends from school. In today's Creativity 521, I am going to share with you our DIY Dora's backpack birthday invites.


1) Thick purple paper
2) Photo paper
3) Recycled paper
4) Foam sheet
5) Scissors
6) Glue / double sided tape
7) Markers
8) Colour printer

Firstly, I printed out an oval on a A4 paper and cut it out such that the remaining piece becomes a template for use. Next, I traced out ovals on each of the thick purple paper and cut them out.

To form the backpack, I folded down a 2cm flap from the top to act as the opening.

Then, I folded up the other end of the oval to reach the line as shown and pressed down along the folds with the help of a ruler.

Close the flap and a simple shape of a backpack (who probably ate too much yummy stuff) is formed!

For the face, I found a outline template online and added in the colours. You can download the final jpeg image here. I printed these out on photo paper and just because I wanted to give the invite a little three dimensional touch, I stuck the faces onto a sheet of foam paper before I cut them out to give them more depth.

After sticking on each of the features to form the faces using double sided tape, I also used a black marker to outline the faces so that they looked more outstanding.

For the inside of the invite, I stuck on a picture of Dora along with the a poem, pictures of Angel and date and time of the party. The rest of the information laid in where else but - THE MAP!

Yes, how can we ever miss out the map. I did a fairly straightforward design and included details like my contact number, address (these have been edited for privacy) and a brief explanation about the party activities. Then, I printed out the maps, measuring approximately 15cm x 12cm, onto recycled paper so that they look a little yellowish and for the back of it, I printed the face of map face. You can find my map outline here and map face here.

Once the maps were done, I used strips of purple paper to form cylindrical shapes and secured with tape. Then I rolled up the maps and inserted them, making sure the faces were plain to see.

Finally, I stuck on the map holders to the front of the invite. For the backpack straps, I cut out long strips of purple paper, folded them a little at both sides and stuck them to the back of the invites as shown. Oh, this is optional but I also trimmed the invites to make them look more irregular and backpackish. Lastly, don't forget to write in the name of your guests so that these invites are personalised! Let your child do it if he/she can!

Ta-dah! We are done with our backpack invites! How do you like the final look?

They definitely brought a smile onto Angel's face and she is all eager about her upcoming birthday party. Well, I still have a lot of work to do so wish me luck! I will be posting more updates on the party planning soon, stay tuned!

For your precious smiles, I sure hope the party will be a success, my darling. Now, let's get these backpack invites out!


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    1. Thanks Mabel, we are happy with how they turned out too!

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    1. Thanks Susan, I am looking forward to a Dora get together!

  3. That's amazing! The little one must be sooooo happy!

    1. Thanks Nueyer, she is! That is what makes the work worthwhile! =)

  4. WOW!!!! I better not show this to my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are amazing!!!!!!


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