The little art lover {heART Studio March Holiday Workshop Giveaway}

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 20, 2014

Now that Angel is four, though I am not an advocate of having too many enrichment classes for kids, I do like her to choose one activity that she enjoys the most. For a while, she was torn between choosing ballet or art because she loves both of them, but after putting in some serious thought, she decided to go with the latter and I can only say that it was a wise decision. Even though that means come every Thursday, the three of us would have to travel an hour to get to heART Studio and then squeeze with the working crowd on the bus to get home in the evening.

The hubby said that I was biased because since I love crafting, I was already hoping for her to choose art over dance or music. Fine, maybe a little. But, if she had insisted on giving up her art classes, I would have let her. The thing is, she has already developed a love for the place, for the class, for the teachers and you can sense her anticipation when the day for her class nears.

She now draws and paints with pride and joy and honestly, it is every mum's delight to know that their child has found a love in life and truly enjoys it. Without the hard work and dedication of the teachers at heART, this would not have been possible and I am sincerely grateful for all the good things that have come out of it. Just so you know, though Angel was kindly sponsored for the first two terms, we decided to let her continue and thus we are paying for the fees.

Check out some of her recent artwork and see if you like them.

Shapes and warm/cool colours

Reflections and landscape painting

Karla Gerard art: 3-D Houses

Racing car and sunset

Honestly, not bad for a 4-year-old, right? The racing car picture is one of my favourites and I was surprised that she was the one who actually requested to draw a sunset background and it turned out to be awesome. In my eyes, at least.

So I guess, for now, we are sticking to art for a while longer because it has really done us good and I can't wait to see my little master churning out more fantastic art pieces.

Come this March holiday, how would you like to expose your child to art and unleash his/her creativity?

Students will learn to draw forms using shapes and lines, and at the same time they will be taught about the techniques of painting, mixing of colors, colour harmony and contrast. This painting program will open a window of experience for the student to try out canvas painting on the different interesting subject matters. We are now giving away three free passes, one to each themed class as follow:

1) Chameleons
Date : 17 Mar 2014 (Monday)
Time: 1.30-4:00pm

2) Alice in Wonderland
Date : 18 Mar 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 1.30-4:00pm
3) Little Red Riding Hood
Date : 20 Mar 2014 (Thursday)
Time: 1.30-4:00pm

Terms and Conditions
1) This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore only.
2) Child has to be aged 3 or 4 based on month and year of birth.
3) Three different winners will be picked.
4) Winners must respond within three days, if not, a new winner will be picked.
5) Changing of date, time or class is not allowed.

To participate, leave a comment in this blog post with your:

1) Name and email
2) Child's name and age
3) Class preferred (Choose only 1)

Note: I can only try my best to allocate the preferred classes to the winners but there is no guarantee.

Remember to click on the widget below to indicate that you have commented and you can also follow the steps below to gain more entries. This giveaways ends on 6 March and winners will be announced here and on my Facebook page. Best of luck!

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Heart Studio
101 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575385
Tel: (65) 6554 7563
Fax: (65) 6554 7562
For more information on their art programs, visit their website or Facebook page.

For our past reviews on Little Dali classes at heART Studio and to view more of Angel's art pieces, go here.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received in hosting this giveaway. Angel received a complimentary pass to one of the art classes listed above, so we will see one of you at heART Studio! Please come up and say Hi!


  1. Adeline,
    Coming 4 years old in April, jarel yong

  2. Robert Sim,
    Eli Sim, 3yo (Mar 2014)
    Little Red Riding Hood

  3. Ashley,
    Alaricus Chia, 3yo (4yo in Nov)
    Little red riding hood.

  4. Lim Ting,
    Kyle Cen, 4 yrs 4 mths


  5. Cynthia,
    Rachael Yang, 4 years 4 months
    Alice in wonderland

  6. Aww, too bad the contest is only for Singaporeans ..

  7. Jaime chan
    Charmaine Lee 3 yr old
    Alice in wonderland

  8. Thank you for sharing this!

    Cyndi -
    Abigail - 4 years old
    Alice in Wonderland

  9. Serene Leow (
    Shealea Chua (3 yrs old)
    Little Red Riding Hood

  10. Great post and really awesome info to read. thanks for sharing this post.

  11. Debra,
    Sean 4.5yo

  12. Thank you! Angel's drawings are so Picasso-like :)

    Elijah 3 years

  13. Carol,
    Ian, 4 yrs 10 months
    Little Red Riding Hood

  14. Ziyin,
    Ryan ,3 years old

  15. Karis See
    Megan Jolie Tan, 4+ years old
    Little Red Riding Hood


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