May all your dreams come true - Ariel's 12th month

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 18, 2014

Yippee! Presenting the last of Ariel's videos for her first year which includes fond moments from the Under the Sea party, her first cruise, her first elephant ride, sisterly moments with Angel and some new tricks she learnt as she turned one.

I was just looking through some of her past videos and it already amazed me by how much she has grown and changed within a short span of time. That, is the reason why these videos are here - to let us reminisce in years to come and remember all the joy of her first years.

Well, it's time to work on Angel's 4th year video for now, I owe her that. As for Ariel, her second year videos will come every quarterly so for the handful of you who do watch these videos, you bet we will be back soon!

We sing happy birthday to you, 
And may all your dreams come true, 
(Happy Happy Birthday) 

(Ooooah) This is your birthday song 
(Ooooah) Celebration all night long 
(Ooooah) May all your dreams come true 
We sing em' together, Happy birthday to you!  

For a complete list of Angel and Ariel's videos, visit my gallery here.


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