The best gift for my children this Christmas

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 10, 2013

December is always a time of the year to celebrate and be merry. With Christmas around the corner, have you thought of what to get as presents for the kids yet?

Let's see. I can probably come up with a long list of what you can consider buying for them. 

You can give them a sweet treat and let them have some candies or ice cream.

You can buy them a toy that they have always wanted.

Maybe even two.

Or, if you prefer, just take them window shopping and have fun in the process.

You can bring them to the beach, playground or other new kid-friendly attractions.

You can cook them a hearty meal or better still, let them join in the cooking.

You can let them do some art and if you can, why not paint or make your own Christmas presents for them?

Last but not least, how about taking them on a family vacation and enjoy the thrill of celebrating Christmas in a foreign place?

Whatever you do, don't forget to keep the kids healthy and safe. Other than keeping an eye on them and ensuring they eat a balanced diet, remember to let them practice good personal hygiene habits so that infections stay away during the fun festive season.


I can probably go on if I wanted to, but these are not the things I wish to give my children this year. Instead, I did some serious self reflection in this motherhood journey and trust me, there are many areas where I want to and can improve on. So, my Christmas present for my kids is going to be the L-E-A-P.

1) L is for Love
While love is always floating around, I don't always catch the right moments to say the word or show my girls that I really love them. So, I wish to give more hugs, more kisses, more eye-to-eye moments, more cuddles, more mother-daughter bonding time, more love.

2) E is for Encouragement
I hope to be able to let my kids explore the world and learn about its wonders, to give them the confidence that they can achieve, to be by their side to support and cheer them on when they need me.

3) A is for Appreciation
I want them to know how proud I am of what they do because simple tasks in my eyes might be big feats for them. When they get to the finishing line, I want them to hear my applause and even if they don't get to the finishing line, I hope they know how much I appreciate them for trying and nothing matters more than giving it their best shot.

4) P is for Patience
Lastly, this is something I need an extra dosage of, especially on days when the girl is picky about her food or throws tantrums over dinner. Patience is better than force and I really need to learn to keep my cool, for the betterment of both my girls and myself. Breathe, mama, breathe.

What are you giving your kids this Christmas?

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  1. hmmm... let me think, i will give my kids FAMILY. FLEAP.
    Family is a simple word but entails great meanings.
    By giving them a great family means giving them love, happiness, sense of belonging etc...
    So i think the greatest gift is to give ur kids a nice and loving family : )


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