Love is an open door - Ariel's 10th and 11th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 23, 2013

Yes, I know Ariel is officially 1 year old but before I blog all about the party and her turning the big ONE, here's sharing some fond moments from her 10th and 11th months.

Better to be late than never, right?

Check out some of her new tricks, the fun times and hear that sweet laughter of hers which never fails to brighten up my day.

Dear Ariel, happy happy 1st birthday! I can't believe you are already one because it still feels like yesterday when I saw you for the first time, how your eyes opened, how lovely you looked and how perfect you were in my arms. 

Thank you for being such a joy to have and there is never one moment of my life that I would forget how precious you are. Christmas feels so much merrier since you came into my world and I am looking forward to all your future birthdays. Stay the way you are always - jovial, sweet, endearing. 

Mummy loves you more than what my limited vocabulary can ever say. So I guess, let's just stick to hugs and kisses for now because you know what, I can never get enough of these, especially now that you have learnt to kiss me back. Ok, sometimes you shake your head because you can shake really well, and still look so cute, nowadays, but I know you love me just as much. La la la.

P.S.: We are leaving for our Royal Caribbean cruise in an hour and will be back end of the week. Have a great Christmas celebration, my dear friends and readers and don't forget to give more hugs and spread the love! 


  1. oh the video is made with love, she's so sweet and cute.

  2. She is too cute! Happy Belated Birthday Ariel!


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